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what would be the last song to hear before you die?


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someone asked me the other day if you died, what would i like played at my funeral?

got me thinking about what would i like to hear before i died, the answer would be for the 2 questions posed.

when i nursed my father through lung cancer the songs he heard before he died was, louis armstrong what a wonderful world and emilini torrini - sunny road.


i remember this so clearly and whenever i hear these songs i remember holding his hand as he passed.

when i held his memorial, i played these 2 songs as everyone stood in silence. so..................


what would you like to hear before you passed, and what would you like played at funeral/memorial?


for me it's easy


younger brother - people are scary for me is an extremely emotional track that could easily feel like a transitional pass to the afterworld, with its meloncholic build up, and then peaceful comedown as the spirit comes to terms with what has happened then mixed in right at the end psychic gibbon, with it's warm ambience and vocals swirling around as the spirit lays to rest, and the heart stopping at the end.


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Union Jack Red Herring. Or Blue Planet Corp Crystal. Or Atmos Rebirth of Cavanough. Or Terra Ferma Lunar Sunrise.


Probably depends on the disease thats getting me, hahahaha ;) If Id still be strong enough to muster some cynicism Cosma The Time has Come... ;)


As for my funeral, the should play Air on a G String by Bach. That would make them all cryy, muahaha!

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Blue States - Allies. As my comment says there on the page.. "a rad sad song I can't get enough of" - love it! gets me thinking things ;p


within the psychedelics

S-Range - Reality Check. The melody in this song just does it for me and everything else is too fitting. Perfection!

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Guest D N H

I don't know, but i want in the other state of existence to have all my great music like Ishq, Mystical Sun, Ra, etc...


This will be the transition soundtrack and in the way as in this wonderful video... Skies, clouds, winds, sun, deserts, stones, heights, beaches, flowers, stars... I can't wait.. :ph34r: (!) .... :D



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Mai Mai-Jaia

Well, without much doubt, Jaia - Mai Mai.

If I had to choose an upbeat trance track, I, too, would choose "Maï Maï" by Jaia. No doubt.


If I could choose any song, this would be one of my choices at least,

Easily Embarassed - "Mental Anguish":



Thanks Insejn for recommending this amazing track in an earlier similar topic. :)

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One of the things I like about trance is that it makes me feel full of life. I think if I knew I were dying, I wouldn't want to hear something like that, it might just make me feel bitter. Hell, if I knew I were dying, I'd probably feel bitter regardless.


Chances are I'd want to hear something more from the rock genre, but not necessarily "hard-rocking", and probably something I've been a fan of for longer than I've been a fan of electronic music. Although that may change as I get older, who knows? Maybe Pink Floyd's "Welcome to the Machine" or "Wish You Were Here" or "Brain Damage/Eclipse". Maybe Floater's "The Knowing Dirge" or "Endless II" or "Tell The Captain". Maybe the entirety of L.S.G.'s Into Deep album (which I don't count as individual songs).


As for a funeral, well...like my grandmother who died in January, I don't want a funeral. Just friends and family getting together to have a party. But if I had to choose, I have to admit that even though it's trite and I'm not Christian, I really like "Amazing Grace" as it is commonly sung in movies (Wikipedia told me it didn't originally have music). The lyrics are subtle and the melody is beautiful.

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without doubt


tangerine dream - love on a real train



special notice to the lovely remixes of this classic! Like the symbolone remix, jbooze remix and the reworks like Global Communication - Maiden Journey a.k.a 8'07 and 5'23



edit: dammit jisnegro you made me bump a 3 year old thread lol

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