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  1. RAH


    Hey guys thanks for checking anyway! I messaged Vic from Triplag and he sent two bastards my way, now looking for third, but more than happy to have these two. As for personal issues, just got stuck with work and honestly trying to make a living, meeting people, getting married, then having that half-work. After I ended SE i stopped following psy as much and diversified, but never opened another music again hehehe The real question is what have I missed here, I feel so out of place with this so new and shinny and white (better than the black by the way).
  2. Sorry for the spam, please don't shoot me and if you must do it in the arm... the left one... I'm looking for some old mixes published here (2006 - 2007) i know it's a longshot. anyway here they are: RAH: No:End Electrypnose - Delivere || Unreleased REV - Saucy || Doof Records Naked Tourist - Noname || Parvati Records Ocelot - Upward Spiral || Droput Productions Zik + Ocelot + Para Halu - Baszdmeg || Insomnia Records Para Halu - The Invisible Hunter (in the Jungle) || Parvati Records Derango - Boomorgon Remix || Inpyside Media Kulu Vs Strangers - unbelievable ||
  3. RAH

    how do u fall asleep?

    With a little rum on the rocks...
  4. RAH


    little late for that, but I did check it out thank you! After the brief intro's please continue reading: I resurfaced again briefly and honestly for very personal reasons, i had a hard drive crash a few years ago and lost some old mixes i had made, which would make me unbearably happy to listen to again even thought they were shite, but you know they were my shite and that always smells like roses to you... know what I mean? so please look in the confines of your hard drives, and your souls for the following: RAH: No:End Electrypnose - Delivere || Unreleased REV - Sa
  5. RAH


    No I won't, but I will try my best to get an escape route working before you make that mistake Hello folks I resurfaced again briefly and honestly for very personal reasons, but before that
  6. RAH


    Hello, I used to come here back when when the music was good (that was roughly in the 1700's, Bach was killing dance floors back then and mozart was about spirituality). anyway, I used to write garbage reviews and even had a website about them. People used to like going to that place. We had our own little blue room going, but that's another story. i just stumbled here from the way back machine and felt like waving at those that still recall about the rah. ( there's very few instances when you can talk about yourself in 3rd person and not sound crazy, this was not one of those instances).
  7. I'm a sucker for parties in 'special' places, may it be the pyramids, or whatever. i've been to chichen itza. it's a special place, you can't undervalue that.
  8. 600 sold cd's is not much really if you consider you need at least 1000 copies to start pressing. That's the number most distributors will give you. You can do it on your own, but it's not really cost effective until you start with a 1000. Most people need to sell the first batch (1000 to break-even) from an investment of 2000 USD$ average. I'm guessing flying the photographer to India and then designing the cover art in this case took this much. so if you think about it... it's really not that much... we're not exactly talking about greed here.
  9. I got tired of quoting after that. Just for the ones that didn't know, Storm Thorgerson, the dude that shot the album cover... has also done a few things in the past.... a few things... i don't know if it's the worst album cover thus far, but I will bet money it was the most expensive one so far for the twisted crew. just fyi... edit: no wait, i think he also shot the last younger brother's album cover... never-mind... then...
  10. I like both, but Kaleidoscopolis actually has a very strong visual concept to go with the graph, even if it's technically not very challenging.
  11. ah I had no idea, prolific chap he is... and I do agree some parts of mings feaner slip, but It seems on the whole like a proper tripping album...
  12. found the playlist for igloofest... the file is in deed a google away... looks tasty 000:00 John Talabot – Sunshine (Hivern Disc 003) 006:00 Fuck Buttons - Sweet Love For Planet Earth „Andrew Weatherwall RMX“ (ATB Recordings 05) 012:40 Margot - Goblin Think 1 (Margot Records 005) 019:40 Paul Kalkbrenner – Der Senat (Bpitch Control 147) 021:30 Alden Tyrell - Disco Lunar Module (Clone Records 046 LP) 026:00 Nathan Fake (Unreleased) 031:20 Copy – It`s a Little Too Late (Audio Dregs 061) 036:00 Radiohead - Reckoner „James Holden RMX“ (Unreleased) 042:50 Shit Robot – Chasm (D
  13. i'm actually a bit surprised nobody else seems to like Legiac, it's rather experimental by all means, but i think he manages to handle the chaos and storm of things quite well with something that makes sense in the end. It was very revelatory for me. Not mention the artwork (mings feaner) is literally out of this world
  14. I'm gonna go with some new stuff, got kind of tired of typing the same three cats all the time... - Are Teek L ** - Two Lone Swordsmen (kind of classic, admittedly) *** - EEDL ** - Funckarma * - Karsten Pflum ** - Legiac *** - Miles Tilman ** - Milieu * - Styrofoam ** - Loess ** - Scone **
  15. Nathan fake has some great tracks outside anything that is related to "Drowning in a sea of love" Some of his later stuff i.e: hard islands is arguably strange at points... but looking back it has some great things. Holden, has some huge classics as well signed under that windmill... outhouse, a break in the clouds and just for strangeness' sake, ricardo tobar, which is not much my thing, but still pretty good. Without forgetting the very elusive Luke Abott, that turned into one of my all time fav listens and has little to do with dance and a lot more with electro IDM of sorts... They
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