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  1. Even tho I'm not able to forgive using the two most cherished track names in my musical history, Yog-Sothot´╗┐h (originally Thergothon: Fhtagn-nagh Yog-Sothoth) and the Gate mixed in one sentence, I think, I'll be ordering this release and it must be good. Greetings, Proxiimus!
  2. I enabled the messages, so if you see this, shoot! (It's been long..)
  3. Oh man, this release still kicks the ass. Probably the best goa trance album in the world and in that of beyond.
  4. i am not able to see registered users online. It is weird (compared to the last version). Also, Tor browser says "you have not a permission to view this site". Must be that psynews is really inward oriented, lots of lols! Hi, Filipe! You have means to see all this, don't ya?
  5. Cheers, bro Banging is banging, always the best! (btw..never recalled that I had made the statement " for psy I appreciate fast loud and real headbanging stuff.") Anyways, rock on!
  6. I started the thread so many thanks for your thorough instructions. My CD's are where i left them since I posted the topic so maybe now I get some new fuel to do the necessary cleaning!
  7. Hi everyone. Never REALLY left the scene, I can't. But not feeling being part of it, though. Too many bridges burnt. I miss my lil bro @Starkraver
  8. I just remembered I started this thread. This early June was when I decided not to gamble with bgf fest. I just didn't want to say it back then. So no karma, but lack of info. We have another thread for that rant.
  9. @ psytones: Cute. That kind of a vehicle would be very useful in a downtown metropol.
  10. And how, if I may ask, you came across with this one now? Do you have the original CD? I used to have the remastered one but gave it to a friend who likes it even more than I do. The side note: Now that Filipe has quit goa trance producing I bet the prices for his releases will be skyrocketing. I mean those he published under Submoon Records and Good Dance Recordings. I have some 5 pieces of CDs only left, like total of his production + digital releases a few to add I damn wish I had more. Even tho back in times (not so far ago) I thought I was always buying them and had them in abundant
  11. Say hi to my new car Edit: cheap, already old with lots of mileage behind.
  12. @ GS Concept Dear you, all you wrote is heart. Even how you came over with the material inconveniences: heart, too. Leaders need to think about the bigger picture: what's the history and how can we help the future. It can be a nasty job and ppl can get hurt. All good-hearted "material" won't help the scene in the long run. Responsibility and professionalism are the words since we already have heart enough. At least all who have a psynews account have that heart.
  13. A misunderstanding. Thanks for writing @pdinklag: I am not gonna quote the whole post step by step but many good points there. My concern for Stevo is a big worry if he will see/admit that some things need to be fixed. Kind of what you wrote, too. But maybe he listens to some critizism this time and takes it in a constructive way, who knows. I am not quitting bc of a festival gone south. I am quitting bc after a few years as a hangaround for Neogoa I cannot go back to an ordinary listener without leaving my bigger mission to take more Neogoa Rec roster artists to promote themselves
  14. This meant organizator = DJ Stevo belongs to Neogoa records DJ roster http://www.neogoa.net/stevo/The sentence said organizator, not organization. So I never stated Neogoa Rec is involved in organization business. What Neogoa is involved with is looking the other way when someone in their roster ("under their belt") isn't expressing needed professionalism. I have always felt that all the artists in the roster are the face of the label and if they don't behave, it is a label head's job to spank them. That's my frustration with Neogoa. It is very simple actually. I wanna support labels whose nu
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