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  1. Updated original post with full line up 🤘☀️🎉
  2. Trouble/Spawn will always be his high water mark for psytrance. Sean brought out the best of him
  3. Track list and direct downloads available at: https://goaconstrictor.com/music/the-goa-constrictor-the-suomi-cookie-club/
  4. I totally respect. I keep them under a spoiler tab for those who like to listen without knowing the track list in advance but always have it offered (a few are missing due to age and having not kept track at the time.) I do agree that DJs should post their track lists. I come from hosting radio too, so sharing and promoting the artists I am highlighting is real important.
  5. I almost always do. Haven't had a moment to get the website up to date It'll happen.
  6. I participated in the February Suomi Sundays for Random Records this past weekend. For anyone who missed the live stream on Twitch, I've uploaded my set to YouTube. Give a listen and enjoy! Cheers 😃 Track list and direct download available at: https://goaconstrictor.com/music/the-goa-constrictor-the-suomi-cookie-club/
  7. I love this place and if you need any help with Mod/Admin'ing, I'd be happy to support. 😃
  8. I'm just being a brat... carry on 😃
  9. The first track was absolute shit. The second track was absolute shit. Why would anyone care if this person keeps releasing the same shit with different titles? No one should be listening to this person regardless...
  10. Last year on June 4th, I celebrated 604 with a live stream on Twitch. I started at 604AM and at some point I decided to just keep playing and stopped 12 hours later at 604PM I finally got around to uploading it to YouTube for your listening (dis)pleasure! It has various peaks and valleys and was a fun off-the-cuff adventure If you need some background music for work or an afternoon, give it a listen!
  11. If you like Eminem, I made an Eminem mix back in like 2004 just after he released Encore. It's an even mix of songs from the first four albums. It's turned many people who hated Eminem back then into fans. Give it a listen if you're ever in the Eminem mood again! https://goaconstrictor.com/music/eminem http://goaconstrictor.com/audio/eminem.mp3
  12. And I listened to that new Prana album over the weekend. That is a great album! I was not expecting it to be that good. Very solid proper Goa 🤘👽⭐
  13. Since I don't know for sure if what I heard/read was accurate, I'd rather not attach others to my potential inaccuracies; but I think my info is correct. If so, I'm guessing presales will be up before spring 🌞
  14. Thank you!!! I've been bummed about missing out on Wisdom of the Crowds ever since it was released and me dropping the ball on it. Has been ordered 😃
  15. No He said it was all the singles, so I just assumed that. No idea if collabs like Infernal Machine are included or just the Hallucinogen proper tracks either. Hopefully more info soon (but not too soon because I'm broke and don't have the $$ for it yet)
  16. If I'm remembering correctly, the test pressings sound great and he's just finishing up the write ups and text for the booklet... Or something.
  17. The pre-sale shows it's only a double LP. That said, it sounds FANTASTIC and you get downloadable mp3s when you buy the presale. Excited to give it a listen this weekend 😃
  18. I couldn't tell if the re-issue has the magnetic flap that keeps the gatefold closed.
  19. Portland Oregon USA! I've met a few of y'all at ZNA a couple of times.
  20. I fucking love Drezz and think he's one of the finest producers of psychedelic music in the scene today. This might not be Mama Matrix Most Mysterious or 13 Amp Fusion, but this is great and a solid journey. Much much love ❤️
  21. I try to limit my meat consumption. I absolutely love cooking with it and that feeling of a nice bit of animal protein after a multi-day psychedelic adventure. I'm very into lab grown meat though and would love to remove the animal torture and environmental impacts.
  22. Friend just posted this. Thought it was well written and aligns with how I feel... We, the ravers. We, the music lovers. We, the psychedelic trance scene. We stand for peace. We stand for love. We do not stand for hate and senseless violence. We stand for peak experiences of joyous hedonism in harmonic juxtaposition of seeking our truth, finding ourselves in epiphanous states from philosophical inquiry and dance floor ponderings. We are proponents of sharing the joys of life with one another and the psychedelic experience, which allows us to transcend the dreariness of the banality of our everyday rat race existence. We celebrate visionary art, provocative inquiry, dissolving the status quo, and transformational experiences in our lives taking us to our next levels of self-actualization. We resoundingly reject hate; we unanimously refuse your vitriol. The global psytrance community is not homogenous or monolithic in nature, but together we collectively embrace and promote LOVE through our MUSIC across this entire planet, from parties off the map made up of 10 people in a cornfield dancing furiously to darkpsy from dusk to dawn and beyond on some Mackie monitors and a blown out sub, up to our massive festivals where tens of thousands of psychedelic trance pilgrims congregate from hundreds of countries from around our planet, to unite together and stand what we have ALWAYS stood for: peace, love, unity, and spending time together dancing to some of the best f*cking music on the planet. We will NOT be afraid. You will NOT take away LOVE from us. We will continue onwards but we will NEVER forget those that were murdered in cold blood during the most beautiful and loving moments of their lives. We have always been the torch bearers for the ultimate experience of peace, love, and music in this world and will continue to do so. With love, and in memory of those we lost.
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