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  1. Thanks! I have got superbly good reviews so far, I'm really happy that the hundreds of hours of work seemed to have paid off in the end and the whole story works out something like I intended. It is always a bit exciting to start out a new project from scratch, especially since according to FB Audience insights there is very little crossover in my existing FB fanbase at least into the kind of soft melodic techno this is proably most closely related like Four Tet, Jon Hopkins, etc. So leveraging that crowd is not an automatic success either. I have to care about such things, because these days things tend to get forgotten in ten days, which would be a shame after almost four years of work
  2. This can be removed if it's too far from the forum focus, but I thought some people might be interested since I know there's many fans on this forum. Bandcamp album page. After three and half years, it is finally done! My new album under a completely new project name, Kadonneet maat (Lost Lands). The style is some kind of atmospheric techno with some trance influences I guess, which I can't completely escape. It is absolutely the most detailed and carefully built album I have ever made, the amount of work I put into the details and polishing was almost daunting. There's more about the process on my website (aavepyora.com). I am really happy with the result, every track is a mini-universe of sound where you can lose yourself, like one kind soul described it to me :)
  3. I have not listened to a lot of trance in the last 10 years or so, since new stuff that I like is hard to come by, and the old stuff I listened so much in the past, that I know it from memory anyway Today when putting the baby to sleep (he falls asleep the best when I have him in a pouch on my chest, and I'm dancing to music) I listened to the first five or so tracks from this. I really loved it all, altough the trancey detuned saw riff in the first track was on the limits of my taste. (I just have a personal problem with them, just a taste issue). I like the arrangement (that is almost non-existent) in the music. It does not grab too much attention or break the flow. An opposite example is modern EDM and bass music, where the micro - arrangement and constant tricks are over the top, and modern psytrance suffers from this too. And considering mastering, sound, etc: I don't have a sub and I was not listening too loud, but I like the sound of this older music. I have a very wide musical taste, and I don't like value judgements about one type of sound over the other. But for certain the way how all psytrance sounds the same, and is too polished and energy-maximised, is one of the reasons I don't listen to it anymore. Also analog synths, hissy and subtly distorting tape, the lack of digital mastering tools etc left the music with an immediate and raw (meaning unpolished, not heavy or grinding) edge. To me that sounds really fresh, even without any nostalgic value, since I didn't really listen to BPC back in the days except for a few random tracks on compilations (this was before the Internet, renember: you had what you found in the shops and had money that buy). If people have ideas about modern artists that use this kind of dreamy pads and simple arrangements, and who do not over-master their music, I'm open for ideas! Modern neo-goa or whatever uses often too sharp, saturated and bloated sounds, I think here is a lot to learn for musicians about the meaning of empty space, shadow and restraint. Also this makes me want to make at least an EP inspired by these sounds Let's see...
  4. They are also booking artists of all kind now (also acoustic etc, always a great part of their festivals has been also folk music, etc), on the Russian version you can leave your info, not sure what is their budget for foreign artists, in the last years it's been a problem as I understand for Russian underground organisers because of the sanctions and the subsequently bad exchange rate of ruble :/
  5. I was there in the last 2008 installment, and it was one of the best adventures I had! The nature is something special to experience. Space of Joy festivals always have a very friendly underground vibe, very much recommended! http://khanaltay.ru/index-en.html The location:
  6. Thanks Btw the bassline melody and rhtyhm on that one is snatched from Pink Floyd, played at 200% speed... I think it was the opening from A Saucerful of Secrets. I might make a new album one day, just now been terribly busy with our baby and other stuff, and the music I've been making has been a bit different (I've had a new ambient/techno album ready for a while but can't pay for the cover art currently so it's on hiatus...). Actually I have also some new(ish) unreleased Summamutikka tracks that were private commissions, but I don't think these will be released, I play them in my live sets though, so catch one in the rare case I play under Summamutikka name somewhere
  7. Oh, crap, I don't follow what's released anymore, but stumbled upon this on Bandcamp when I was checking what's been tagged goa lately. Damn good stuff, I'd say the most fun and original trance album I've heard in years and years. Kind of Australian/ Finnish vibe. Very ecletic. Good sounds too, finely crafted details abound.
  8. Thanks This was for me an "inspired by" release where I took a lot of influences from elsewhere, the cover was inspired in some way by some gorgeous painted and silk screened album covers from the 70s, I tried to achieve an organic look. The typography could be more polished, but been reeeeallly busy with the family lately. Shiit, you're right, the part had moved by a 64th note too early at some point, and double that at a later point, I corrected it, I hope the corrected versions are online soon, Bandcamp probably very soon, the rest of the internet I'm not sure how it works for updates for shops. Embarassing that that slipped through, even though I double checked everything. My ears must just have grown to that mistake and my focus just shot past it
  9. So I decided to revive the Summamutikka project after almost 20 years break. Let's see how this is received, maybe I'll get inspired to write a full album Altough lately been working with much more low-tempo music. 100% of the profits go to benefit Survival International and their work towards indigenous communities around the world. These songs are a tribute to the oldschool goa spirit, especially the more organic and soft sounds of mid-90s. Two of the tracks are what I call "re-mutations" of well-known goa tracks, where I took the general atmosphere and even carefully borrowed a few structural bits to come up with something new and hopefully fresh. I'll be interested to hear if somebody can spot which two tracks were the inspiration! Originally I started the Summamutikka project in the year 2000 with a friend because we both felt that the old goa sound was dying, and we wanted to keep the flame burning. Now melodic psychedelic trance is doing well globally, but there's still styles of old goa that are not getting that much love in the revival movement. So this is my small contribution, I hope you enjoy it, and make the purchase to give your support to Survival International and their work towards disadvantaged indigenous communities all over the world! Bandcamp page
  10. Wow, I suggest immediate action by the ripped artists towards Beatport.
  11. Still waiting for new goa to open up a little, maybe forget that "goa" dogma and stretch towards some new horizons... I found revivalist movements in any art to be somehow problematic often. I've lately heard the freshest ideas in the more downtempo and broken beats territory, I'm still kind of puzzled where is the music that takes the Merkaba etc sound and gives it a bit more energy, I'm sure it would be really well-received.
  12. Short answer without having time to read the whole discussion: There was more variety and original ideas in music before 1998 or so. Also production was very different, so the music has a fresh sound, that's just growing more, the further away we go from time (like 60s/70s rock/prog music, it just has a sound that is very hard to replicate production wise since that same equipment and multi-million dollar analog studios are replaced by other things). And respect is different from worship. There's also a lot of old music that does not really work anymore.
  13. I'd suggest any 2 oscillator (or more) synth that has all of these: FM or oscillator crossmod, filter FM, ring modulator, oscillator sync. All these are invaluable in making interesting leads and other sounds. I used a Studio Electronics Boomstar 4075 a lot fot some years and absolutely loved it, but recently sold it to finance some travelling. MFB Dominion desktop seems incredible value for money, and IIRC it has a patch memory! Modular stuff is great of course, but time consuming and incredibly expensive. I find I use my modular less than I would like, simply because it takes so much time to make sounds... Mainly I do this when I'm making final versions of tracks, for songwriting the process is too slow and I get lost in just playing with the thing and not getting things done... But pre-packed things could be good value for money, like for example a Moog Mother 32 combined with some other sub-600$ desktop synth with patch points. But building from individual modules I would actually not recommend to anybody unless you absolutely know what you want. The new Studio Electronics/Roland collaboration things seems excellent, I'm very interested in that one. If you have lots of money, the new Arturia Matrixbrute seems like a dream machine, I'm dreaming of owning one. But it's a major investment... I think it's really good to have at least one good external synth which has a physical control for every parameter. I often first write the songs with VST sounds, and then recreate the sounds with external gear, this way even a few synths go far. Software-wise, if you have a bit of time and a very fast computer, Reaktor is absolutely bollocks. It sounds better than most things I've heard, and there's so much prebuilt stuff that you don't need to touch the builder part at all if all you want is good sounds. Too bad the preset system is a bit cumbersome, because the projects need to have the sound making Reaktor modules available (they are not saved with the song), which can get lost between updates and computers,
  14. About history of goa trance in Finland, very good free-to-download thesis with lots of detailed information: https://helda.helsinki.fi/handle/10138/34536
  15. Oh, wow, thanks ! It always makes me a bit warm inside to realize that people actually listen to and like my music. ... But. Miminalist? Oh, god, what is maximalist music then, I tend to run out of frequency range to fit more elements in my songs ? If you want to know whas has been my inspiration for years, check out my folk selections: https://www.mixcloud.com/Taikakim/ It might not be evident what the connection to my music is, but I just love the spirit of the music of those times, especially the ultra fragile folk songs. Oh, and stuff like this: https://youtu.be/DaPAqPFX9Tk That I was listening to in my childhood... And old Amiga/PC tracker music some years later was a big influence on me: https://youtu.be/thnXzUFJnfQ It's really an interesting "genre", since it's got bits of italo and 90s dance, but still the music often sounds like nothing that came before and after. Then if you add some Tangerine Dream, you pretty much have the recipe for my musical stew And of course old goa & progressive trance, 80s synthpop... I think closest to my music from old Finnish trance are Huopatossu Mononen, OOK and Speedhawk vs Riktronik... Maybe Luomuhappo too, but that was mentioned already.
  16. Since over the years the most requested thing has been a better sounding version of these albums, I finally decided to remaster the whole album: The original Finnish forest goa & hardcore acid album from the year 2000, at a time when goa trance was having it's all-time low. I'm doing Umpimähkä when I have time, so it's coming too. https://aavepyora.bandcamp.com/album/summamutikka-taii-kayka-new-taste-with-40-more-fat
  17. Well, this is not goa trance in the strict sense, but I believe it has the original fun vibe from times before genre boundaries became set in stone More classical style, like what I was doing over 15 years ago... I did recently some more modern psytrance-ish tracks and grew quickly tired of that, so this was a fun project to do. Two new tracks (well to owners of Complete Works USB, two refined mixes of preliminary versions on that) + a bunch of remixes. https://aavepyora.bandcamp.com/album/a-home-in-the-stars-ep
  18. Oh, so good, I wonder why nobody does music like this anymore? It's like people are blinded by the opporturnities, and just put too much of everything in their music.
  19. Wizard is one of my favourite trance tracks! Nice slower smooth style, not many people did that back then, and few do now. It's a different vibe from the dubby or glitchy chillout stuff that people gravitate towards when they want to do something slower. Lunar Juice also: great! One of the first goa tracks I heard, and still a favourite. Great acid sounds on that one.
  20. Oh, Mindex, I'm listening to his recent albums now, really have to appreciate his skills!
  21. The main difference between the Q701 and K701 is the redesigned padding and vents in the cups, creating a stronger bass response. But they use the same drivers and other parts. The Adams are great, but I have the A5X model, they cut the bass somewhere below 75hz so I'm having much less bass than you will get with the 8s. But mainly I'm thinking about very slight EQ changes etc, I notice I can hear smaller adjustments accurately with the phones than with the monitors. Mainly actually I find I tend to mix the leads a bit too quiet with the phones, the bass is pretty good straight out from them. Of course I check everything with the monitors, but also I'm living in a community with other people and even though the sound insulation is pretty good here, I feel more comfortable working on phones so nobody even by accident does not have to listen to me adjusting some piece of melody for two hours, or whatever
  22. I'm trying to keep things compact. Acoustic trearment under way, I bought Finnish acoustic paneling made from 100% peat, I should hang them any day now, and then rig up some kind of DIY bass traps... OTOH I work almost entirely on cans these days, here I was temporarily confined to the Shures, horrible horrible sound. Now I use AKG Q701 phones, better than either my previous Sennheiser HD650 or Beyerdynamic DT990 Pros, I really like the sound and they are dirt cheap. I'm not a gear fetisist really, but I've bought some fun things that I feel give me things I can't get from the computer. I had to recently sell my 501 Space Echo when I needed money, that hurt a bit, it had more character than anything digital I've ever heard... My favourite synth can't be seen here, the SammichSID, uses the sound chips from a Commodore 64. Fabulous sound, still didn't use it on so many tracks really, the editing is a pain in the ass and takes some setting up. Now I replaced the PCR with a Roland D50 from the 80s, it's got a great feeling on the keys, and actually the preset factory sounds are pretty great for cheesy 80s stuff But it's built really well, it feels quite substantial, and I got it for free, so it can do for now. At some point I might get the full size Arturia Keylab though. The kantele, along with a load of other instrumets I made myself. Oh, and the hand forged lamp I should do more lighting fixtures as soon as I have some time on my hands, everything that is on sale looks like crap. Yes I'm pretty anal about aesthetics Next I want something like plant parts that I can hang on the walls... Hmm and actually now the studio has also a lot of plants, the pic is from last summer. I think it's good to be surrounded by living things when I work. And I consider the national park I live next to a part of my studio, since any time I get stuck a small walk will sort that out! picture upload
  23. Also Krumelur: ""Bitwig Studio is a fantastic tool, I'm totally hooked and couldn't live without it! No other software tickles my creative nerve like Bitwig Studio does, and I find myself coming up with things and crazy patches inconcievable in other DAWs."" Well, I certainly don't want to start a pointless DAW or any other war. I'm just trying to create awareness, that already in version 2 we're seeing the beginning of something new here. I really hope they would get more resources, their ideas are so fresh.
  24. One thing is, that since bitwig is designed to run everything at audio rate instantaneously, it can't have a buffering system like Reaper. I can run tons of more VST in Reaper, but they're just built different, with Reaper there's the whole really complicated VST/track buffering system running, that would be impossible in a piece of software like Bitwig. Also VST plugins need to behave exactly up to spec with BW because of the audio rate modulation system. Some plugins don't follow the VST spec exactly, and problems with this kind of functionality were not necessarily expected by the authors. So that's up to the plugin devs to write proper code. I'm actually really surprised that the new system works at all, it seems so much beyond anything I imagined the VST spec would allow. Unlimited modulations on any VST synth and effect is quite funky. And since it's all built-in, in there's no need for an additiona layer of code like with the Max/MSP stuff on Live. I tried Live for a while and it's great for some things, but the detailed full screen clip editor on monitor two alone is so good for detal work, that I just don't see myself going back to Live again.
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