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  1. Oh right, there are a few more things I might mention. In early 2020, I was at the University at Buffalo north campus when I saw drones flying overhead spraying some sort of gas which fluoresced magenta. I learned in high school physics that this is commonly how one tests for nuclear radiation. Given certain types of gas, the radiation causes the gas to light up in a magenta or cyan color as there are isotopes in the atmosphere. This would explain how I saw green lightning in West Seneca and multicolored lightning in Hamburg, NY. Also, every summer we get to smell ozone in the lower atmosphere which is becoming quite a pollutant for people. Our food is largely irradiated I think as it burns my mouth up and the air is also irradiated which causes excess mucus in my nostrils amongst other things. I don't know if it could be much worse, but..... shit. I'm done.
  2. I specifically went and found this post of mine to help myself. I wanted to explain the latter part about the nukes because I am really coming to a deeper understanding of what happened that I thought I might try to share my experience. I was in fact in Niagara Falls, New York, June 2, 2020. Around 15:00 Eastern I was at the Niagara Falls airport and caught the 55 bus (which used to run to the airport). I sat on the lefthand side of the bus and we continued until about between 101st st. to about 76th st. along Niagara Falls Boulevard when I saw a missile launching into the air. It took me about 2 years but I figured out there is a nuclear missile silo on Grand Island in western new york which is undoubtedly where it came from. Well, I saw it and started to get really sick on the bus. I got very very dizzy and nauseous and there was a really really really bright light outside the bus which forced me to close my eyes and look downward, my eyes shielded by the brim of my hat. I nearly passed out and I had no idea what was happening necessarily. I had a tape recorder with me with which I attempted to record my observations, but I could not keep up my strength. Finally we made it to the Portage Road Transit Center (I do not know how) where I managed to get off and the nausea and dizziness subsided. Well, that is what I meant, but for historical record I felt the need to expand upon it. If you are really curious, the United States of America pulled out of the Open Skies Treaty which allowed the participating nations to fly unarmed surveillance craft over each other on May 22, 2020. This was in the national news. Trump violated the treaty effectively and I suspect he launched nuclear weapons for the purposes of air defense. I am really really sorry, but I suspect a great number of bad things happened as a result. I remember seeing full sets of clothes on the sidewalks around Buffalo and the houses appeared to have been around 15% occupied as I noticed the lights being off in most households around the city. I suspect I survived being under a metal roof, that being the bus I was on. They stopped keeping track of residential phone listings for this area in 2020. There might be so many people dead that no one could ever confirm died because they simply disappeared. I am not religious but there are some things that I do not know what to talk about. Please forgive me and my country.
  3. I, uhhhh, just came across this on youtube (for whatever that is worth) and uhhh... this is pretty damn good. I remember Morphic Resonance and I remember he had some sort of notion about things that I understood. Oh well... I feel like a borg or something from time to time, but you know, there are some things that happen in this world that make me smile, and this album is it. Are you sure his name is not Cristiano Ronaldo? I am a dumb American who uhhhh............. didn't vote for Trump but you know, I feel the nuclear radiation soaking in every day and I think I need to make something now. I think I spoke too much. Bye.
  4. I've been discussing this topic in the last week or so...
  5. So uh, I wanted to respond and let you all know that as of today, I am not banned from my internet connection at home. My IP has changed as I reboot my modem often. However, I suspect that Facebook or whomever or whatever does not know something. * I will add that I was able to get past the banned page from a local library here, though I never posted about that before.
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    Are any of you familiar with these? It is software that can be used to fake someone's likeness or voice. In so far as I am aware, it seems that pictures of people are scraped from the internet and are used as a template for generating fake images. Now for a very long time I have been careful not to share a picture of myself on the internet, but I am pretty sure there is an unlikely source of images the AI scrapes, that being your emails. I had at one time emailed soundcloud support a picture of my ID to get my old soundcloud account recovered. They requested the picture so I sent it. They never actually replied to the email and the email just sat in my sent folder on protonmail. Two days ago I decided to delete that email and now I do believe there is no longer a picture of me for the deepfake software to make use of. My employer has a scan of my ID and a photo for my badge, but the general public should have no means of deepfaking me.
  7. Ok, so it seems to be my IP that is banned. I was considering that it had to do with my geolocation, being in the US but it doesn't. Penzoline, you could maybe look into any blacklistings for my IP. I can message you my IP if you would like.
  8. Ok, thanks Penzoline for responding. I can now access the forum by using the tor browser. Actually let me look into this and find out if it has to do with my IP or geolocation.
  9. The good news is, California has a law upheld recently mandating net neutrality for websites and businesses owned and operated in the state. Democrats are looking to reinstate it at a federal level soon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/California_Internet_Consumer_Protection_and_Net_Neutrality_Act_of_2018
  10. Here is a screenshot of my laptop's screen.
  11. Hello everyone. I wanted to come here to share with you something that I am not sure I know how to respond to. I just logged into this forum via the Tor Browser where my location is somewhere in France, which is where the servers are located and I logged in just fine. However, when I try to log in to the site through a normal browser from the United States I am banned and I do not have permission to view anything. I am disillusioned by a great number of things these days. This is the fault of the United States and its repealing of net neutrality. I am not really sure but I suspect Facebook blocks me. It really hurts to be arbitrarily blocked from the rest of you whom I have known for a long time. I am given an option to contact someone to be unbanned, but I suspect the message goes to no one at all.
  12. The Soundcloud I have posted here is a new one that I had to start as I ran out of space on my old one and can no longer afford the pro unlimited plan. My original Soundcloud, www.soundcloud.com/ruby_plexus, is a lot less lonely.
  13. Currently listening to some of Afgin's new album on youtube. I am enjoying it!
  14. So I finally watched Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. It was ok. I appreciated what they were trying to do with it. I could think of worse ways they could have ended the new trilogy.
  15. Hey everyone! I am still alive despite not being around very much. I've been through a lot in the last few years that I have nearly forgotten what I used to post on here. I have been away from Goa Trance for too long! I hope I can keep posting on here more often in the future though at the moment I am not sure exactly where I will be.
  16. I figured I might as well post something here just because there is no reason not to. So I ran out of space on my old soundcloud and lost my pro unlimited plan due to lack of money, but I have since started a new soundcloud for myself. Here it is... This was written during my time here at the library in Buffalo in the last week or two. I am still homeless unfortunately and I lost all of my ids and shit, but I am slowly trying to get everything back on track. If you don't like the kind of music I am making or it's poorly produced, please don't be upset at me because I really do not have the means to do something like I used to. This is just for something to make sure I am still checking in with something new to listen to for all of you so that you know I am not dead. That's the thing about not having anything produced for about 8 months is that I have a thing about making sure I make something because otherwise I get stuck on the idea that everyone will think I am dead or something if I do not.
  17. I am all for psychedelics becoming a topic of interest in relation to mental health in people. I too believe they can do enormous good on this planet in the way they can make one re-examine themselves and their place in the world. For those who suffer from being too in the limelight, psychedelics might be a good retreat away from society long enough to realize that their lot in life is not so bad.
  18. Currently listening to Salsa Celtica - El Camino from the library and I am immediately transported to another time and place earlier in the summer when I was getting nuked in Niagara Falls and people were dead, or so I thought.
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    Why go to Europe when you can spend time in western New York instead?!
  20. Currently hogging some free wifi at a Target, trying to figure out how I can let people know I am still alive even though I am still homeless and still having problems with finances even though my tax returns came in and I have some money on hand for the time being.
  21. So once again I am just sitting here in the central library in downtown Buffalo contemplating my options. I managed to purchase a pair of headphones despite having little to no money so there's that going for me. I really do begin to wonder what in god's name happened to the world. I am very lucky to be alive right now and yet I have so little left of my life. I don't know. I found a website that emulates a Linux environment with LMMS on it so I might fiddle with that or perhaps go get my bike repaired. Just another day living life in a sort of quasi twilight zone daze. At least I will know tonight will be a moon night almost guaranteed and that's always a good thing. Did you know that over the late summer and early fall the moon was blocked out of view in North America and effectively hidden? The lack of moonlight caused the night sky to plunge into near total darkness and crops had their growth stunted. On a bus ride to Chicago, Illinois earlier this year I witnessed farmlands with 1 foot tall corn stalks in September.
  22. I'm just hanging around the central library here in Buffalo, NY pinging domain names and smiling way too much.
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