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  1. I play tournament paintball. pew pew!
  2. Soooo... I've been thinking of attending again this year. Ignore my old post ;p It's not a confirmed YES but its not impossible to cancel previous plans. I'd just miss 1 of my 5 tournaments this year. I had to look up flights again to and from and there are PERFECT time slots for me out of NYC. Will spend a few days thinking it over. The final ticket phase is gate prices ewww. I'm just thinking how I miss some of you, some of my food vendor friends and others met the last two events that aren't on the forums. We'll see 8) thinking thinking.. IF I go.. TOI DOI and S>Range are a MUST! The two I was hoping could be at the last events. Next interests are Total Eclipse for 'Violent Relaxation' tracks, Dino for Cydonia gems, Protoculture for 'Refraction' tracks (I hope!), Astral P in hopes to play originals and Vibrasphere. A few others like SUN Project again would be fun. Easiest event listing for rest on this edition for my taste.s to answer some questions.. security - I'm a bit risky but everything stays in my tent except cash in my pocket. Boy oh boy do I love to eat and always need cash on me. property size/parking/camping - The land is a good size but small compared to big festivals and holds the attendance amount just perfect. Here is the map ZNA used for 2015. It was essentially the same in 2017 and likely will be this year. A small food court down near that icon.. RV parking could be seen if you wondered even just a little past the Chill stage. The bus always entered and left around that spot with the green icon. 2015 we entered on the back of a truck with a cage that drove on the road through camping. They likely will stick to the buses again with a less chaotic bumpy road.
  3. Of ones not mentioned and still in existence - Beatspace ^_-
  4. Glad you are going this year Goa Constrictor! ;D Sadly I can't make it this year unless I cancelled plans (which I cannot). And freakin Toi Doi just got announced. I'm crusheddddd... the only artist I NEED to see out of my wantlist. Everyone enjoy it twice as hard for me haha
  5. felt like making a random stop on the site to say Yooooo! haha! it all looks different.

    1. staffan


      Hey! Ho!

      So ZNA is up, ticket system crashed. I haven't got mine yet. But no worries.

      Will you be there? No, you will be there. Period. ;)

    2. K-BAN


      I wish! I wish! I made plans for this year to be extremely dedicated to paintball. I'm on my friends team this year and we'll have practice two times a week, 6 events + extra ones this year. One is a 5 event series and has one of it's tournaments the weekend during ZNA 8( I got on now since Toi Doi was announced today! It breaks my heart! I'd go just for him haha! Catch his mix and shake his hand for me -_^

  6. This is what I remember when I think Yahel. This track and maybe a few others are what I came across just after my first year into the music around that time.
  7. I can confirm Trunksan is a fun wild man to be around haha! And really for the James Monro getting the finger from people?? Was it you? haha! I think I joined his set midway through and then took another break. Just that time of the afternoon where it was good to swim or relax. Poor dude! My experience with the sound is it definitely varied per track or even performer. Some guys on stage had a level sound across their mix. A few times one performance was back and forth with the volumes per track going high, then low and back again. The bass could be overwhelming so I would shuffle around the back line of the dancefloor, sides to middle til I had my clear zone. I think the speaker layout did this as right side (facing the stage) seemed slightly pointed inward dancefloor. Sometimes I had to put one of the dancefloor tree between me and one speaker wall and that was good enough hehe Not sure thinking back who my favorite performance was. MWNN did play the most complete and fan deserving set. All the hits! TIP was solid and Im not too aware of their music actually. Manmademan did ok before the full-on later half. Dado/Transwave played a solid set. Ree.K and Masa for sure had the most unique mixes with their oldies selection. Goat Ranchers/members Draeke, Anoebis and Solitare always have me wondering "which track is that/what version" whenever they play ;p I heard Anoebie from the water - what were your last two tracks? 2nd to last was especially catchy! Not sure what else to say other than it was cool to catch a Syb Unity Nettwerk set to hear 'Sun Invaders' played since I looooove that one! And Miranda just being there was sweeet. Cool you got to hang in the country longer. Once the ZNA bus got me to the airport, Staffan and I hung out til our flights at the same time. First time ever I didnt sleep on a flight or for the entire duration. I landed in NYC and had a shuttle to take to the bus station - waited around for my bus departure back upstate. In total I spent 24hrs to get home and walk through the front door. ;p Thats becoming the typical amount of time now after each overseas trip.
  8. Had fun again at ZNA. Staffan and I partnered up in the airport since the night before the first bus. Swell guy to be with all week. 8) Was also nice to see masen023 kicking around the dance floor often as well as meeting trunksan (you found me!) and Dolmot (by chance) for the first time. IF a '19 edition brings me back - maybe we can make a Psynews meeting/campout bigger and badder than ever ;p This edition was good music overall. Less for me to catch and watchout for on the lineup. More time to relax between sets and nights sleep. Again some artists made bad choices to play modern over retro music. And for me personally, not having Neuromotor make it was a huge letdown. Leg injury someone told me.
  9. still not satified. I've always been curious to see decent psy played. not the modern garb. go back minimum 13+years and play that library.
  10. Total Eclipse is at Connection? Dang. I.NEED.TOTAL ECLIPSE. I'm attending ZNA this year for my 2nd time. Never been to connection. read the comments so will jot down notes in reply... My thoughts is the line-up is what most matters. It's what gets me out of NY and far for the music ;p But if traveling with family then I can see the reasoning being different to choose a proper festival (if those exist haha). Food is never a problem. Bathrooms tend to be the same porta potties. Ozora was the first time for me that has decent stalls. Maybe location of the event matters say for an emergency issue. Yes teams will be on site but that site may be far out there. ZNA is far out there ;p Not sure on Connection. I find it fun to be out all night to the music but I just cant do it as easily anymore so definitely prefer to sleep the night away. Staying up all night and then day makes the week go by slower. And the sweat you build up during the day and night helps to keep you colder even if bundled. Dust - honestly dont remember how it was at ZNA. Its a dry environment so gotta say it was there but it didnt affect me and I can be sensitive to it. Maybe sticking to back of the dancefloor helped. Regardless - where theres hundreds of dancing feet, there will be dust. Unless you're dancing on foam ;p Ive had worse dust issue on indoor parties.
  11. Go for classic darkpsy and not that "other stuff" ;p
  12. (back! sort of.. ;p) I'd be down for that! Got a redbubble shirt last year from Manmademan. A little clothe note inside the package, which had recommended washing conditions for the shirt, literally said on it "dont slap pandas" haha!
  13. Met him at ZNA last year before and during the event a few times. Stupid me realized after arriving back home in the US why I recognized that name. Im a big fan with a poor memory haha!
  14. Bumped into the music 2002 by accident when I was 16. I was on a search for Trance music I might like since my dad was recording a radio channel late night as they played dj mixes there. The AIM Messenger pop up as you'd boot the chat had a radio tab, and from there I would browse and write names down. Some goa played which I didn't know yet. I wrote down several names and 3 or 4 were goa tracks. One Shakta and Ping Pong track and Psygone - 'Twisted Minds' and 'Outer Limits' played. BAM! been with it since.
  15. oh god no! thats not what I had in my mind but its pretty hilarious haha!
  16. I did something similar with almost completing my Nomad/Dj Mael collection. Only a few cds still not bought. I ordered 15 different compilations ;O the tracks were used for the roadtrip I took down to North Carolina two weeks ago for Equinox festival. The friend who drove with me loves Nomad yet both of us didnt know most of these tracks. cool to see Im not the only one getting old dark psy (the good kind!) lately ;p I just purchased this from a seller. Deja Vu Records had some quality ;O I have other compilations of theirs. the Samadhi track on this cd is awesome! I randomly bumped into it on YT two days ago and had to buy the release. VA - Jokers Necropolis - Deja Vu Records man I forgot about that album! I purchased it in 04 or 05 from Psyshop. good snag! Im wondering if I would still like the release today. Some goa in the D5 style I just cant get into anymore. I also purchased this album. very unique psy sounds within. some good basslines. some weird effects I like or not. Starseed - A Million Hz Away maybe taste the track Prisma from the album right here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCOQOryOs5g
  17. haha Solitare just linked me to that yesterday ;p its hard to decide when to record and when to dance hehe. I moved closer to the front once I heard Green Nuns and the guy I was dancing next to pointed to me at the same time it mixed in. funny moment there 8)
  18. WOA! I never seen that ;O Im going to the page and following them now! man, over a month ago already! craaap ;p EDIT: I see they've since uploaded this Im sensing some possible confusion.. yes we are both aware of meeting and remembering each other from SUN - I meant I didnt know you were this psynews "masen023" guy haha! or I would of snagged you for the photo pic as well. 8)
  19. one song always comes to mind... and I like to consider the rmx more a remake ;p both are good but I prefer the rmx. Im still in love with 3:35-4:28 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5CP_OU8i4E
  20. I would remember a face if I seen ya in passing a few times ;p maybe a bigger group for 2017?? omg you are him? haha hey dude! I seen your posts all over on here ;p too bad I didnt know then 8) and yes, that Doof shirt shines in the uv! lovely design, too.
  21. yes! Im real happy you like it. 8) As I will always say, 2003/4 was the psy golden age for artist albums. once '05 hit, the cheese and pop creeped into the music. Taking the IsraelI scene like a plague ;O I can always connect with you more on the classics from then. but yes, old Sesto is good ;D even if odd at times. I enjoy the odd parts so its unique to them and not some other bass & effects filler per average.
  22. I thought of you while there and wondered if you'd show up. I never saw any such post so figured not. Try for the 2017 edition as we believe its coming back. That might be my next time overseas. Going to try to. 8) I recorded a bunch! 30 acts. from a minute and a half of Sergio Walgood to 28 mins of Dark Nebula. this is the playlist my vids are in. They were upoaded starting with Audialize and auto-playing further, its day by day how I experienced ZNA. recorded these acts - Audialize, Suria, Sergio Walgood, Johann Bley, Luna Orbit/Dark Nebula, P_Mac, Shakta, Kristian vs Jean Borelli (Elysium vs Orion), Xenomorph, UX, ManMadeMan, MFG, Jaia, Technossomy, Darshan, Psara, Crop Circles, Solitare, Slinky Wizard, McCoy's S.U.N. Project, Union Jack, Mike Maguire, OOOD, Tim Schuldt/4 Carry Nuts, Psychaos, Blue Planet Corporation, Atmos, Antaro, Etnica vs PLeiadians & Filteria https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqF24ZQHMfW0ncGMwgOICC66w0MKzwNuF 1. He's German. I never talked to him last year, just dancefloor smiles back. Seeing him this year on the first night I had to greet him. And someone else from SUN who had the same orange Flying Rhino shirt as me. He's to the left in staffan's first video of Darshan. Im the dancing guy with TIP/Green Nuns shirt there haha ;p 2. Now Im more curious what you look like/who you are ;p I may recognize you. I remember the posts in the other thread last summer. If I was tan at SUN, it was maybe a little from the NY outdoor time before travelling or from already starting to build on me at SUN. SUN was my first stop of travels last year. I became a little more brown in Ozora but big time in Boom ;O No cloudy weather and all hot sunshine there for 7-8 days, and I went swimming every day and shirtless most of the day. The darkest shade Ive been was after then ;p oh man its taking me back!!! the sound came out real clear, too. happy to hear 8) we gotta have an official meet if theres a next opportunity.
  23. my bad, thats the version I meant. 2015 is a good year of music for me from the only two parties Ive gone to so far. a small one in NY and ZNA. and lucky enough to hear for the first time Spiritual Healing here in NY (my small town no less) and this newer version at ZNA. yay ;p
  24. Its hasnt been touched on much here with the experience for the crowd so I will go there. but first, I see cdjs used often at the ny outdoor parties and events in general in the states. laptops are still common whether the dj has a mini mixer connected via usb or what. I enjoy seeing the dj working hard mixing the tracks or getting excited hearing their tunes come up. its an added bonus if you will since I can still have just as much fun hearing the music I like no matter how they played it. Is it something I prefer? yeah I guess but I wont be mad either way, laptop or not. skills or not. Just dont mess up the transitions everytime haha! I know it happens ;p Ive done very little in my free time. Only if whoever is performing is more so entertaining people backstage with chatting and hanging out then I would feel less connected on the dancefloor. All djs in here, do your thing and keep the passion ;D Play what you want and in doing so share more so what is you. What you love and want to share with us. maybe there is this new thing where you can convert cds to vinyl. think about that ;p
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