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  1. It's ok, but nothing special IMO. I think Triquetra is a bit overestimated.
  2. When I play the CD the first track is clipping in the 1st minute and I hear some weird 'roar' from the CD player. Anyone else having issues? And yes, it is frustrating to have two almost identical versions of the same track. It'd be much better to have another old comp./vinyl track in the album. Nevertheless, I like the music.
  3. MDMA is not a psychedelic drug btw.
  4. I still respect them for their unique style, but I can't stand all these dissonant sounds. Until 2013 they made so many harmonious and beautiful melodic tracks.
  5. 'Shadows of the Moon' is amazing! Pure bliss.
  6. What is the tempo range of the tracks? Does anyone know?
  7. Omegahertz's albums from 2013-3014 are quite good: Deca, Gamma Sirius, Stax. Deca & Stax are melodic goa, Gamma Sirius is also melodic and rather unique; nobody seems to have noticed this album here on psynews. Also: the new album by Atlantis, Cosmic Waves is very nice!
  8. Btw does anyone know when the term 'Goa trance' came into use? And what were people calling this style of music in the mid-90s? And what about late-80s - early-90s at the parties of Goa? Anybody been there at that time? In what terms were ppl talking about the music in that remote past?
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prespa_agreement You should be politically correct and respect the Prespa Treaty, made between North Macedonia and Greece, that solved the dispute
  10. I think that you have misunderstood me. I did not imply that today's music is not as good as in 2005-2010. I was simply trying to make inferences on what helps albums stand the test of time and I predict that albums with some degree of originality (obviously), personal 'signature sound', and variation in mood/sound design/tempo will still be remembered and valued in 10+ years.
  11. Would you mind writing the agreed upon, official name of the country, 'North Macedonia', in promotions and website? It would be appreciated, thank you
  12. OK, the truth is that DJSunborn put it in an arrogant and patronizing way, but I would like to focus more on my points, which I think are worth reflecting on. If that's your style, end of story. Of course you don't need to make your music slower! The point is: the scarcity of lower bpm tracks indicates too much homogeneity and the lack of variation in the genre, which cannot be a good thing. Goa trance, unlike other styles, is NOT bpm-dependent. Label owners should be blamed more than artists for brickwall mastering, for sure. But the artists, if they do care, can also do sth about it. It's THEIR music after all. As far as I know, (almost?) nobody's financial survival depends on producing goa trance. It is a hobby/creative activity that fulfils you (the artist) and that may allow you to have an extra income occasionally. That's how it is. If artists were primarily interested in making money, they wouldn't devote so much of their time in making this type of music. So, if you REALLY care (and you think your music is good enough), you should not allow others to dictate how to master your music. If I remember correctly, Dragon Twins had demanded dynamic mastering in the past. And also, some labels do care about it (e.g. Cronomi).
  13. I decided to write this after reading DJSunborn's comment on the voting thread. "Tips for the new producers: Sorry, nothing "ringed my bell", try harder! STOP using psy-trance machine gun bass everywhere, DON'T make everything sound "Full-on", lower down your damn BPM!, STOP over-compress your mastering!!!!!!!!!!!, BE more unique and for God shake, FORGET the typical Goa or Psy forms or use them minimal!, DON'T copy-paste ideas from others or from the past, Create your own sound! This is the ONLY way to be remembered in the future!" Important observations. Although they seem harsh they are to the point and well-intended, I assume. Concerning the tempo, very few goa trance tracks are in the range of 135-140 bpm, with 130-135 bpm almost nonexistent. Not to mention that artists do not include a midtempo/chillout track in most recent albums. Variation in bpm or even mood is scarce as well (e.g. Hypnoxock-Eurythmia). This is not an 'oldschool-newschool' distinction. The most acclaimed albums from the first wave of goa trance that revived the genre 10-15 years ago and seem to stand well the test of time have an easily recognizable style ("signature sound") - often combined with variation in bpm and/or midtempo/chillout tracks. Regardless of personal preferences: Khetzal - Corolle (2005) Goasia - From Other Spaces (2007) Ra - 9th (2008) E - Mantra - Arcana (2009) Filteria - Daze Of Our Lives (2009) Artha - Influencing Dreams (2010) Crossing Mind - Holotropic Paradigm (2010) Which of the newer releases will stand the test of time? IMO, the more of the above features they have, the more memorable they will be in the years to come. About excessive compression: it does not make the music sound more powerful or dance-floor friendly! It simply makes it bland and headache-inducing!
  14. Astrancer - Neighbor is a great morning trance track. He got rid of the eastern melodies and the cheese indeed. Good for him and for us.
  15. Hi, I would like some Ambient rec. preferably on CD. Downtempo is ok only if it is relaxing and soothing. psydub, idm and downtempo that is overwhelming and does not have a chilling effect are a no go. Thanks a lot!
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