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  1. I was trying to remember what track had the sample "Castration! Double castration!" and almost posted here to ask. Then I remembered. Now I am listening to this... =) lolololol
  2. Me too! Getting married in June and then gonna visit some mates overseas in August during our honeymoon travels and hit up the festival as part of that =) Very excited for all of it
  3. Interesting about the tags. yeah, do each separately. good comp! glad I saw it posted in this forum =)
  4. Like... this really doesn't seem to be MASA. There is one MASA and he is Legend. A truly magical wizard who I would gladly listen to play for hours upon hours on end if given the opportunity. This mix is not MASA. Not trying to throw shade at your mixing or anything, but I highly encourage you to select a new moniker. There simply isn't room for two MASAs Here's MASA: (again, I'm not trying to say you don't have talent, are a shite DJ, or anything of the sort. Just saying, having an original moniker would be beneficial (unless you're purposefully trying to get listeners by ruse...). apologies if this post comes off as dickish or gate-keeperish or other negative attribute. am honestly just trying to give some helpful feedback...)
  5. I remember when TIP.World opened their shirt site in the early 2000s and you could pick the color of shirt and print style. It was interactive and super sweet. Instead of being forced to choose the colors and prints pre-selected, they gave buyers more control. One of my prized shirts is my Green Nuns of the Revolution shirt. I've got various hoodies, shirts, and long sleeves, but that GNOTR shirt is a special design and piece of art/history
  6. The upcharge on beatport for flac/wav has always annoyed me
  7. I definitely bought more from Saikosounds but this is still a shame. I loved the adventure of hitting up dozens of online record shops and finding random releases and hard to find pressings. Those all kinda dried up as Discogs took most traffic and the record store dwindled. That turn-of-the-century era was something special
  8. https://www.slashfilm.com/612996/apples-foundation-has-an-8-season-plan/ This is where I read that bit about 08 seasons. Obviously, not guaranteed but I think the companies producing these large projects like to know tentatively how long they can bank on the series if it becomes a hit and how to invest for ongoing needs. The sunk cost of design and building certain sets, when depreciated/accounted-for over 8 seasons instead of 1, can make those expenses more worthwhile. =) I just started listening to the first audio book of the Expanse series. I really love that show and hope it gets picked up for a 7th season after this final season on Amazon. Not sure if anyone is willing to produce it though.
  9. I really loved The Foundation (so far). For such a dense story/world/premise, something they are tentatively planning 08 seasons of, I think it's off to a fantastic start. I've also been really enjoying "Y: The Last Man" What we do in the Shadows is in the midst of its third season too! Super great stuff =)
  10. starting in a few minutes at https://twitch.tv/thegoaconstrictor
  11. If you missed the live stream, it's now hosted up on YouTube in full HD glory. The Twitch archive has a couple of songs muted due to copyright (boooo) but YouTube is clear. So I'd encourage using that viewer. Cheers =)
  12. Cyberpunks believe in aliens too =) =) =)
  13. I made a mix for a person's radio show all focused on aliens and UFOs "A UFO Alien Contact" Track list has a few extra tracks for ya =)
  14. Watched The Green Knight over the weekend. Great movie!
  15. Just saw a post on Insta about this =( =( =( Super fucking bummmmmmmmmmmmed... =( He's legend
  16. Drug Use for Grown Ups by Dr Carl Hart He talks about going to a Boom Festival in one of the chapters too. Good stuff (if interested in non fiction about drug usage)
  17. Haven't listened to that one but I LOVE the Active Meditation EP off Dragonfly =) Will need to check this one out =)
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