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  1. These are 4 gems imo https://thebeatsbizarre.bandcamp.com/album/infernal-machines-moving-parts-e-p-2 https://pranasonics.bandcamp.com/album/a-substitute-for-love https://the-flying-mars.bandcamp.com/album/vibradimensional-experience-24bits https://greatowl.bandcamp.com/album/texiopaxoui
  2. The problem of web player stopping upon a click is easily circumvented by right-clicking and choosing "open in another tab/window"
  3. Though I love bandcamp, that doesn't mean it is perfect. - Search engine: many queries failed to retrieve existing artists/albums entries in bc; the same queries made via Google in bc were successful - Lack of "you may also like" feature, whereby similar products are retrieved and proposed (Amazon, itunes, etc. have that in place) - Poverty of social features; in practice, you can only see what others buy (or wish so) and their comments, if any; you can insert your own comment on what you buy, but you cannot comment on comments made by others - Feed functionality: some filtering functions would be appreciated, for instance show me only the albums that fans I follow bought AND having at least one comment - The list of "fans you may like to follow", which I suppose is the outcome of a purchase matching algorithm, stays often static Apart from the above, bc is fantastic.
  4. IMO so far this one is the best of 2016 in psydub/psychill and will likely stay so: https://youtu.be/woyuwr3bWqk
  5. Music that feeds and sustains my sense of wonder
  6. Good idea to have this list consolidated. I'll use it to dig into new releases. Thank u man
  7. I'm divided among Shpongle's DMT and Entheogenic's Pagan Dream Machine, but I would say the latter. I happened to listen to PDM in a momentarily deserted gothic abbey (of course, with earphones ) and it really was something I can't explain but totally hooked me.
  8. I read your initial post again and I have to reckon that it is not technically polarised, although it gives so much interesting technical information (you probably are a music professional). I'm sure you do appreciate music for what it gives you in terms of feelings and sensations like everybody does. Thanks again for the intelligent thread
  9. From what has been posted so far in this interesting thread I see two main approaches, one more technical and rational (e.g. by the thread creator), the other more emotional and aesthetic. That reminded me of the philosophical dilemma Robert Pirsing unfolded in his Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, using the notions of 'classical' and 'romantic': "A classical understanding sees the world primarily as underlying form itself. A romantic understanding sees it primarily in terms of immediate appearance. If you were to show an engine or a mechanical drawing or electronic schematic to a romantic it is unlikely he would see much of interest in it. It has no appeal because the reality he sees is its surface. Dull, complex lists of names, lines and numbers. Nothing interesting. But if you were to show the same blueprint or schematic or give the same description to a classical person he might look at it and then become fascinated by it because he sees that within the lines and shapes and symbols is a tremendous richness of underlying form". When it comes to choosing and appreciating music, I would say I'm 70% romantic and 30% classical. Basically I'm in search of a meaningful moment (thank you, Shulman) that gives me emotions but I also pay attention to some extent to sound quality and musicians mastery.
  10. I've just made a small donation for little Paige. I do hope and prey she recovers soon. @techsonomy:Thank you so much, I mean it
  11. Yes it is, they are from Sweden.BTW, I join the enthusiastic appreciation. Folktronica is a gem. Cheers
  12. It is a matter of subjective taste, it just doesn't haunt me like all Entheogenic's music does.
  13. https://entheogenic-usr.bandcamp.com/track/vervain If anything, the only track in Entheogenic's discography that makes me press "skip"
  14. I truly love Shpongle's ability to change and reinvent. I go even further saying that for me it is one major point for loving one artist. Also Entheogenic has been changing a lot over time, always producing great music, and that's amazing. While I reckon that AYS is and will ever be an insuperable milestone, I also love everything that came from Shpongle thereafter.The point is, genius moves, can't stay still. Cheers
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