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  1. I was wondering if you were still doing this. Felt like ages without an update. Interchill is a very legit label. Low key and always on point. Good stuff indeed... +1
  2. I finally got to witness the great S.U.N. Project live at ZNA Gathering and it was everything 16 year old me had hoped for when I was first listening to them in the 90s. Perfect sunny afternoon music.
  3. Yeah, sick can mean all sorts of things depending on inflection and context. Same with Fuck and Shit Yay for language!!!
  4. Yes That is a compliment https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Sick
  5. There's the Transient Records Australia comp Wizardry of Oz (on phone, can't be bothered to hunt down the link)
  6. I find it ironic that the O.P. wasn't aware of the list of DJs noted within this thread. It's almost as if it was less about the ideas of DJs in general and more that they were feeling snubbed by not being more well known and famous. Then they post videos of their DJing as a way to support the concept that it's less about "DJs" and is more about them. So yeah, this topic is fucking comical... lmfao
  7. (also, i have no idea why I got so intense and worked up about this topic. Apologies for that. I'm at work now, so i might not reply again until later, but there is still much to unpack with this...)
  8. What? You're fucking kidding, right? Goa Gil is a DJ. Period. He has produced a couple of mediocre tracks but he is not a Producer first. He is not equivalent to Riktam, Bansi, Raja, Infected, etc. At all. That's just bloody ridiculous. I'd say James Monro is FAR more known for his DJ sets than his productions, but he is very much a Producer and I'd not really count him in this anyway. DJ Dado was definitely a DJ and did contribute to some tracks but is mainly a DJ Nick Taylor was a bit like James Monro. Very much a producer but also quite well known for his DJ sets Lucas eventually produced a few tracks and collaborations but was always mainly a DJ Jean Borelli and Mark Allen were both highly respected DJs. Mark had mad success producing as well but that never diminished his DJ prowess. Jean Borelli produced a bit but I always considered to be more of a DJ than a producer.
  9. Finally got to finish listening to this over this last weekend All very kickass! Wonderful selection and totally helps me remember some of the feelings of being at the festival. Was a super good time and a super great comp to accompany
  10. nice =) Only 23 more months until next time!
  11. This is what I did to help me feel better with the virus: Slightly unripe bananas (still a bit green on the peel) mashed with some yogurt (this enzymes and vitamins of banana with the yogurt cultures and probiotics are good for tummy) Tablespoon shot of apple cider vinegar (also good for gut bacteria flora) A tea made of fresh mashed ginger, honey, clove, cinnamon, and black tea. Let steep for about 10 minutes and add a couple of drops of mint tincture I did this twice each day for a couple of days, along with drinking lots of water to stay hydrated, and I got better in two days. Avoid food elsewhere I then started feeling better and was able to get down some pho regularly and now I am doing great =)
  12. Finally feeling better! So, ZNA... That was epic. I understand that, for those privileged enough to live in the EU and able to attend these festivals on the regular, maybe this wasn't as great as various other events, but I come from the USA and this event was simply unheard of. Our psy scene out here sucks. So much fucking Twilight/DarkPsy/HiTek/FullOn, it's frustrating. I just dance at on a different wavelength than the music played out here most of the time. Trunksan and his partner were absolutely top-notch hosts and I had a blast getting to know them and camping with them. The food was fantastic. The tiki masala, falafel, and carbonara all seemed reasonably prices and tasted great. That tiki masala with pakora was well worth 8EU. I loved the beach and swimming and the free showers (the few festivals I've been to with showers in the USA, they cost $5 per timed shower). I got to meet many people I've been wanting to meet face-to-face and I bungled many other meetings because I can be socially inept and awkward, and sometimes inebriation is a disservice. Music wise: It was almost too much of a good thing. I know I missed some great stuff because I needed time to sleep here and there. After nearly 25 years of waiting, I've finally gotten sets from SUN Project, Man With No Name, Tsuyoshi, and Quirk. That Noosphere set was incredibly unexpected. Almost everything at the Market Stage was proper and of my liking. That Holeg and Theirry DJ set in the chill out area was so good and well needed for my brain at that moment. Vibrasphere and S-Range were both super. I enjoyed Hallucinogen much more than the past few times I've heard him play, it was kinda like he was letting his guard down and just having fun with things. Masa and Ray was beautiful as expected. I even enjoyed Medicine Drum far more than expected. And what to say about Ubar Tmar? He's a fucking being unto himself and he will always be a good time. I do remember hearing some Koxbox tunes after Mark Allen, but thought he was just DJing them because Frank'E wasn't there, I was a bit blasted at that point, so the tail end of Mark Allen -> KoxBox -> MasaRay -> Noosphere is a bit of a.... disorienting blur or hilarity and good times. I would absolutely attend this festival again and truly loved getting to dip my toes into the European culture. Portugal is a wonderful place, even with their ability to search you without probable cause. 5-Stars
  13. I was the only person (that I saw) who brought their own dish and utensils with me to the food/vend area at ZNA last week. The places I bought food at even commented on how others weren't doing this. I was kinda disappointed.
  14. what time did koxbox finally play? I felt fine until the day after the festival. A cramped car of people and I heard a couple were not feeling well, so I think I got it from that contact, but maybe it just took time for it to hit me. Still a brilliantly great festival and time. I'll write more when I can gather my thoughts better. Just got home this afternoon =)
  15. Summer's winding down, if you missed this mix when posted, give it a spin before the seasons change!
  16. All i want is to have a solid shit again. This dysentery virus is out of control
  17. I've got a few photos on my goaconstrictor Instagram account
  18. Eeeeeek! It's been so long of waiting and now the time is here!
  19. This already posted? http://psytranceguide.com/
  20. You joined this forum and this is your first post? Really? wtf...
  21. I've been wanting a second album from Delirious Noon for years... ☀️
  22. I started high school in 93. Met a new friend who was also into some of the same punk and industrial as I. He then introduced me to some more industrial and then in 95ish some electronic music. Remember getting Juno Reactor, Shakta, and Hallucinogen albums and bunches of 12"s from Blue Room, Flying Rhino, Matsuri, and such.
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