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  1. Hi, I would like some Ambient rec. preferably on CD. Downtempo is ok only if it is relaxing and soothing. psydub, idm and downtempo that is overwhelming and does not have a chilling effect are a no go. Thanks a lot!
  2. Feed the Mugwumps is the best for me. Mariposa is also very good. Most of the other tracks are alright but not as good as the aforementioned.
  3. Alpha Centauri is my favourite so far with No Event Horizon following. Most of the tracks are very good/great actually. If you like his previous output I can't see any reason why not to love this album.
  4. My favourite is easily Mindstream Continuum. I prefer the 2nd part of the album as well (6-9). The artwork is beautiful.
  5. Kitrinos

    V/A - Apsara

    Babylone Beach is my favourite, very nice slow build-up and beautiful melody. Digitalys is also very good. Yesod and Ypsilon 5 tracks are weak IMO. The rest are alright.
  6. Nice compilation, I enjoy the variety. I only didn't like Mindsphere; his style is too floaty for me and bores me (he's made some tracks i enjoy though) MR is not bad, but I can't enjoy his music as much as others do. I don't know why, I always have the feeling it could be better. The opening track is nice, but the kick bass is too heavy/thumping; I think he always does that E-Mantra's rmx is nice, I like it more than the original I think. My favourite on this comp is Inevitable Feelings, maybe the best I've heard from CI. Nice flow, nice melodies. The rest are good too.
  7. Really good album, all tracks are good! I'm quite impressed, I have to say. I agree, this is even better than the debut. This has to be one of the best acid-drenched goa albums ever.
  8. I would like to hear more tracks with a slower tempo, I think there are not enough. Unfortunately most contemporary artists do not bother to include slower or at least ambient closing tracks in their albums. Most of the time they present their album with all the tracks clocking at +140 bpm. I need more goa trance at around 130 bpm! Who's with me?
  9. ^ Yeah I also really like the opening track, The Rezistor. Right up my alley. Slinky Wizard is awesome too of course.
  10. Kitrinos

    Khetzal - Corolle

    Enjoyable album, favourites are Djaningar, Listening Winds & Anamatha. The rest are good as well. I like the variation in tempo. I hope to hear more slower goa tracks below 140bpm, which unfortunately most artists ignore today.
  11. As I see there are no direct flights from Bucharest to Sibiu, right? How long will it take to travel from Bucharest to the venue? Will there be any buses going to the festival area?
  12. My favourite is Life Never Sleeps, Dog Day Bliss is also good, although the melody is not original as some have pointed out. Filteroid is a good opener and Night @ 12 PM is also nice. Some other tracks (like 5,6,7) are too noisy and messy though.
  13. One month only in Tokyo? This can be costly too. Anyway, I'd suggest spending a couple of days at a hot spring inn near Fuji Mt. (Not in Tokyo, but quite near). It's really beautiful and relaxing there. And if the weather is good, you can enjoy a gorgeous view of the Mt. while you take a bath. It's not that expensive either. Shibuya is horrible, too crowded and many tourists there, and nothing really interesting IMO. You can also ask Abasio, IIRC he's been living in Japan for many years. Cheers
  14. I like Cosmic Call, Acid From Above & Return From The Different Dimension the most. Good album, although most of the tracks sound samey.
  15. Me too. Anoebis, you can make some more packs I second that
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