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  1. GaySatanicHippie

    RIP Nemo

    My first visit to psynews in years and the first thing I see is this...I always respected him, he was definitely one of the more intelligent contributors on here
  2. Happy belated birthday Psynews! I didnt realize I was here almost from the beginning, I remember the goatrance.free.fr, I had a different name back then, though, I was called aje. And I havent been here in a while, glad to see its still going strong
  3. Me too, it actually made me return to this site because I wanted to see everyone elses opinion about it. Anyways, I think this is fucking great! I haven`t been listening to much goa or psy in the last few years and when I did, I was always rather appalled. In general things have become so plastic and overproduced, progressive has become caricature of itself, especially the German oompa shit and the Israelis, Tristan and all of the English keep making the same track over and over again, and Neogoa is just too much for me. And don`t even get me started on all that dark horseshit. Even remixes of the classics from the big names themselves like Transwave just turned their old hits into shitty full-on. So when I first heard about this record I expected the same, classics turned to shitty full-on. But quite the opposite is the case, all these tracks sound like real goatrance, just with a more modern sound and the special AP touch of the Dancing Galaxy era. The mastering is a bit ridiculous as others have mentioned here, but other than that this ia a great goa trance album that makes me feel 15 again and brings back a lot of memories. The LSD remix is the best remix of this track I have ever heard, and there have been A LOT of remixes of LSD over the years. The remixes of both Rains are spot on, Mugen is awesome,and the BPC remixes are the emotional highlights, even though I wish they would have taken on Crystal as well The only ones I dont really care for are the IP remixes. One interesting side effect of this CD is the realization that I am officially old now and have become my dad, but my dad is cool and I hope my children will think I am cool as well in a few years. in the meantime I`ll keep listeining to these remixes, and if I see AP on a line-up somewhere I will sure as hell go there and rave-on like its 1994
  4. Hahaha, but please be gentle, I am sensitive and I cry easily... But back to Stereofeld, this is his thread!
  5. Union Jack Red Herring. Or Blue Planet Corp Crystal. Or Atmos Rebirth of Cavanough. Or Terra Ferma Lunar Sunrise. Probably depends on the disease thats getting me, hahahaha If Id still be strong enough to muster some cynicism Cosma The Time has Come... As for my funeral, the should play Air on a G String by Bach. That would make them all cryy, muahaha!
  6. Hi all, I want to shamelessly plug my album that just came out on Ektoplazm. I would describe it as dark and moody Lo-Fi downtempo, definitely on the weird side of things, but also quite accessible, if that makes any sense. Naturally I think its fucking awesome, but decide for yourself, hahaha Here`s the link: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/gay-satanic-hippie-tiefenrausch Im looking forward to all comments, even if you think its not fucking awesome
  7. Yes, this is indeed a great album. Even though I must admit I am a bit biased because Tim (Stereofeld) is my friend, he did some great work here and really delivered a shiny happy prog album for the summer that sounds like the good old days of prog-psy. So, if you have seen the by now infamous Future Ducks of London Video ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIjFMQsb2S4 ), none of that shit happens here. Just pure psychedelia without any gimmicks and with a heavy dose of scandinavian influences
  8. Also available on Ektoplazm now http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/stereofeld-frequenzwechsel
  9. Hi all, check out the new album Frequenzwechsel by Stereofeld out on the free netlabel Sun Station Records. Stereofeld is my friend Tim, and his album is a throwback the golden years of prog-psy with some heavy scandinavian influences. If that kind of music is your thing, follow this link and download for free http://sunstation.ru/releases/sstar24-stereofeld-frequenzwechsel/ My personal favorite track is "Atmosspheres", take a wild guess who this one is inspired by
  10. Well, it depends on how you define psychedelic trance. If you define it as KBBB at over 140 BPM with synthfarts, then no, this is not psytrance. If you define psytrance as something that is psychedlic and trance inducing, than this is totally psytrance. I guess that was also the whole point of my review, one can create psytrance without adhering to conventions of this genre.
  11. Sometimes I envy my dad. Like myself he is a big music enthusiast, but unlike my favorite electronic music “acts” who appear out of nowhere and disappear into the long tail of irrelevance every time a new musical fad hits the scene, his favorite rock bands have shown amazing staying power and grown old together with him throughout the various stages of his life. Unfortunately, there are only two artists who have grown together with me from my formative late teenager years until now and whose musical journey I am deeply invested in. One of them is Atmos. Atmos always sounds like Atmos, and whatever he does one of his best and most rewarding qualities is that Atmos always sounds like Atmos. The other is Minilogue aka Son Kite aka Seb Mullaert and Markus Henriksson. They are the polar opposite of Atmos, because their music is constantly evolving and they always seem to be on a hunt to find new ways of expressing themselves through music. Looking at their output from the helicopter perspective, however, a cyclical pattern emerges, which is why the cover of their current album “Blomma” (a rainbow in the form of a circle) could not have been chosen any better. The reason I say this is because for me, Minilogue have come full circle with” Blomma”. When they started their careers as Son Kite, their first releases where beat-driven, percussive affairs that did not contain many melodies or emotive elements. That slowly changed, culminating in the aptly titled “Colours” album that was filled with emotions and yes, colours, and that is justly considered one of the absolute highlights of progressive (psy)trance. Then they hit the reset button with their Minilogue project. After a short foray into progressive house, they returned to a deep hypnotic sound with a vibe not unlike the beginnings of Son Kite, but 10 BPM slower and in the context of the minimal techno scene that was dominating electronic music at the time. And from there, they once again set-out on a journey into the light, culminating, or should I say blossoming with “Blomma”, a masterpiece filled with emotions and colours like its predecessor from the Son Kite era. Don`t get me wrong, on the surface “Blomma” sounds nothing like “Colours”. During all those years, Minilogue has evolved into one of the most unique and idiosyncratic electronic music artists around. Tracks over 20 minutes are the norm, and they have developed a free-flowing, jamming style of music production that results in something that could best be described as “music as your stream of consciousness”. Tracks just seem to float along without a beginning or an end, new ideas entering and leaving without an apparent purpose, effortlessly taking the listener from one atmosphere to the next without a care in the world. They make it sound easy, but they can only do so because they have become true masters at their craft, jamming along on vintage analogue synthesizers that give all their tracks that special something that sometimes hurts a bit in the ears when playing it loud. But that’s all part of the charm, analogue resonance can be a bitch to control sometimes… “Blomma” reminds me of “Colours” because its vibe is also unashamedly trancy and melodic, it just utilizes a totally different approach and sound palette to get there. The first Minilogue tracks that were produced in this new improvisational style always had kind of a jazzy element to them, and most of them featured those ploinky, arpeggios that have become a Minilogue trademark. “Blomma” replaces the jazz and ploink with 70s psychedelia and early Frankfurt trance, or in other words, “Blomma” sounds exactly like what I would imagine Pink Floyd would sound like if they made electronic music. And that is quite spectacular! All tracks with a straight 4/4 beat (1,2 and 4) are perfect examples of this and are the highlights of this album. They are incredibly deep, musical, and trippy, and especially the second track “Atoms…” is something that really touches the heart and always leaves a smile on my face. The more chilled tracks are also great, and especially in the 45 minute-long opening track of the second CD Minilogue shows off their impressive synth collection with some awesome analogue filter sweeps that always give me and probably everyone else who is into that kind of thing goosebumps. But it would be wrong to go describe every single track in detail, “Blomma” is one journey to be enjoyed and be inspired by in its entirety. To sum it up, “Blomma” is IMHO Minilogues best work to date, it is a very mature and musical album that shows that Seb and Markus are true musicians, and not just electronic music producers like 95% of everyone else active in this scene. I`m glad to have gone on this journey with them from their humble beginnings to reach this point of full-fledged sonic mastery, and I can`t wait to see where they will take me next. I know it will be someplace unexpected, but I know it will be good!
  12. BTW, heres the tracklist, i forgot to post it, fairness provides one should do at least that if using other peoples music. Merry Christmas!! 1.) Volor Flex - Foretime (Origami Sound) 2.) Burial - Truant (Hyperdub) 3.) Nate Conelly - Broken Windows (Aleph Zero) 4.) Desolate - Synaestetic (Faux Pas Music) 5.) Shed - Slow Motion Replay (Ostgut Ton) 6.) Burial - U Hurt Me (Hyperdub) 7.) GaySatanicHippie - Dicht 8.) Nocow - You better no one (Origami Sound) 9.) Borelis - Drop (Origami Sound) 10.) Borealis - Womb (Origami Sound) 11.) GaySatanicHippie - Bach on Crack (Back on Crack Remix) 12.) Lisa Gerrard - Sacrifice (4AD) 13.) John Coltrane - Naima (Atlantic) 14.) Massive Attack - Paradise Circus (Burial Remix) (Vynil Factory) 15.) Gay Satanic Hippie - Eine kleine Gefühlsduselei 16.) Gay Satanic Hippie - Am Anfang war der Snopf 17.) Ooze - Trying Outwards (Aleph Zero) 18.) Nada - Raja Mati (Liquid Sound Design) 19.) Jaia - After the Rain (Yellow Feather Reords) 20.) Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene II (Les Disques Motors) 21.) Union Jack - There Will Be No Armageddon (Platipus Records)
  13. In honour of the end of the world, I just recorded the first mix in 2 years. This one is downbeat and features a lot of my own tracks as well. Its very melancholic, as it should be when the world ends, but it ends on a happy note. Because "There will be no Armageddon"! Check it out! http://soundcloud.com/gaysatanichippie/end-of-the-world-mix-there
  14. I heard the Prince William thing too. And the daughter of Nina Hagen, Cosma Shiva Hagen (yes, thats her real name, i guess that happens when your mum is crazy rock-star) went to a shitload of psyparties in Germany. She is a well-known actress in Germany now. But, when I first saw her on TV I was like "What?, I have seen that girl 100 times at psy parties". I didnt know she famous, she was just some girl who hung around psy-parties alot.
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