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  1. This just popped up in my Facebook Memories Feels prescient...
  2. That was beautiful. I can't believe I hadn't seen that until now
  3. Well, the USA is shitting the bed so badly with this, we're now quarantined out of Europe indefinitely. That kinda sucks... =( God damn this shit...
  4. A sense of wonder and exploration... ...but that might just be from my own journey and the music and things I've experienced over these decades.
  5. It's 2008, so not quite your criteria, but I often think the M.E.E.O. album "Highlight Me Please" from Demon Tea Recordings is criminally overlooked for its refreshing 90s-era psychedelic quality while also sounding fresh and updated. It reminds me of those early Twisted Records releases and delivers a rich full sonic punch with each track.
  6. Draeke remains alive and the world's on fire right now. Hang tight, DAT will be back with more info soon...
  7. Not sure where to put this, but I wanted to make sure anyone who missed it, knew about it. Man With No Name live in his garden. It's a magical hour and exactly what I was needing the morning I listened, and danced, to it. Cheers!
  8. Kris Kylven is legit AF Much love
  9. …Cares React – A Global Suomisaundi COVID Event… (1hr00min/320MP3/147MB/©2020) Genre: Sick Suomi Sylphedelic! Direct Download/Stream: goaconstrictor-cares.mp3 Third Party Stream: Hearthis / Mixcloud / Soundcloud Well this was an unexpected and lovely thing to be part of! Full track list and long-winded story at: https://goaconstrictor.com/music/cares/ xoxox - Goa
  10. I've emailed Draeke a couple of times this year and haven't heard back from him. Not sure what's going on. I know COVID hit Italy hard, so hopefully he's okay. I'll reach out again...
  11. Good idea!!! Let me do some reflection and get back to you =)
  12. yeah. right. but the scientists and doctors are being cautious with their language because they don't know for sure what the mutation could end up being like. They are cautiously optimistic but are not wanting to speak in absolutes because it's premature at this point.
  13. I've been watching a lot of Archer and restarted Orphan Black
  14. oh yeah, I've read. Dr. Fauci was on The Daily Show the other day and talked about it. While it is more rare and not something common enough to be overly paranoid about; there are cases of it and it is a possibility. They are also not entirely sure about immunization and if a person can get it twice or if mutates enough to have multiple infections; they are highly confident immunization is likely. I definitely thought it was a strong interview and recommend viewing: https://news.avclub.com/trevor-noah-gets-13-minutes-with-the-one-guy-you-want-t-1842521786?fbclid=IwAR1IuWSZ1nfexDv5kjVmE5zvtXdS08oZdNczAmbtdzbI2vDyenTKKoZ0TtE If people have issues due to region stuff, let me know. I can upload the full episode to my server and you can download the mkv file if needed =)
  15. I grabbed a bunch of stuff from Bandcamp last Friday during the sale. Some of the one's I'm liking a lot right now are: Pororoca - Hollow Flower Farm Funky Gong - Matsuri Digital - Be Humanized Hibernation - Ambient Re-Works 01 VA - The Square - Acid Disco
  16. yeah, I do not ascribe to the theory that music sounds better on vinyl. Sometimes vinyl has a better mastering job and other times it does not. Especially in the 80s when CDs were new, a lot of mastering left much to be desired. I know some artists were never happy with the mastering of certain releases done by the label, so they go ahead and remaster them independently later on. Some times a track gets licensed for a comp first and it gets one mastering and then the track gets used on an album with a different mastering. I was kinda bored during COVID quarantine and was thinking about how much I love the song Spectral Blue from Electric Universe. When Tsuyoshi dropped it last summer at ZNA, it was kinda this moment I honestly never thought I would get to experience. No one respects that track. The mastering on the vinyl left a lot to be desired though. I kinda wonder if it was remastered or if that sound system just made everything sound full and legit. Then I was thinking maybe it had different mastering from different comps (I have multiple copies of Slinky Wizard and Hallucinogen tracks on many comps that are a bit different sounding) and maybe Tsuyoshi was sourcing his Electric Universe version from a specific release (or maybe an old DAT master) Apologies if I started a stupid thread. lololololol Fuck the COVID
  17. Today is my first day working at home. Will be doing it all of this week and then might be week-after-week indefinitely after that. Will be weird Stay golden everyone Thinking good thoughts about y'all <3
  18. Apologies if this is a redundant topic. I did a brief search and didn't see one matching. Feel free to point me to it and delete this one if necessary. Essentially, the mastering of a track is essential and mastering has changed much over the years. Some artists have remastered parts of their back catalog, others had different masterings for different releases (12", cd comp, cd album) and these can vary in sound. I know Matsuri has even released comps with two different masterings on the same compilation to provide different sonic experiences and help match those tracks to others when mixing. This seems to be more of an issue with older tracks and vinyl releases than most modern releases. I thought it might be nice to kinda have a place to capture this info and ask questions. Maybe there's a track you like but it sounds kinda weak on the release you have but on a different comp/source it sounds more full. Then again, maybe this thread is stupid and pointless. Fuck a global pandemic... lol
  19. damn but things need to get built, so I guess it's not too shocking in some respects
  20. I work for Aging and Disability services and we're restricted from visiting the majority of our clients. Shit's weird AF in my office/community right now.
  21. How y'all doing with the COVID and quarantine stuff? Any local news worth sharing?
  22. It's way out of date, but... https://encyclopediadramatica.wiki/index.php/Psytrance
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