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  1. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2117506/Monument-troubled-past-Inside-crumbling-communist-HQ-Bulgaria-afford-maintain-demolish.html That!
  2. AS fas as I remenber Chris Organic used to sell mixtapes in Fleamarkets in London at the time. Dj Paul could be maybe Paul Taylor.. or Paul Oakenfold.. hehe I bought some tapes back then, but I believe one was mix by Mark Allen and the others were called GoaTrance 1, 2 etc.... Can´t check it now as they are quite far from where I´m sitting now. Good luck on your search!!
  3. Well, I guess you rode the manuals of your 4 instruments and found out that it won´t work in your case..... Get a new midi interface (or patchbay) anyway, is the best solution! Have fun with it!!
  4. Most synths without midi thru can pass midi data thru the midi output port. You can daisy chain them, using a different midi channel for each of those 4 instruments. But you will have timing problems because of the midi nature. To be on the safe side, I would get a midi interface with one input and output for each synth.
  5. Nop, this Ariel is not a friend of mines........
  6. It was a retoric question. I just find curious that each time this album came to conversation, you also come around to bash Ariel in a way I have not read from you about other albums..... Just curious.....
  7. Why so much hate?? It is just music..... I mean, each time you write about this album..... well..... it gets quite nasty. Personally, I quite like it. It is not "Radio" but is pretty good music. And I find the lyrics quite suitable for this time and age we live in.
  8. Full power, with Boris Blenn...... The acid Test!! That is an epic track!!
  9. http://youtu.be/wRkEX-PWC3U?t=4m20s you got me......
  10. http://youtu.be/_q5u5ABc_oM This!!
  11. I'm sorry to read that. I also wrote to him because of a couple of cds and I never got the price of them... Last message he wrote to me was on 14th july......
  12. Best time ever!! Listening to him playing that tune at Ozora!!! I had no album from him and that made me start buying his stuff till I found the tune.......
  13. Not only between instruments.... a little phrase or motiv can also be an entity in a tune. Sometimes is dificult to know if the character is a motiv that uses different tones and registers, or they are different instruments that speak the same sentence out.....
  14. I had also the chance to use one for a few hours in a friends place and I quite like it..... It is a cool kit of gear to start building your own modular......
  15. you would compare the sh-101 with the dark energy?? interesting... with the old or the new dark energy?
  16. I'd love to have a 909 and a 101...... also the 303 would be nice ..... very nice!!!!
  17. Well, comparing an analog sequencer with a DAW does't make much sense. How many analog sequencers needs someone to get to the sequencing power of a DAW, hundreds? The only hardware sequencers that come to mind are the MMT8, the Cirklon and the Elektron sequencers, and they all are digital, what means, they are a dedicated computer. Analog sequencers are used to produce melodic lines, riffs and rythms. To ensemble a tune it is more practical the used of a DAW, multitrack harddisk recorder or even tape. How could be Psytrance produced with only analog hardware sequencers?? 1 x 909 with it's own sequencer in song mode 2 x 303 with it's own sequencer in song mode 1 x 101 with it's own sequencer 1 x Juno 106 with the arppegiator on 1 x Doepfer analog sequencer triggering a sampler 24 or 32 mixer board + eventide multieffects + more multieffects + more multieffects All in sync and doing the mix on the fly to a Dat tape. Maybe with a couple of punch ins to fix some mixing errors.... Well.... to myself it doesn't make sense nowadays, I rather print the sequences and do the rest in Logic..........
  18. Well, if you count the sequencer on the 303 or x0xbox, on any drum machine like the 909 or the more modern machinedrum, or on many synths like the mopho or the roland sh-101, then I would say there are many people who use hardware sequencers. If you are only talking about dedicated sequencers like the doepfers....... well....., not so many.
  19. Wether, enviroment, culture, landscape...... Anything that can influence humans will get printed in the music. England is so psychedelic because of culture, SA is so wild because SA is a wild country. Germans are very techy and they already speak a very technical language, so is the music..... every country finds its own inspiration in diferent things.
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