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  1. This is my second favorite release of the year, after Shpongle. It's just so trippy and creative. Love the use of samples throughout (Beach Boys FTW), just like on his previous release. You can tell there's a real musical intelligence at work here, as well as a highly playful spirit. A big, big cut above typical "dark" trance. It's sold out currently on saikosounds and psyshop but you can order it directly from Avatar Records.
  2. No change in my opinion. Still like it a lot, still don't get the Hallucinogen comparisons at all.
  3. I can't find the files on the Kino Oko site. I guess they've been moved since Alphabetically Divided Highway was released? Anyone know whence I can download them? Or care to share them on TPB? Thanks!
  4. Like this one a lot though it took a number of listens to crack the code. It's genuinely and deeply psychedelic which more and more is all I look for regardless of (sub)genre. Rewards repeated and careful listening. BTW if you like this, I recommend Enichkin - A Particle of Infinity.
  5. That's very similar to how I've organized my collection. However, I view it as a tree. I assign a release to the most specific category that's appropriate. If there's no appropriate category it winds up in the root category which is psytrance. Some examples: Astral Projection - Dancing Galaxy : Psytrance - Goa Furious - Uncanny Beats : Psytrance - Dark Voice Of Cod - We Are Free : Psytrance - Fullon Digicult - Out Of This World : Psytrance - Fullon - Morning (only very fluffy stuff gets categorized this specifically) M.E.E.O. - Highlight Me Please : Psytrance Shpongle - Are You Shpongled : Chill - Psy (note that I split "psy dub" out and group it with chill) This approach is far from perfect but it does support easy "hooking" of the tracks you want into smart playlists in iTunes, which is really what I'm after. I'd prefer to use tagging rather than categories but iTunes doesn't support that. There are a number of releases - especially from the 98-01 period - which are sort of goa-flavored but not really goa. Most of those wind up in my "psytrance" bucket but it would be better to be able to tag them with both "goa" and "psytrance." If I were setting up a website I'd go with tags instead of categories.
  6. Uh, yeah. This is some seriously sick $4*t here. Uncanny Beats may be a landmark of sorts but Supremacy is utterly mind-boggling in its own right. I'm not generally a fan of "dark" but I know brilliant music when I hear it. The level of sophistication in the manipulation of all the sonic layers is hard to fathom. It's kind of frightening actually. Furious is in a class of his own.
  7. These guys are geniuses. I can't believe I thought until recently this style of psy was just noise. Aside from *The Simon* (Posford) Tim Thick is easily the most innovative artist in psytrance. This stuff is unreal. I'm just completely, utterly floored but how brilliant this is. "Can you hear the funny sound? Can you hear the funny sound? It's my hooves!" [edited later to remove gratuitous profanity]
  8. Revisionist history time: this is a good release. With the exception of the obligatory chill/dub track at the end (The Island) this was aimed directly at the dancefloor circa 1998, and I'll bet it killed. With all the suntrippy goa-nostalgia swirling around psynews I can't believe this doesn't get a little more love. Electric Universe never broke any ground that I'm aware of but all the early albums are so well executed it's forgivable. It's just straight-up goa energy injected directly into your brainstem.
  9. If I were going to buy a fourth it would be Ephedrix - Far Away. HTH.
  10. Abasio, thanks to you I have discovered another psydub act that I like. I'll be ordering this as well as the earlier releases if I can find them. Psydub can turn into a cliche-fest but this is very original and fresh-sounding, and highly musical. Great stuff.
  11. I don't like this at all. I find it very dull. I'm clearly in the minority, at least of people who feel strongly enough to post, and that's fine. Musical appreciation is totally subjective and I think it's great that you all are getting off so mightily to this release. But it does nothing whatsoever for me and I guess I just wanted to throw that out there since all the reviews so far have been overwhelmingly favorable.
  12. It's OK but it doesn't blow my mind the way Uncanny Beats did. And I'm pretty sure you're wrong about all the BPMs being over 160. Uncanny Beats is exactly that...UNCANNY. As in you can't comprehend what the hell is happening to you. Listening to it is like stepping into an elevator which promptly starts plummeting into a black hole and then the Devil takes over control of the Muzak. This is a cool release but it's just not on that level.
  13. Coming way late to this party...and not staying very long. There's some good energy here in a few of these tracks but they are marred by very cheesy (to my ears) and repetitive melodic figures. And the tracks don't really develop. They hit a plateau and then park there for several minutes. Predictable breakdowns and lackluster samples don't do much to improve the view. When I close my eyes and listen to fullon I want to picture Gods...crashing into Stars...and Fucking them! But when I close my eyes and listen to this I just picture a guy hunched over a synth twisting some knobs.
  14. 2008 was a great year for morning style fullon. I evaluated a crap-ton in this subgenre and bought three: Headroom - Artelligent U-Recken - Deeper Into Man Digicult - Out of This World I'm very happy with all three purchases and still have all three in rotation. Can't go wrong with any of them.
  15. I'm just testing the waters on this one. Sounds good but I'm not sure yet if it will cross over my "buy" threshold. BUT...I had to comment on this: "This is a descent into darkness with ominous melodies to guide you like a flaming handrail." Awesome image dude. Really vivid. Love it.
  16. Big +1. This was released just before I placed my order for 2007's Transformation Of Reality, so I bought it too. Glad I did. BTW Ralph Knobloch, the artist behind the project, is 1/2 of Rastaliens. See Discogs
  17. This is great shit. I finally got it. Based on the praise I tried the samples once or twice before but it just didn't hit me. But I've been listening to a crap-ton of fullon lately (trying to decide what's worth buying) and maybe that's why my ears were so ready for something different. This is psychedelic music, and it's trance music. But it doesn't sound like "psytrance." It sounds like something completely sui generis. It's got hints of progressive, and even some hints of electro (which I usually detest) but mostly it just sounds like it fell to earth in a meteor or something. There's really nothing else quite like it. The one thing I don't see at all is the Posford connection. This doesn't sound anything like Hallucinogen, or Shpongle, or any other SP project. I worship Simon (not ashamed to admit it) so I'd probably be glad if this sounded even remotely like his stuff, but it doesn't at all. Anyway, straight onto my buy list it goes and I'm really glad I decided to give it a third or fourth listen.
  18. Very amusing. There's something missing from this story though. How does a guy who unapologetically rips Death Farts in an enclosed car keep a girlfriend around? Trust fund? Ninja sex skills? Got to be something.... Sorry, breaking the rules here cuz I have not heard this release. Just contributing to the noise...
  19. I'm surprised this one isn't getting more love. 2008 has been a banner year for the morning fullon style. While I prefer Artelligent, Deeper Into Man and Out Of This World to Far Away, it's still very impressive for a debut! If you like the style, def. give this a try.
  20. +1 for this one. I discovered Quadra on the otherwise-forgettable Delicious compilation. Mostly it's ho-hum stuff but then I noticed that all the tracks I liked were either by Quadra or remixed by him. So I took a chance on this disk and it's more of the same: energetic full-on with good sounds, tight production and minimal cheese. Recommended for full-on lovers.
  21. I solemnly promise to buy the CD. And dance to it like a grinning idiot. :posford: And since we're in a wishful, hopeful spirit here I'd also like a follow-up release! And a pony! A magical unicorn pony made of candy.
  22. Now I'm totally confused. If you have the original tracks and can release a version of Inner Cyclone with better sound quality that would be awesome. I'm not the only one who would be very psyched and I'm sure I'm also not the only one who would happily pay to have that on CD. But if you don't want to for whatever reason that's totally fine too. I just hope you continue to produce music because you're very, very talented. Positive vibes to you from the USA!
  23. Little did I suspect that my remark would trigger the full explanation of why the sound quality is "less than wonderfully perfect" (how's that? ) I'm grateful for the explanation and I'm sure others are too. It's a tragedy that Mindsphere lost the FL tracks. And seriously, I apologize if you took offense at my characterization of the sound as sucky. Maybe it's a cultural thing but here in the NW USA "sucky" is no more pointed a characterization than "very bad;" they're synonyms. At least, I think so. The music anyway is fantastic and I hope Mindsphere will produce more (and back up his HD!)
  24. I try and try to like this one but I can never get myself to click Buy. It has some great tracks but stylistically it's all over the map, and not in a good way like Spectrogram or Earthshine. It just feels like a Bag o' Tracks to me. 2006 was a disappointing year for me. I own fewer 06 releases than any other year in this millenium. That fact alone keeps bringing me back to the samples of Fairytale but...meh. Not my cup of electric tea.
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