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  1. No I mean full-on but with that spacey Etnica / Pleiadians vibe. Not quite Nano heavy but BMSS or maybe Dacru level of heavy. There are still some thoughtful and deep space moments. But very much generic dugga dugga in large parts
  2. The thing with this set was it jumped around a lot. One minute he was playing early stuff, then stuff from the last album, then 9th era stuff... It didn't really flow. For instance playing 12th hour as the second track was odd.
  3. It's been "coming" for 3ish years now and for the last year we have known it will be called "Pyramid". Don't get your hopes up though. Both Etnica and Pleiadians new-school sets I saw in the past 18mnths were mostly flat. Cosmic full-on is what I'd call it. There's a fine line between tracks that convey psychedelia through subtlety, and tracks that are just boring. They straddle this line far too closely for my liking.
  4. Hey plz send contact details. That could be great. Whatsapp or similar. I land on Sunday night.
  5. Don't suppose anyone has a lift? Out on the 19th, back any time after Filteria plays. Lazy planning from me on this one
  6. Any further news on this? I land on Thursday.
  7. I will be there. Got a job where I work in Nebraska from time-to-time, so managed to rig it so it's a half work trip which helps me fund it. What's the go with the after party?
  8. You absolute legend. Curious to listen. When do we get it?
  9. His new track on the Suntrip VA is killer. Going places.
  10. Jaza

    V/A - Analog Visions

    I love hearing these versions from a time when live sets were live, so the version you hear on the night may never quite be heard again. The version of Conflict is trippy in its subtlety early on.
  11. Don't have it in me to write a full review, nor have I listened to it enough, but everyone should know about this. A new album from Lyktum and Nerso. https://sourcecodetransmissions.bandcamp.com/album/consciousness-awakened About 12mnths ago Zen Mechanics (who seems a fair-tempered guy and has never had over-the-top hyperbole in his few social media promos) flagged this as "the closest thing we've had to a modern version of Pleiadians" (almost verbatim). My interest was piqued. Well it's finally here and whilst it's a very different take on spacey trance than the goa legends, it's a slammer. It's at this apex of: Old-school influenced modern psytrance, lots of 303s and the odd spiral melody Proper progressive space trance, albeit uptempo. Beautiful spacey vibes throughout, nice journeys throughout tracks, a genuine tranciness to even though they are dancefloor tracks Modern 138ish prog psy, inc the super sharp production It's funny... The modern psy prog sound has put me right off prog in recent years. Slowed down full-on masquerading as progressive seems to be all you can find. Not only are artists like Vertical Mode carrying their inability to write interesting songs forward from their full-on projects, it's robbing us of proper classic prog trance at parties. But despite having many of those hallmarks, this is a bit different. There's an authenticity to this. It's a lot like Lyktum's solo work, but has an identity of its own. They are modern dancefloor bombs but also speak to goa and also speak to Atmos and co.
  12. Nothing Lasts is my favorite Shpongle. Is it enhanced by the re-master? Or is it simply different? (Or not different at all?)
  13. Jaza

    Hallucinogen - Twisted

    You're an Aussie, yeah? I take it you missed his master-classes at Rainbow Serpent 2011 and 2017?
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