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  1. I dont like this album at all. The only 2 good tracks are remix of "as a child..." and bonus track which reminds of the genius Downhill project. To be honest i wasnt dissapointed with this release. I was expecting this kind of stuff. It's 10% trance and 90% techno. Not realy my cup of tea.
  2. http://www.sendspace.pl/file/b4e49MJ1/ In the tracklist fatali, dj sangeet, xerox/illumination, protoculture, altom, alternative control and more... Enjoy the music
  3. Try: Vibrasphere - Autumn Lights
  4. I dont like new Chi-AD tracks, either those from new album either those from 2006 EP. Imo it has not much to do with dave's old style. I would say its not even anymore goatrance but melodic uplifting trance.
  5. Why all of you give mostly goatrance titles with melodies ? There are thousand of recently released fullon tracks with as good melodies as goatrance had in middle 90's Some examples Cosmic Tone - Ye Boy (starting from 6:21 / end around 8th minute) Sine Die - Life Hack (2:35 - 3:02 / this melody is again in the 2nd part of the track) Tikal - Meditation (8:10 - 9:00) Digicult - Cosmic Company (4:59 - until the ned of track) Rumble Pack - Distorted Mind (5:55 - 6:47) Mad Maxx - Boogie Woogie (5:30 - 6:40) Prosper - Thinking About You (4:45 - 6:05) There are so many to list Fullon can be so beautiful with inteligent and catchy melodies.
  6. It's unbelivable nobody mentioned yet Saafi Brothers - Mystic Cigarettes It's definately the best psyambient album for me. Ive got added that im not a fan of this style. I prefer way more "ibiza lounge" style than psymabient
  7. pawelek

    RA - 9th

    Maybe i have just too high expectations, dont you think ? But whats wrong about it ? After so many years, after golden goa "era" modenr goatrance should sound at leats as good as in the old days. In my opinion it sounds worser. I wont go into details. It's just my feeling old albums had a soul, most of the new stuff doesnt. Why i think so ? I dont know, just like that Accept and try understand that:) Cheers. Ok...i have some though, a little bit offtopic, sorry for this. How many classics like mahadeva, lsd, goaway etc. we have these days ? Lets say newschool goa is produced since 2004/2005. It's already 3-4 years, and i cant say in this period of time we had any track that will remain as a classic. WHY ?? I have some favourite, which wont be a classic but its definitely the best goa track in the new era. Shakta - Ten Times Around Sun Seb is a KING! He managed to put an oldschool feeling into new track. This is amazing.
  8. pawelek

    RA - 9th

    Checked the album already 4th time today. Its a good album comparing to other modern newchool goa trance albums released last years. But its nothing special. What i means is its very high quality production, but it doesnt have a soul. I hope you know what i mean. Its empty goatrance without any emotion. Melodies are in every track the same. They are just there just like that. Few tracks sounds like old Ra and that a plus for the artist he managed to keep old style. And a minus is the feeling of fluffyness. Thats too much for me. Reasuming, in few months i will probably not remember this album was released. Sad... 6/10
  9. Without a second of doubts im answering Faithles - God is a DJ (Astral Projection Rmx)
  10. Totaly agreed. In my taste this is the worsest juno reactor album ever. I even liked more so old transmission.
  11. Yes i listened it, and i dont like it at all
  12. Plenty of plenty release which i like in fullon. I will just lis a few, most recent ones Space Buddha - No Shields VA - Eruption Mad Max - Afterworld Phanattic - Outsider U-Recken - Deeper Into Man This is a good year for psytrance. So far i collected as many releases as never before (after 2000yer) Good for dark, fullon and progressive. Goa strikes back more and more often, and even almost forgotten tech-trance too Sorry for a little offtop.
  13. This is the most "psychedelic" album after last hallucinogen True masterpiece. Incredible album. I will say it again. MEEO new Hallucinogen ? 10/10
  14. Prety nice album, nothing special though. Last track is an outstanding tune. Rest songs are sweet and easily forgetable tracks...
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