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  1. Jaza

    ZNA 2019?

    Tents in Portugal are so cheap. Get a decent one at Decathlon for like 30eu that only weighs a few kgs, then you can take it home in your luggage. I will definitely be there. Tickets purchased. Excited for my first ZNA... I wasn't in Europe in 2015, and in 2017 I chose the Eclipse in America instead. At this stage I could be solo or I could have a group of New Zealanders / Indians / Slovenians / Australians with me. Everyone I know who did 2015 said it was one of the all time great parties. Those who did 2017 all said it was very good but not quite as good as 2015. Curious to see how this one pans out.
  2. Jaza

    The State of Psy Parties

    Here in London the scene is fairly segmented. Organisations have a certain sound and tend to stick to it. There's a crew doing accessible full-on and some prog internationals Another crew running regular nights with locals that's just about all accessible full on (DJ'd pretty poorly too). And another two crews doing mostly darker stuff. Like much of the world, Hi-Tech is mostly dead, but forest and various shades of dark are still big at the right parties. There's a 50%ish overlap with the crowd. Some people are up for anything, others will typically only appear at the one organisation's parties. Goa is non-existent and I have struggled to get sets more than I anticipated. I have learned that to keep the audiences attention here you must have a dominant bassline, no matter what. (I tanked an 11am set playing new school stuff that was melodic and complex and not so heavy on the basslines. I thought people would welcome the change up, but it was quite the opposite.) I can't honestly recommend the scene much here unless you really, really like full on.
  3. Jaza

    K.O.B. - Identity Mash

    In the software development world, this is the bit where those who built the software say "that's not a bug, that's a feature" I agree, it can be pretty out there. I struggle to play this with other music when DJing - even mixed in key and at as-designed tempos, most tracks just stands out weirdly. I'd like to use them more to see people's reactions, but the 40-70 second mix period sounds slightly off no matter what I try.
  4. Jaza

    Most emotional Goa traxx

    Impossible to go past The reaction on dancefloors is crazy powerful. I saw Anoebis play it 3 times in 2014 and each time it did a number on the floor.
  5. Jaza

    What releases did I miss in 2018?

    Morphic Resonance wins this year with his manic journey LP so aptly named 'Perplexity'... Not everyone's cup of tea though. The JBC Arkadii album is fantastic. It really sets the standard for those wanting to modernise goa trance without losing the essence. Timewarp Records have released sooooo much music, but the winner of the many new school goa releases this year is definitely Global Sect's Shambhala. A really strong single disk compilation. The new Smuds album is amazing too. I guess you call it forest, but it's really a broad range of foresty, atmospheric psy that goes weird places without making you uncomfortable. A-Grade song-writing coupled with decent if unspectacular production. I'm a big, big fan. I also quite like the new Archaic LP if you're in to your darker, heavier stuff.
  6. Jaza

    Skizologic - Stimulation

    It goes really well live. This is a dancefloor album. Creating a dancefloor experience that sits somewhere between goa trance, modern prog psy, and old school acid techno... It's really unique. The warm basslines keep floors grooving while the music keeps you interested enough but doesn't overload you. I can see why some would think this side of things is underdone, but he's gone for a unique vibe. His set at Shankra Festival was excellent, while his set at Boom (which you can watch here) was a lot of fun and a slightly different journey.
  7. Jaza

    New Years 2018!?

    That party in Berlin is meant to be very, very good. Just note that Astral are playing the main room, not the goa floor, so will clash with a goa act.
  8. Jaza

    VA - Shambhala [Global Sect Music]

    This one is a gem. Admittedly it's hard to compare a 4 CD VA with 1 CD... But I think it trumps Terraformer in quality. Yes, it sits right in the Global Sect comfort zone, but this is mostly proper top quality modern psytrance. The Zopmanika, Centavra and Median Project tracks are all bombs. The Omneon remix of Median is very worthwhile too. The Goasia and Astrancer contributions are also very worthy. The Mindsphere one drags on for me - I love >10 min tracks but this one doesn't quite grab me - but it deserves its place on the CD. In the end it's only really the first track from Fiery Dawn that doesn't grab me. An absolute bargain at the price. Well played again Global Sect.
  9. Jaza

    Your top 10 Trance albums of all time

    The problem with this is the modern day move to selling more singles and 2-3 track EPs means that such a list is more likely to contain older albums. Neo goa is one of the few sub-genres left where artists still seem defined by LPs. For instance a Dickster album with all his best tracks from VAs, etc, from 2010-15 would likely make mine. But his actual album Innebriati would not.
  10. I find Clementz one of the most interesting of a generally promising crew releasing on Timewarp and Global Sect (inc Atlantis, Median, Centavra, etc). Not unhappy they are taking this route though. I think it's better to get to a really good level before your first LP. Better to do a Celestial Intelligence than a Psy-H Project. Old mate Proxeeus is the winner on this one. That guy is the poster child for strong improvement over time.
  11. Jaza

    Median Project - In The Depths of Space

    A huge feature of this album is the way tracks are often full power right until the end. Swirling melodies intensely layered right through most of the last minute. Not very DJ friendly, hard to mix out of and not make a mess, but I think also may contribute to the overwhelming vibe it gives sometimes when listened to end-to-end. Transitions between the main parts of tracks are not prolonged There's some great dancefloor tools in here though when played as part of sets including other artists. Curious to see where this project goes. Strong fundamentals in place to expand on.
  12. Jaza

    E-Mantra - Stapanii Timpului [Suntrip Records]

    He's not going for that vibe though. It's quite introspective and hypnotic. You almost don't want a dominant melody to break you out of it. He has it in him to do it as shown by Ayahuasca, Distant Signals, etc, but I think it wasn't his aim here. It's a pronounced journey from night to day. Almost a concept album. A quite intentional link between where he came from with Arcana and evolved to with Nemesis. It's nice to get some morning E-Mantra vibes with the sharp production he's developed. I would critique that it is a bit too similar in the 'night' session and one of the tracks - probably Typhon's Wrath - could be swapped out for something. I'd have liked him to go crazy and give Morphic a run for his money on a track, but even another morning-ish track may have balanced the album a bit better. I dunno... I guess I wouldn't intro a person to neo goa, psy, or even E-Mantra himself with this. But the world needs more artists with clear identities like he has.
  13. Jaza

    Ovnimoon - Different Lifeforms

    It doesn't sound as crisp as it could. While some neo goa production is intentionally sharp (E-Mantra, most of Filteria's stuff, Imba) a lot of artists choose to have some more 'dull' sounds (for want of a better phrase) to mimic the old school vibe. Good examples are Omnivox, and particularly Triquetra. Ovnimoon has done a bit of that here IMO. He is capable of razor sharp sound design, but a few of these tracks sound like he's gone for some of the old school buzz. On one hand I am happy he's changed it up a bit - I love him but it's only been incremental changes over 6 LPs in 9 years since Geometric Poetry - on the other hand I think he has more to offer. I'd play half of these in a set out live, this is a good purchase, but he has it in him to make an end-to-end stormer. JBC Arkadii has done a great job bridging modern psy and goa on a few tracks on his new album. Similarly the new E-Mantra LP is very tight on production. I'd like to see Ovnimoon try that next.
  14. I agree with that comparison. This album is lovely. Such a nice mix of wet foresty stuff and proper weird trippy trance music. Some nice musical influences. The melody inTleilaxu reminds me of old school Talpa, then the middle is almost Posford-esque with the voices.
  15. Jaza

    Ovnimoon - Different Lifeforms

    Disparate quality across the tracks. The good ones are excellent, but a few feel like filler. It's like Ovnimoon's take on the 90s rather than being entirely cutting edge. In that respects it's a little bit of a missed opportunity. Several of these are making it out in to my live sets though. For sure