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  1. Bump-bump! I'm looking for something funky around 130bpm from last 2-3 years, anything new except the latest The Riddler and Loopus in Fabula? PS Oh, and Kino Oko too
  2. ukraine rocks ;)

  3. I think producing music for wider audience (music that they can get into) is a bigger challenge. Also, if you're producing (and listening to) psytrance, you're stuck in a box: - purists don't let you make a step left or right - variation between artists is so tiny - psytrance isn't house or techno, psy only takes from these two, and they evolve much quickly than psy, besides they are genuine, "psy-house" is secondary... and I enjoy house with vocals (not euro vocal house). The same with other psy sub-genres. Basically goa was the only genuine psychedelic electronic music, everything else was already there - you only add some special synths over it and there you've got psy-something. With all of this you can only get bored with psytrance, being a producer or listener. UPD: A part from that, we all probably started as teenagers... and people tend to grow up, tastes change too.
  4. Concerning mastering, I think it was meant to sound that way and it still sounds a bit more laid back than Filteria. I like what I hear, it's crisp, sharp and clear. Frankly speaking, this is the first release to challenge Suntrip in 6 years. Still, I like few tracks here, but seems like it's going in the right direction.
  5. Looks like a good one, looking forward to hear it.
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