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  1. Thanks guys. BTW, if anyone remembers hearing me play at a party which is not listed on the left there, let me know. Those were just the ones I could remember off the top of my head and/or still had a flyer for.
  2. Hi all, Tamlin.se has recieved a long overdue content update. New features: - Up-to-date and expanded discography - Cover art for all releases - Links to preview clips for all tracks and webshops for all CDs, plus download links for mp3 releases. - List of future and some past live performances. Note the upcoming gig in Moscow this weekend. Don't forget to contact me if you want a Tamlin liveset at your party! And don't forget to buy my album!
  3. Firstly, big thanks for all the nice comments! I'm really very happy to see that there are people out there who appreciate my creations, despite insignificant sales and absent gigs... Secondly: I'm sorry you feel that way, but I must say that the mastering is not to blame. I think Tim Schuldt did a great job with the mastering - instead I would say that if you think the production quality is inferior, then the source material itself is the problem.. In other words, I blame myself and my somewhat lacking skills with EQ and compressors. That is actually the only part of my album that I'm not really happy with, but like I said I think Tim did a great job of compensating for this and still making it sound quite good. (.. Although, some of the "muddiness" is in fact intentional, to create a mystifying sensation of not really knowing where one sound ends and another begins. Perfect clarity isn't always preferrable.)
  4. I'm with Abasio on this one.. I listened a lot to Charly and Out of Space back in the early nineties but when they started playing No Good on the radio a few years later, that's when I became really hooked.. I quickly bought Music for the Jilted Generation and totally loved it, and also rediscoreved The Prodigy Experience (before this I had only listened to the singles from this album). This is when breakbeats & bigbeats & underground "rave" & dance electronica became my first real musical love affair.. I can't rellly say which is best of Experience or Music for the Jilted Generation since they are so very different, both are huge classics in their own way. The Fat of the Land was the beginning of the end of The Prodigy's greatness for me, it has some nice hits and fat beats but is ultimately pretty unsatisfying and lacks the depth of the previous two albums. Kind of a one trick pony. Some tracks are great but some are pretty crap. Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned sucks, IMO. There's maybe one track that's ok, but the rest is just annoying. I hardly even acknowledge it as a "real" Prodigy album since I don't feel it has any connection to the first two masterworks.
  5. First: Thanks for some of you's kind words. Second: I think hidden tracks can be a very nice bonus, however I do agree that it is annoying to have to wait or fast-forward thru several minutes of silence to get to the bonus track. For this reason, on my album I made both the "silence" and the hidden track as separate tracks on the cd (i.e. tracks 11 and 12 even though the cover only listed 10 tracks) so that it is easy to just skip forward if you want, or not include the "silence" track in your playlist. Also the "silence" is only 2 minutes long so it's not a long wait even if you don't skip, and it actually kinda rewards listeners who dont skip it. I feel this was a good compromise.
  6. I voted "other" since you for some reason did not include his two best tracks on your list: Exit Eternity Book of Eden
  7. Ever heard of Google? Or Wikipedia? "Luxor (Arabic: الأقصر ) is a city in Upper (southern) Egypt and the capital of Luxor Governorate." "As the site of the ancient Egyptian city of Thebes, Luxor has frequently been characterised as the "world's greatest open air museum", the ruins of the temple complexes at Karnak and Luxor standing within the modern city." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luxor
  8. Hay Guise, Thanks for the nice comments. But I would like to request a full review for my album... It has been relatively quiet since the release, it would be great to get some more feedback. ... Since the point of the album is to show a wide variation of styles, and to try and break out from the "Suomi" stigma into more melodic territory, I guess it can be hard for some to know what to expect.. Therefore, here's a small guide. - If you like melodic psy and goa trance, try checking out Playtime Adventure, Perspective and Psychedelic Exp. And Contrastion. (and most other tracks, actually). - If you like weird and crazy like the early Tamlin releases, try checking out Catalysk, as well as Switch and Contrastion. - If you like uplifting and energetic, try Somewhirl (and most other tracks, actually). - If you like dark and noisy, try Catalysk. - If you like experimental breakbeat psy, try Release and Nowhere Fast, and the "hidden" bonus track (Secret Traps). - If you like melodic chill trance, try Pax Nostra. PS. The album is available for (illegal) download on countless torrent sites and such, if you just google it. Of course you should buy it! ..but more downloads means more listens, more distribution and more promotion, and maybe eventually more sales.
  9. THERE ARE NO RULES. Plastikman's album Consumed is 90% bass & reverb, and it's one of the best electronic albums ever made.
  10. Department of Motor Vehicles? Massachusetts Instutute of Technology? This one can be especially confusing.. The first time I saw LPC on a lineup I was like "Lucky People Center?!? Coool!!! :posford:" Someone told me once what the finnish LPC stands for but I can't remember what is was..
  11. Release date has been moved... ...to today! it is now availible on psyshop and in stock at saikosounds. hope you enjoy it
  12. Better quality cover: BTW, exact date is 6/6.
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