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  1. Hey guys, I've to excuse me for my long period of inactivty. But Im back and wanted to discuss about the new releases from famous artists that have been done this year ! What did you like ? What release deceived you ? Do you like how any famous artist evolve ? I would like to talk about the following stuff : Juno reactor - The golden sun of the great east Waouv ! What a come back from juno reactor ! I found this album amazing. Fresh new song using new technology. That sound good and I love it. Ok, maybe this ain't 100% goa trance, but it contains some elements from other genre which make it original ! Electrypnose - E7 I haven't listened to the whole new album from him but I've heard enough track to say that this is a great psytrance album from electrypnose. I even saw him live @timegate festival (Switzerland) the 01.01.2014. Talamasca - Psychedelic Trance Well, Im not very happy with this new album from talamasca but at least he give something news. This is definitly sounding like melodic psy-trance more than goa trance but some track like "day dreaming" are still more than ok. what's your opinion about this ?
  2. Hey guys, sorry for my inactivity, not much time lately. What about implementing a Shoutbox aera on this forum ? So people chat and quickly exchange some information. It could also help the forum being still activ. Greeting @ all
  3. Everybody in this forum probably like goa / psy trance. What about other genre that are more or less close to goa ? What about hardtek ? Drum n bass ? Dubstep ? Do you like it too ? Personnaly I love hardtek, hip hop / drum n bass and simple trance too.
  4. I don't know how to classify this kind of music but...It's awesome. It's like a mixe of drum n bass, hip hop and some electro / trance elements. The whole stuff is just crazy and I love it. Do you know some more song like those one ?
  5. Im writting a message in order to excuse me for my long period of inactivity - I had a lot of thing going on lastly. I couldn't find time to write new review but I hope I will
  6. Do you know psytrance & goa trance track with french samples ? It's just awesome when it happend. There's several songs from jaia who got french sample (Since he's french...) so I will only poste my favourite of them. Let's share Jaia - out of control : Perplex vs Intersys - Voyage (Feat Michelle Adamson) : Phobia - Culture Hall :
  7. That's a good idea indeed ! Things go fast on facebook, so it could help psynew get more known. As being a new reviewer I do all my possible in order to help psynew having a nice base of review. I think this is also something important ; when looking for an album on google, you sometime fall on psynew, on a thread about the review of the album you were looking for. That's a great thing in my opinion. In my opinion there should be website or magazine only dedicated to album's review.
  8. Hm I don't try to break a records when going to a festival. I dance and when Im too much tired I just take a break, and then I dance again when I feel better I start dancing again. For goa party it's different, since it's only 1 night party, I try to have the best time I can, so I try to dance as much as possible. At Timegate 360, I went to the party at about 21H00-21H30 (9 - 9.30 pm) and I leaved the party the next days at 14H00 (2 pm). So I've been dancing for 16 hour and 30 minutes...With some break of course ! And no hard drug used ! Only Water + cannabis + foods !
  9. I think it's a good thing that you stop using giff. Why ? In my opinion your review will have a more profesionnal look this way. It's not I don't like gif but there's too much of them in your review. And by the way, are you going to answer me on the thread of the review of the album "Music revolution" from Atma ? Good luck for the next, you did so many reviews, I which I will do a lot me too.
  10. Thank you for participating ! About your comment on the track : 24 : I don't find it cheesy at all, but that's my opinion. 44 : I was asking for similar track then this one xD ! Well to me it has something that IM doesn't have ; i means the egyptian or indian melody. 46 : Neelix and day din are both making progressive psytrance, in a very close way. So no surprise you confused the two artist
  11. I don't like it much. In this case it isn't the fact that it goes too fast, since BPM are quite low on this track for a dark psy trance, but it's background sound. It come and goes but nothing really get builded up in the back.
  12. No, Im not afraid of death. I don't believe in any religion and I do believe that after the death...there's simply nothing. Like when you feel asleep (but not when you dream). Do you guys remember of you sleeping ? Most of time no. I only remember when waking up. I think that it's the same for the death. Everything stop suddenly and it's all. Maybe I am wrong, we'll see it then
  13. The Lone Deranger is definitly a goa trance album. Full on ? I really don't see how you can think it may be full on, since full onweren't even born when this album was released ! By the way I forget to say that in my mind, the term "Psytrance" doesn't means "Psychedelic Trance". I know that at start it was used to, but now in my mind, "Psytrance" term moved to be a genre, and psychedelic trance is used in order to describe the whole psychedelic electronic music movment. I means this is my opinion of course.
  14. It's not that I dislike Dark psytrance. I like every genre of psychedelic music, except maybe suomi but it's a very specific genre. The problem is that I've some difficult in getting in the dark psytrance music. It go too fast and too strong for me to be able to correctly understand every element of the track. However it doesn't means I dislike Dark psytrance. It's just my least favourite subgenre of the psychedelic genre. I even went to party where only dark psy trance were playing. Some example of dark psy I like : Mergel.
  15. Ehh, reason of why I missed some of them are of course the time. When I started playing those game I wasn't even 9 year old. I was playing with my entire family back then. Now I don't really have enough time to give for videogame. Some multiplayer game on Fifa 2013 or new FPS game with friend, it's all. Well Angel of Darkness had also very nice soundtrack !
  16. @ all the people writing reviews for Psynews, here are some question, just in order to see how other people are doing. How are you doing your review ? Here some questions, would be cool if you could answer . 1) Are you directly starting to write in a new Topic (Or answering to a topic if it already does exist) or are you writing your review on a text editor before (By example with Microsoft office) ? 2) Do you directly write the review after listening to the album once or you rather listening to it several time before writing it ? 3) How are you picking up the release you're going to review ? Do you let the hazard goes ? Do you choose release that had an impact on you (It may be positiv or negativ impact) ? Do you try to focus on release from a certain label ? Do you try to review stuff that were recently released ? 4) Do you write some words about every track of the release or you rather having a block of text about the whole album / compilation ? 5) Do you give a rating with your review ? For me personnal case : 1) I am directly starting to write in the forum, however I take care of frequently saving the full text on a text editor 2) I rather having listened to the album a lot before reviewing it. I should know every track that stand on the release. 3) A bit of all what I mentionned in the question. I try to cover a lot of release, I don't specially aim for a label or a kind of genre. I try to review old and new release, even if I rather reviewing new release since it's less popular in some case. 4) At start I were writing words about every track. Now I still does this for compilation, however for the album I rather having a block of text about the whole thing. 5) Yes, except for my first one.
  17. Eh, I too still got the Tomb raider 2 disc game ! I've also still my PSone ! She's running fine. I think The last revelation IIRC had a lot of excellent music because most of them were related to Egypt. Tomb raider Legend had also very nice soundtrack, especially the one with the beautiful voice. However the fact that soundtrack is playing during the whole game instead of appareaing and disappearing like in the old one make it different. Before you may had some sound playing in back during the level, but there were only specific time when you could hear some special soundtrack. I've hear and seen about every tomb raider game, except the last one, released for next gen console. Have you give it a tryout ? What's your opinion then ? Im happy to see Im not the alone one loving the tomb raider saga .
  18. I don't know what this guy wanted to means, but I use very often the term of "Psy-trance". Some people use it to describe the complete psychedelic music genre, but it's not my case. To me there's 2 big different genre in the psychedelic music : The goa trance & the psy trance. Then there's some other genre but it's sub genre or variation. By example Nitzhonot & ambient are in my opinion more oriented goa trance then psy trance, but dark psytrance, full on and progressive are more oriented psy trance then goa trance. But of course nitzhonot and dark psy trance are some genre too. Hope I was clear enough
  19. Straterra is knownd to have a lot of side effect. I gave it a tryout...And if I remember I stoped after like 1 or 2 week. When I took it I feeled like my chest were constricted and it wasn't a litlte bit hurting, somehow like disturbing.
  20. Well until now all my Goa trance / psy trance CD that I bought are still perfectly working. Now for the burned CD (It's just I want to release my own compilation, with all the best track on 1 CD), I've to say that it happend a lot that the last track is having some problem. By example it's playing back, or it stop before the song end. Well I think it's important to say that in this case, it may be simply that burning step that didn't happend correctly. But now I could notice another fact : on a burned CD that worked 100% perfectly , one of the last track were playing back lastly. Very short and not much disturbing anyway, but as you asked if people noticed same things as you .
  21. Don't you think that some tomb raider game soundtrack's got some goa trance melody or sounds by moment somehow like goa trance ? I find it just fantastic, it's melody like I just love and as I love to hear in goa and psy trance. Here are some good example : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdu7hOrbnQQ http://youtu.be/svrAtAGw2Sk?t=1h34m9s Well I think it's simply because they use a lot of melody that goes well with the theme of the games, and since it's a lot about adventure (Tibet, Egypt, India) it has necessary some connections with the melodies used in goa trance.
  22. I use time in order to write a review and all what you're talking about is the f****** cover ? Just joking . Well yeah this is a nice cover, I could read in Trance2MoveU's review that it was made by Richpa. This guys is doing great job, I think the best cover from him were the one for "the call of goa" release.
  23. In my opinion easily one of the best Psy-trance artist (I say psy-trance, not goa trance). Well to make a short description, he's coming from roumania. He used to make some electro stuff and then he started making psy-trance release. He made 3 albums ; Beyond good and evil, the secret of meditation and last one Music revolution. He use to include a lot of melodies in his track. Best way to know him better is to listen to him. I can only suggest you to listen to "the secret of meditation" (the track and then the whole album, which is very good). Yeah, actualy most of his best track were released on his second album, "The secret of meditation". In his last album there's few nice track too. I still need to take a more serious hearing at his first album.
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