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    shpongle nothing lasts, ineffable vinyl reissues

    I don't own any of these re-releases and don't foresee me buying them, but I approve and appreciate their releases. I don't like buying CDs because I don't listen to CDs. I listen to digital music or vinyl. Vinyl is nice because it is physical and has an opportunity to make something more like art. The middle ground is for you to not-buy them. I do not believe the vinyls sound better than a similarly mastered digital release. These are strictly for collectors. They're for people who want to buy this type of product for their collections. This is what record labels need to do now that music is near worthless with Spotify and streaming options eating up more sales. Now that Shpongle is nearing the end, hopefully Younger Brother is up next!!!!!
  2. the goa constrictor

    Is rotwang still around here? :)

  3. How is the quality of the shirt print? I tossed my Nervasystem shirt from Arjuna Records. It was a piece of garbage print, it was offensive. I'm sure you're not gonna openly say "our prints suck" as that would be weird, but hopefully you know of the quality of that Nervasystem shirt and can at least attest to it being better than that... (note: sometimes I feel my comments are super catty and dickish... I really don't mean to be a twat... apologies for when I am...)
  4. oh wow =) digital hoarding comes to the rescue again!!!
  5. the goa constrictor

    The Goa Constrictor - Mindset

    Don't forget to listen to Reset! It finishes the journey =) I <3 Kino Oko so much... He's such a unique gift of a musician and artist =)
  6. the goa constrictor

    The Goa Constrictor - Mindset

    Part one of a two-part journey through a Mindset Reset... (1hr27min/320MP3/212.7MB/©2018) [::::download::::] Genre: Midtempo Acidic Funky Psychedelic Goa Trance for your Mindset to Reset This is part one of a two-part journey through a Mindset Reset. The Mindset disk gives us a moment to exhale our breaths slowly, find our resting heart rate, and ground our center. Featuring music from: Kino Oko, Loopus in Fabula, Ectima & Phaxe, Rezonance Mood (aka Yuta & Asteroidnos), Magnat, Juno Reactor > New Order > Juno Reactor, James Monro, James Reipas, Bumbling Loons, Ticon, Saiko-Pod, XV Kilist & Rocco, Eric Prydz, Terra Ferma Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/goaconstrictor/mindset Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/goaconstrictor/the-goa-constrictor-mindset/ Hearthis: https://hearthis.at/goaconstrictor/goaconstrictor-mindset/
  7. the goa constrictor

    The Goa Constrictor... is Excited for ZNA!

    Yeah, it took a few bits before the mix really found its footing... Prana / Masaray is where I think it really starts to take shape =) Glad you enjoyed!
  8. the goa constrictor

    The Goa Constrictor... is Excited for ZNA!

    ...the goa constirctor... is excited for ZNA!... (2hr34min/320MP3/372.6MB/©2018) Genre: Super Duper Goa Trance ...so there's this festival next summer and I'd super excited for it. It's called ZNA Gathering and the line-up is quite proper. While I know not all of these songs are gonna get played, I did want to make a mix highlighting the artists who'll be performing; so this mix has music from the first 21 announced artists performing next summer. The mix starts off a bit mellow before catching its full-on Goa power, spirals into psychedelic chaos, and back into a solid groove of the cosmos of spacetime. Download/Stream Audio: https://goaconstrictor.com/audio/GoaConstrictor-ExcitedForZNA.mp3 Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/goaconstrictor/the-goa-constrictor-is-excited-for-zna Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/goaconstrictor/the-goa-constrictor-is-excited-for-zna Hearthis: https://hearthis.at/goaconstrictor/thegoaconstrictor-excitedforzna/ Tracks from: Astral Projection, Atmos, Domino, GMS / Systembusters, Hallucinogen, Juno Reactor, Koxbox, Man With No Name, ManMadeMan, Mark Allen, MFG, Noosphere, Quirk, Ray Castle, S>Range, Shaolin Wooden Men, Shpongle, Total Eclipse, Tristan, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Ubar Tmar, Vibrasphere (complete track list available at: http://goaconstrictor.com/music/excited-for-zna/) is it August 2019 yet? xoxox
  9. the goa constrictor

    SUN Project - I Feel x10 better than Space Dwarves

  10. the goa constrictor

    The Goa Constrictor... is Excited for ZNA!

    I finally got the full track list posted for those interested... http://goaconstrictor.com/music/excited-for-zna/
  11. the goa constrictor


    Igor Swamp is fucking legit. Texas Faggott, Mandalavandalz, Satanic Disney, Tea Chairs, Flying Scorpions, Squaremeat... Pavel Svimba, Mullet Mohawk, Road Band, The Sebastians Outolintu, Haltya, Pelinpala, The new swing Loopus in Fabula album is so awesome. Scozbor/Odd Harmonic always push boundaries Vishnudata and James Reipas have been doing great techno style for a while
  12. the goa constrictor

    Deadrah - The Zone/Spirit Animal

    I was so confused until I read Paul's post. I'm not going to bother listening to either of these tracks on principle...
  13. ...so how are those Doof shirts coming along?
  14. the goa constrictor

    New Logic Bomb

    It was okay
  15. the goa constrictor

    Need some new Goa

    That list makes me feel shitty about how little new music I have heard =(
  16. the goa constrictor

    The State of Psy Parties

    The USA got ruined by The Cult of Gil. People think Gil was the end-all-be-all curator and the country was flooded with shitty darkpsy. There is a different contingent of club-friendly full-on; which is far more preferable, but still missing a bit of the weirdness and nerdiness of days past.
  17. the goa constrictor

    ZNA 2019?

    Anyone else going to Portugal next summer for ZNA? It's far from home and I'm traveling solo. If anyone might be camping with a crew and have some extra space for a constrictor to join the adventure, let me know! =)
  18. the goa constrictor

    ZNA 2019?

    Ollie (Shaolin Wooden Men) Olsen!!!!!! Jesus christ... this line-up is ridiculously the best line-up I've seen and I'm super fucking pumped about this.
  19. the goa constrictor

    High power proggi like Daniel Lesden`s 2000 Years Ahead?

    Maybe try Delirious Noon ?
  20. the goa constrictor

    ZNA 2019?

    Do you happen to know who I should check-in with regarding playing a set? Since I'm gonna be out there, might be nice to throw down some tracks.
  21. the goa constrictor

    ZNA 2019?

    That sounds like a great suggestion =) Juno Reactor and Total Eclipse!!! Eeeeeek!!!!!
  22. the goa constrictor

    ZNA 2019?

    This line up is just fucking gold though. I'm so excited and there are still many more acts to announce. I'm kinda tempted to just drop a stupid amount of money on a tipi, if I'm gonna be traveling that far and making a holiday out of it, maybe I should just relax without the stress of setting up camp. But for $700+, I can definitely pack some extra bags on a flight or buy a new tent after I land in Portugal.
  23. the goa constrictor

    ZNA 2019?

    I'm kinda thinking I might hold onto it a bit in case I find someone else who wants to travel with me. Then they can have my extra. I figure if we arrive at the same time, it's okay if both tickets have my name on it. I'll wait a few days for them to sift through their angry emails from people who got charged and haven't received their confirmations yet.