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  1. Bump-bump! I'm looking for something funky around 130bpm from last 2-3 years, anything new except the latest The Riddler and Loopus in Fabula? PS Oh, and Kino Oko too
  2. ukraine rocks ;)

  3. I think producing music for wider audience (music that they can get into) is a bigger challenge. Also, if you're producing (and listening to) psytrance, you're stuck in a box: - purists don't let you make a step left or right - variation between artists is so tiny - psytrance isn't house or techno, psy only takes from these two, and they evolve much quickly than psy, besides they are genuine, "psy-house" is secondary... and I enjoy house with vocals (not euro vocal house). The same with other psy sub-genres. Basically goa was the only genuine psychedelic electronic music, everything else was already there - you only add some special synths over it and there you've got psy-something. With all of this you can only get bored with psytrance, being a producer or listener. UPD: A part from that, we all probably started as teenagers... and people tend to grow up, tastes change too.
  4. Concerning mastering, I think it was meant to sound that way and it still sounds a bit more laid back than Filteria. I like what I hear, it's crisp, sharp and clear. Frankly speaking, this is the first release to challenge Suntrip in 6 years. Still, I like few tracks here, but seems like it's going in the right direction.
  5. Looks like a good one, looking forward to hear it.
  6. Controlled, Chaos and Saikol are goooood, rest of the album no my cup of tea. Best Cronomi release to date
  7. Option 1. Not much of a difference really. I'd add more purple/magenta at the top. When it's out? I need some less cheesy / darker / subtler goa for my sets, looking forward I guess there's no chance it will be available before May, 15, right? UPD: "Temple of Chaos" is barely readable.
  8. I think if you offer the proper version for free, it won't be much of a problem.
  9. E-Mantra's remix is very strong, I couldn't have imagined anything like this. Listening to the compilation more carefully, yet to get fully into it.
  10. E-Mantra + Mythematica, you have to check the inside, it's really great
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