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  1. Man, just re-read this review. It makes me happy when I'm down. This really sums it up as to what we wanted to achieve: " It's not psytrance or progressive trance, or trance...but all three."
  2. Uploaded a better mastered version of the album and updated the download options.
  3. Uploaded a better mastered version of the album now. Might want to grab it! Torrent And direct download
  4. Thanks for your support, Airbender!
  5. Great review published by Trance2MoveU here: http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?/topic/60971-moai-full-moon-promo-album/ Thanks a bunch!
  6. Hope you like it! Here is a direct download link if more people want to listen: http://bit.ly/hjwCLA -- Actually the download was released 2011. Can a mod move this topic to 2011?
  7. What a great detailed review. Im honored. ;-) Thank you alot for the feedback. Im glad you liked the journey! Btw I love blue planet corp!
  8. I could send the wavs in -6db without FX to someone for mastering and call it "proper" but I don't have access to a good studio for the longest time so I can't verify the mixing at this moment. I don't want to master without a proper mixing.. That's why I settled for an unmastered promo at this time.
  9. By me. no its unmastered. That's why I put it out for creative commons.
  10. We just released a promo of the album for download (creative commons) at our website. http://www.moai.se
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