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  1. Eeeeeek! It's been so long of waiting and now the time is here!
  2. This already posted? http://psytranceguide.com/
  3. You joined this forum and this is your first post? Really? wtf...
  4. I've been wanting a second album from Delirious Noon for years... ☀️
  5. I started high school in 93. Met a new friend who was also into some of the same punk and industrial as I. He then introduced me to some more industrial and then in 95ish some electronic music. Remember getting Juno Reactor, Shakta, and Hallucinogen albums and bunches of 12"s from Blue Room, Flying Rhino, Matsuri, and such.
  6. In one month I'll be overseas and slowly making my way to the festival!!!! Eeeeeeeek So excited!!!!!!!
  7. I've been meaning to pick up that Moon Juice book for a while. Maybe I'll get it for the plane out to ZNA next month
  8. Wu-Tang is for the children!
  9. I love rap and hip hop. Been on a massive Wu-Tang (and solo project) kick lately
  10. it was not at all what I was expecting while, simultaneously, being exactly what I was expecting! The singing... ::devil horns::
  11. Exactly! This is why I don't even bother pretending to select "the best" (or create those types of lists). Something that might hit the spot and move me at one moment in time or for one emotion might be the exact worst song for another mood. The music I want to listen to while driving home at 5am is regularly different than the music I want to listen to at 4pm while heading out to meet up with people.
  12. This thread is impossibly hilarious I'm not even gonna claim The Best, as there isn't one, but one that I feel doesn't get as much appreciation as it should is: Satori "Razor"
  13. Semsis Pyschaos Morpheum Cydonia Tim Schuldt Spies Syb Unity
  14. Yeah, essentially. and fatigue. I listen to them differently. A double pop album can be fatiguing to get through but I don't always listen to trance in a single sitting, or when I do, it's typically while working in the yard or at work or something and desire a long backing track. I also come from a time of 12" records, so most artists who can't put out a solid 8 -> 10 track trance album would regularly stick to 2 -> 4 track 12"s, which is like half an album. So 12"s for a couple of tracks, a full length for a long journey. Pop albums are a bit different to my brain. =)
  15. is this about trance only? 45 -> 60 minutes is great for pop n hiphop albums 70 -> 80 for goa
  16. Right? It's fucking art. I'm jealous of the commitment to the bit and/or complete honesty and sincerity.
  17. …HOPPY SOLSTICE!… (1hr28min/320MP3/172.1MB/©2019) Genre: Psychedelic Solstice Goa Trance Download/Stream Audio: goaconstrictor-hoppySolstice.mp3 …June’s a great month. The temperature is about as peak as I can go without it impacting my sense of self and my interactions with others. The days are long, the gardens smell great, people all dress up a bit more and look a touch more flirty. June is psymply fantastic. In addition to the above, there is of course the USA version of 604 Day (June 4th); Kids get out of school; Flag Day… Good ol’ Flag Day [imagine a bunch of emoji flags that don't post to this forum...] Aren’t they special? They look harmless but don’t a lot of people ultimately end up dying because of a blind faith to the symbol? Maybe we need a singular flag for the entire globe. Maybe we should have blind faith in something different… psymething psychedelic… lol *sigh… Anyway, not only that stuff, but June also has Summer Solstice. The solstices and equinoxes are all delightful in their own ways and, while listening to a bunch of music while working in my garden last weekend, I decided to come inside and record a little mix to capture the energy of this time of year. If you’re needing a quick blast of some funky, acidic, goa trance; here’s a <90 minute journey for your pleasure. Featuring some tracks I’ve played before and others you may not know, from artists such as: Doof, Green Nuns of the Revolution, Hired Goonz, Huopatossu Mononen, Lemon Slide, Loopus in Fabula, Mandalavandalz, Oforia, Outolintu, Satori, Save the Robot, Snake Thing, Ticon, and X-Dream. Hoppy Solstice everyone! Full tracklist and more at: http://goaconstrictor.com/music/hoppy-solstice/ https://soundcloud.com/goaconstrictor/hoppy-solstice https://www.mixcloud.com/goaconstrictor/the-goa-constrictor-hoppy-solstice/
  18. I brought Rip Van Hippy to Oregon in 2010. It was a dream come true. I love him so much. I really wanted to add SWM to the line up but couldn't afford it. Was a great party though... http://apolloslute.com Bummed to not be getting SWM but MASA had the best set at the Oregon Eclipse festival the other year and I'm super excited to hear him again. While a lot of these artists are common for many parts of the world, not for the USA. In 2006 I started throwing a series of events called **GOA PARTY** [note: Marsh who run goatranch.com and the Global Goa Party events played at the first **GOA PARTY** and hi-jacked the name for his stuff a couple of years later....] The first one had each DJ playing a tribute set of a specific artist. Over half of those are playing ZNA (you can listen to about 8hrs of the first **GOA PARTY** here: http://goaconstrictor.com/thoughts/goa-party/ ) The second year **GOA PARTY 2.3** was a trip back in time. First set was 2007 and each set went back a year The third year was the TR1LOLGY and had a secret DJ set from Process and we brought out astro turf and pine tree car air freshners to the forest to give the outdoors a good outdoor motif The fourth year I DJ'd a 25 hour set to battle Goa Gil. It was my Goa Gil Constrictor set. I played many tag team sets with friends throughout the gig and it was a lot of fun to map out a full days worth of music. The fifth year was the Rip Van Hippy party. Now I can simply attend a ridiculous festival with all of the actual artists and have a holiday. This is like a dream come true. Sure I have to fly overseas, but I've lost a couple thousand throwing events locally, and this way I won't need to have responsibilities. lolololol (although, if I can convince them to cut Xenomorph in half, I'd love to play a set there. just have no idea how to make that happen...) EDIT: That's not actually true. It's a nice alternate reality but I'm really into the itinerary I've got going on for my vacation. What I was implying was that this is the first festival that I've really thought my sensibilities would match with. I guess I'm floating this into the universe for future alignment of realities... =)
  19. Could anyone tell if it was filmed? I could picture a Blu-ray release of this...
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