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  1. Broadened taste for sure. I listen to lots of stuff now that once felt too slow or simple or dark for me. Glad I never had a "slow down" phase where I phased our faster music. This is a common theme I see in people 30+. I still love tunes cranking at 140-155 when they are good, now more than ever. I've got a stronger quality filter regardless of genre but I suspect that is normal. (... Still find Zenon more miss than hit though )
  2. I was a huge fan of the first album Perpetual Energy - I never felt it got enough hype - and the live sets I saw them play at in 2017 and 18 were both strong. Between this and their consistent VA releases in recent years, Celestial Intelligence have become the new school act I have the most hope for. Before this album release I had heard it live twice in Portugal this past summer. I knew I was getting more of the same melodic morning power, but with a much tighter low end and generally more refined mix of sounds. It's not often a release you hype in your head lives up to that hype, but here we are. Alteration starts the album, and if I am honest it's not my favorite. It's decent but feels a bit like filler. The melody is not quite enough of a stand out to me, and everything thing else feels perfectly good without being great. Forking Paths is the first one to really catch me. I quite like the unique sound that comes in at ~1:45, this whole track really feels like it goes places as the melody grows in to dominance. It's not their best but it doesn't need to be, we're suddenly right back where the last album left off. Three tracks in we find something special. The spacey intro of Deja Vu leads in to a beautifully up and down opening half: trademark Celestial melodies, a nice level of complexity, and engaging 303 sounds lead us to the stunning main melody. Comparable to Filteria's The Big Blue or Crossing Mind's No Event Horizon, it's a psychedelic morning trance anthem that carries us through the last 4 minutes. Galactic Journey is a worthy follow-on. I remember this vividly from the live set - at the time it felt like the re-announcement that Celestial are back - and that remains my feeling at home. The core melody is fun and just powerful enough, and the way it builds up and reappears at the end in classic goa trance style really scratches that itch. Overall a strong track. Owl originally did not grab me (maybe it's the cliche samples at the beginning?) but it's since grown on me. Not as strong as the last tracks but a worthy addition. When listening to the album in sequence it can feel like a slight come down, but on repeated listens it holds its own as a perfectly strong morning track. On first listens to Blueberry the unique main melody sound in the breakdown (almost like a violin) is all I came away thinking about, but on repeated listens I've really come to appreciate the whole track. Another one that is the right mix of engaging and trancey throughout, building nicely to its peak. Ummo doesn't grab me as much. It's a testament to this album that it's one of my least favorites but is still a worthy addition. I think it's the mix down that doesn't quite get me, it feels a bit too noisy, the balance is not to my tastes. The 1001 Reasons remix is interesting. A proper rebuild rather than a minor edit. The key change makes a big difference. It's a little stripped back for me, I prefer the original for it's melody, but this is is a great example of their improved production skills and goes particularly well played out live. Thankfully Psychic Transference takes us out with a banging journey track. A lovely mix of melodies and again a nice long build over >8 minutes. The power sequence that starts with <4 minutes left is peak Celestial Intelligence, as is the last peak after that. This album excels in showing off their improved production skills and a refinement of the Celestial sound with more variance in the song-writing. If you don't like their style of powerful melodic morning goa it's still not for you, but lovers of the first album should be well pleased. Those people who found the first album too loud and hectic may find this more to their taste. If I were being super picky I'd like to have one more mega power anthem track like Gray Matter or Anapa, there are times where I miss the blasting anthem sound from prior tracks, but that's a tiny gripe on what is an excellent release.
  3. Jaza

    ZNA 2020

    Both are every second year. So there is an Apsara 2020 from the 12th of August, and a ZNA in 2021.
  4. Released today: https://pleiadians.bandcamp.com/album/pyramid?fbclid=IwAR1L5aB01TSIDJaR3VxWkjy3Cw_4fwP06YqzHuUkArcYRI8EO4TR_FGuQxY
  5. No I mean full-on but with that spacey Etnica / Pleiadians vibe. Not quite Nano heavy but BMSS or maybe Dacru level of heavy. There are still some thoughtful and deep space moments. But very much generic dugga dugga in large parts
  6. The thing with this set was it jumped around a lot. One minute he was playing early stuff, then stuff from the last album, then 9th era stuff... It didn't really flow. For instance playing 12th hour as the second track was odd.
  7. It's been "coming" for 3ish years now and for the last year we have known it will be called "Pyramid". Don't get your hopes up though. Both Etnica and Pleiadians new-school sets I saw in the past 18mnths were mostly flat. Cosmic full-on is what I'd call it. There's a fine line between tracks that convey psychedelia through subtlety, and tracks that are just boring. They straddle this line far too closely for my liking.
  8. Hey plz send contact details. That could be great. Whatsapp or similar. I land on Sunday night.
  9. Don't suppose anyone has a lift? Out on the 19th, back any time after Filteria plays. Lazy planning from me on this one
  10. I will be there. Got a job where I work in Nebraska from time-to-time, so managed to rig it so it's a half work trip which helps me fund it. What's the go with the after party?
  11. His new track on the Suntrip VA is killer. Going places.
  12. Jaza

    V/A - Analog Visions

    I love hearing these versions from a time when live sets were live, so the version you hear on the night may never quite be heard again. The version of Conflict is trippy in its subtlety early on.
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