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  1. Another nice set by Keith Carnal. [soundcloud] [/soundcloud]
  2. Excellent release Mister JaraLuca, that's some well worked goa trance over there. And an other 2015 premium release for Neogoa ! Hard to choose a fav track, as the whole album is pure acidic and energetic bliss, but Minds Circus may be a little above the others for me, thanks to these crazy acid spins. Regarding Solaris, the faster tempo prevents me to enjoy it to its fullest, I may need some more replays. I didn't know you and your music reminds me Artifact303 a little, keep up the good work, I'll for sure follow you.
  3. Krev

    Lunar Dawn - Kolovrat

    You made me listen to it again some days ago, and I can't click on the stop button since. How did I miss it before, that's a masterpiece as you said !
  4. Krev

    VA - Space Of Power

    You didn't like Artifact 303 - In Your Mind ? Is such a thing possible ? I find it absolutely wonderful, one of my favourite (if not) newschool track. It is completely crazy, with a nice dark touch, a powerful bassline and is very, very uplifting overall. Got eargams everytime I listen to it. Well... tastes I guess.
  5. Great session from Slater, thanks. And you're right, you may prefer oldschool techno ! Check some "Octave one" or "Jack De Marseille" live sessions, you may like their sound.
  6. Haha, total opposite for me, I didn't like that break and guitar riff at all, it killed the vibe so much, even if the end of the track is fine. I thought there was a problem with the track or my computer. Did you like the end of Cosmic illusion ? I love the track but the end seems really abrupt.
  7. Hehe, I played them with the 3D vision 2 and depth at 100%. Had the impression to play with toys from the future, that was incredible.
  8. Acid Dream is a serious bomb, thank you for the discovery. Pretty sure it altered my acid-base balance .
  9. Metro 2034 : same universe as Metro 2033 (already read), different story. For those who don't know the plot, that's a post apocalyptic and SF book where, during an atomic apocalypse, some people took shelter in the Moscow Metro and try to survive and recreate a society. Nicely written book, a little hard to understand at the beginning with all these stations and Russian names though.
  10. What you are saying to me is very, very interesting haha ! I live near the spain border... Tell me more.
  11. Got the point. But no money, got the point ? Edit : 238€ for both flights, thought it was cheaper but... Owww, I see something coming, noo, noo...
  12. Mmmm I don't know, which layer bothers you ? Maybe you should find some tracks that can be pitched at max ?
  13. Hadra has been cancelled this year, like a worrying number of other festivals (more than a hundred !), but I still hope they'll stay in France next year. Belgium is a little further for me but yeah, I begin to pay attention to their anoucements and will find a way to party there.
  14. Glad to see you mentioning it, that's an excellent compilation for those who like the dark and acid side of our favourite genre.
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