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M.E.E.O. - Highlight Me Please (Demon Tea, 2008)


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M.E.E.O. - Highlight Me Please (Demon Tea Recordings, 2008)


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Cover: Front + Back


Label: Demon Tea Recordings

Catalog#: DMTCD16

Format: CD, Album

Released: January 2008

Distribution: Wirikuta

Artwork: Sara Forsberg, Mathias Eriksson

Mastereing: Hakan Kristofferson




1. 08:12 Grow To Become A Child (135 bpm)

2. 08:52 Loads Of Laughter (145 bpm)

3. 08:53 Ball Of Gum (140 bpm)

4. 08:47 Lowrider Mono To Phono (140 bpm)

5. 08:38 Dumble My Humble (138 bpm)

6. 08:30 Mandelbitter (143 bpm)

7. 07:33 Recorde De La Tisco (145 bpm)

8. 07:37 Not As Animal As An Animal (140 bpm)

9. 08:46 Everyone Is Looking




M.E.E.O.? Never heard this guy before and never would. Fortunately, artwork and the magical “Demon Tea” next to this release caught my attention, and after listening to the samples, which I seldom do these days, I decided to give it a try. M.E.E.O. stands for Mathias Eriksson Electronic Orchestra, after searching the web, it looks like he had never released anything before. Demon Tea’s latest album came out in 2007, it was a triple CD by Tea Chairs (Tim Thick), before that they looked dead for a few years (Benza, 2003), only their sub-labels, Killah Tea and SunDance, were releasing, but then again, after Talpa in 2004 and Nystagmus in 2005, some may also add Planum to the list, their releases were generic in my opinion. So what has Demon Tea baked for us this time?


Let me take you through the tracks... © DP


#1. Grow To Become A Child

We start off with a pretty slow tune. Bass+kick reminds something Simon Posford did about 10 years ago. Also if you look at everything else, seems like Mathias likes Hallucinogen and some other Simon’s project. I’m not saying he is copying, no. This track evolves slowly, he’s in no rush. A soft break in the first part and it starts all over again. Filtered female vocals are present, but they don’t cut your ears with the cheesiness, and a melody! Yepp – it’s a melodic album :) This melody is built on the vocals and is a continuation to them. I liked the start to this album, interesting how the story goes after this.


#2. Loads Of Laughter

Not only is this track 145bpm compared to 135 of the first track, that wasn’t any kind of an intro, it starts with banging beats after the first seconds. That’s probably the most annoying thing in this album. There are places this track could fit better. I like it smoooooth and accurate, this one just hits you out of balance. After a couple of minutes you forget you were hit off to the ground and start trying to follow the storyline. The track itself is intense and hard, it builds up right to the end with a major break. Kaboom! And there it goes. It feels like someone wants to tell you something very important and very fast with drops of spit almost falling out. It would fit someone sets, but it’s efficiency on this album in this position is in question.


#3. Ball Of Gum

Interesting, you can find this track under “Gumball 2000” name on his myspace. We start with a funky disco-vibe, normal 140, he’s in no hurry again. Distorted sounds in and out. I enjoyed this album because it’s totally unpredictable. You’re always like “What was that?” and “Where did it come from?” I’m not sure what are these sounds, but I get a certain association with crows, filtered this time. Disco feel turns melancholic in the middle and omg these crows are back again. And they are not alone this time – they brought an acid-line with them. It suit’s perfectly, right time, right moment. Thank you.


#4. Lowrider Mono To Phono

Every artist has special relationship with his track names, Mathias is no exception. He’s playing with them just like he’s like he’s playing with sounds and samples. You can get a slight idea of what going on just by looking at the track name. He always reaches the point when titles make no sense. Maybe they do and I don’t get it, but you have to agree there’s tons of releases where track name makes more sense than the music itself ;) This one is a piece of uplifting psytrance with a message from aliens @ 1:22. All in all – a pretty balanced melodic morning tune that blooms in the second part.


#5. Dumble My Humble

That’s probably not a good thing to say again and it won’t give more credit to Mathias, but I get the feeling of God’s presence. Yes, I’m talking about Simon Posford. I have to say I’m always sarcastic about all this “Simon the God”. Looks like psychedelic trance hit the point where its damn hard to sound original and unique, lack of ideas (in general) maybe. On the other hand, who wouldn’t want to hear that his work reminds Hallucinogen? And I’m talking about his latest tracks, of course. Humble Dumbled. It changes sound and direction with every break, a lovely diverse tune. You should hear it!


#6. Mandelbitter

MEEO absorbed and chewed lots of music – many influences in his work. Demon Tea wouldn’t release generic psytrance, considering their discography, right? They are Australian, so aussie craziness guaranteed. You can hear, as I said, something Twisted here and there, Mathias is Swedish, so he’s got Finnish friends for sure – souminess is also present. The melody reminds me of Aavepyora or James Reipas, Finnish flavor anyway :)


#7. Recorde De La Tisco

Broken beats lead us to 4/4, this is fast, flat and I like. You even start knocking your head in way you do to dancefloor-oriented psytrance. Well, maybe you didn’t, but I just did that :) There’s a break and it goes a bit more colorful from there. Then it turns a bit boring, frankly speaking, but a break saves it again. He always puts the desert in the end. You knock your head and all of a sudden elfs, trolls or whatever with colorful clothes, glow-sticks and music instruments pop up and you’re in the centre of a festival. Surprise-surprise! I would have thought it’s my birthday, is it was summer ;)


#8. Not As Animal As An Animal

This is the perfect continuation to the previous track, it’s got the same mood, only calmer. Just like you woke up after you birthday party. I’d love to hear this that day, so if you know me and you’ll get invited –put MEEO in the cd player and press “8”. And don’t forget about the desert. Acid for desert by chef Mathias. Lovely.


#9. Everyone Is Looking

We finish up with a downtempo tune. Hard to describe, but imagine Outolintu was his younger and much crazier brother. Not that twisted, but chilling. It brings you exactly to where you started when you pressed “Play”.


Bottom line:

Style-wise it’s difficult to put it under any category and for sure it doesn’t suit today’s prog/fullon/dark concept. It’s just different. M.E.E.O. is the project to watch for all psytrance lovers out there, personally I will and I’m happy to have discovered this album so early, though it's not the best thing Sweden gave us after vikings, but it's definitely worth a listen to everyone trapped in the psytrance stream. This is the kind of music that keeps me listening to psytrance and reminds me what it’s all about.


Favourites: 3, 4, 5!, 7, 8, 9


Related links:

Demon Tea Recordings: http://www.demontea.com/

M.E.E.O.: http://www.meeo.se/, http://www.myspace.com/electronicorchestra

Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/release/1214021



PsyShop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/dem/dem1cd016.html

SaikoSounds: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display...ase.asp?id=7017

Juno: http://www.juno.co.uk/ppps/products/296649-01.htm

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Very nice surprise for me here, it's a nice release we can hear there, with some strongly good tune, good first impression, on track 3, 5, 6.


I will give another try to it :) ...





Second note : this release is a wonderfull mature work on psychedelick sound and arrangment, a very personnal style mixing nice emotion without being a really morning music, and a very professional touch in using rythms and texture. Don't know if it can rules on a dancefloor, but it's a liss for the mind. Great Work.

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I don't know if it's well known, but Matt also has a chillout project with Andreas Lingbrand, mixing number of interesting influences under the name Yggdrasil. Most of what is on their myspace page does not do justice to the music they make. Really quality stuff all the way. I'm not sure if there are future plans to release something, but I hope so, cause the music deserves to be out there.


Interestingly enough, i did an interview with these two characters a year ago now, probably, which never saw the light of day, and i'm going on memory here, but i recall Matt mentioning he was a huge Posford fan. So that might explain a thing or two. Anyway, for the record I have not heard this, but I hope to soon, when i have something this entry will be edited with valid content :)

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It was years ago i heard a psytrancealbum which actually are psychedelic, and don´t have the annoying fullonbassline...

M.e.e.o is different, fresh and filled with weird suprises! I don´t know which direction the tracks are going to, and I love that!

The album grows for every listening!

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Judging from what I've heard, this may very well be the closest anyone has come to creating a Hallucinogen(ish) sound without actually being Simon Posford. But still with quite enough of a unique flavor to not feel like a ripoff or copycat!


Very nicely done, Mathias!



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Although some tracks sound a bit more like a Hallucinogen rip-off, this is definitely an unique album and true psychedelic.

I wouldn't call it a masterpiece since many tracks could done a lot better IMO, but overall it has a great style.

Favourite track is Mandelbitter. There's something special in this track, a perfect morning feeling.

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hello everyone, 1st post. I've PURCHASED a few cd's because of recommendations here.


I really like this album. Especially Mandelbitter, which sounds to me like a track Orbital would do if they were still around and made psytrance.

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Dumble My Humble is fantastic and growed on me :)

Loads of laughter & ball of gum are spectacular as well. Its grown on me completely and now i can easily say its one of the best that 2008 will have to offer. :)
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This is the most "psychedelic" album after last hallucinogen :)

True masterpiece. Incredible album.

I will say it again. MEEO new Hallucinogen ? :D


Whoa... those are huge words mate. I just wonder why this album hasn't been reviewed since July, 08. :unsure: I came across it for the first time while searching for another album in the 2008 section today. Samples sound pretty cool, unique, psychedelic. Loads Of Laughter sounds so repetitive though. Nonetheless I may put this on my wish list. Tracks 5 and 6 grabbed my attention. It seems like this artist is really trying to do something new in the field. He appears to have a lot of potential to produce an amazing album (an album with more more dynamic and infectious songs his this style). I'll post a review when and/or if I get the album.





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This is great shit. I finally got it. Based on the praise I tried the samples once or twice before but it just didn't hit me. But I've been listening to a crap-ton of fullon lately (trying to decide what's worth buying) and maybe that's why my ears were so ready for something different.


This is psychedelic music, and it's trance music. But it doesn't sound like "psytrance." It sounds like something completely sui generis. It's got hints of progressive, and even some hints of electro (which I usually detest) but mostly it just sounds like it fell to earth in a meteor or something. There's really nothing else quite like it.


The one thing I don't see at all is the Posford connection. This doesn't sound anything like Hallucinogen, or Shpongle, or any other SP project. I worship Simon (not ashamed to admit it) so I'd probably be glad if this sounded even remotely like his stuff, but it doesn't at all.


Anyway, straight onto my buy list it goes and I'm really glad I decided to give it a third or fourth listen.

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This is a killarh........... album dint expected it to b soooooo goood i am a big fan of melodies but dis albumb gave a perfect mixture of psychedelic and

melodious side of trance, love........... it truly awsum recommended to every psy fan . Probably the best album of "08" in psytrance


Rating 4.5\5 :wub:

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Pawelek you asshole, you kept me from listening to this album, by saying it's like hallucinogen? I can't stand hallucinogen, but i absoluty love this album!! Going straight into my top 5 2008 albums... Just need some time to figure out wich spot :) Great album! This is real psytrance at it's best

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