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  1. The 4/4 bassline of Love Letters To The Soul is better then most of upbeat producers great album! Worth for the first track
  2. This is actually a vivid cocktail of what happens if u mix Scozbor and Zolod + adding some Jikkenteki flavor recommended!
  3. Nice review. #4 Supersede(!) I am listening this strong emotional track for 2 weeks now. It reminds me Solar Fields - Jeezlh.
  4. Psychedelic trance open air gathering http://www.mystikafestival.sk http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=354066613194 Friday, July 16 - Sunday, July 18 2010 Location: Slovakia, Blatnica pri Martine - Ufo kemp google map Live /\cts : Etnica <: Solstice / Etnicanet records :> Ita. <( http://www.myspace.com/etnicaband )> Pleiadians <: Etnicanet / Harmonia records :> Ita. <( http://www.myspace.com/pleiadians )> Frantic Noise <: Dark Prisma / AuraQuake Records :> Arg. <( http://www.myspace.com/franticnoise )> Megalopsy <: Dark Prisma Records :> Arg. <( http://www.myspace.com/megalopsy )> }{enomorph <: Gnostic Records :> Ger. <( http://www.myspace.com/xenomorphmusic )> Aphidmoon <: Aphid Records / Nano Records :> Uk <(http://www.myspace.com/aphidmoon )> Andromeda <: Dream Vision Media :> Swe <( http://www.myspace.com/andromedamusicnet )> Chromosome <: Dream Vision Media :> Swe <( http://www.myspace.com/chromosomemusicnet )> Gyrro <: Spectral Sound :> Sk <( http://www.myspace.com/gyrrospectral )> Chors <: Goblin rec.:> Sk <( http://www.myspace.com/chorstha )> Leftism <: Timeflux rec. / Goblin rec. / Green Magik Rec. :> Sk <( http://www.myspace.com/ileftism )> Wirareka <: Goblin Recods :> SK <( http://www.facebook.com/wirrareka )> Dirty Disco Rocers <: Slovakia Band :> Sk <( http://www.myspace.com/dirtydiscorockers )> DJ's : Claxon <: Walachian Tribe :> Cz Demented <: Liquid Temple / Basement Records :> Sk Elephant <: Spectral Sound :> Sk Ellisdee <:Spectral Sound :> Sk Dwaid <: Mandalight :> Sk Flame <: BMSS :> Sk G_MA <: Paradise Festival, Bass Island :> At Gorgo < : Spaceattack :> Sk Gubo <: BMSS /Working Pro :> Sk Chicko <: Psylandia :> Sk Ilija < : Phantasm Records :> Mac Kary <: Psyverse :> Sk Mirin <: Walachian Tribe :> Cz Psyla <: Mystical Waves, Elements of Music :> Cz Psyonicle <: Zahadum :> Sk Phonism <: Paradise Festival, Bass Island :> At Ramoon <: Mandalight :> Sk Sabiani + Shimanski guitar rawe <: Wattaz :> Sk Styropian <: Psylesia :> Pl Yulah <: Radical Karma :> Sk Chillout Dj's Ambientium <: Kahvi.org :> Cz Dwaid <: Mandalight :> Sk Elephant <: Spectral Sound :> Sk Ellisdee <:Spectral Sound :> Sk LaBon <:Slovakia Band :> Sk Mtk <: Paranormal Activity :> Sk Mythematica <: Czech Republic :> Cz Pálmester <: Napszövestég :> Hu Psygor <: Psylaska :> Sk Psyla <: Mystical Waves, Elements of Music :> Cz Patra <: Zero Point :> Sk Ramoon <: Mandalight :> Sk Thomato <: Napszövestég :> Hu Chillout : Psygor <: Psylaska :> Sk / Mtk , Loky <: Paranormal Activity :> Sk More TBA
  5. I must admit, this is one of the most complex newschool goa releases in my view. A Russian label called 'Qulture Production', an "independent international record label, created for the production and dissemination of the author's production." which support the "rare, unpopular, experimental ideas, alternative art and culture." (for more knowledge explore - >> here). ... more importantly, they allowed to born a piece of an astonishing art. Sound quality & mastering is not important here, this album provides some old school formulas with layerity and progressive additives of the new school melodic morning goa trance. There are plenty of evolving melodies. The track #3 - Flight - WORTH the whole download. I am not saying this album is 'best ever', but this guy shows really The Talent. There is a free download available here but I downloaded the p2p version which have 5 additional tracks. Free listen to all tracks: http://www.twistedsessions.com/Cosmonoid/audio.php I am not so good to in-depth track by track reviews, we must wait for somebody else's insight Cosmonoid - Mystery Genre: Melodic/Progressive Newschool Goa 01 - Mystery (10:05) 138bpm 02 - Alien Mechanism (7:56) 61bpm 03 - Flight(!) (8:17) 137bpm 04 - Melody (4:58) 108bpm 05 - Mystical Journey (9:46) 125bpm 06 - Uwohu (10:01) 141bpm 07 - On A Way (8:47) 132bpm 08 - Cosmic Odyssey (6:42) 132bpm 09 - Dub Fantasy (9:17) 130bpm
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxQOMsI7Axw <3 Classy. Could be called "normal trance" ?
  7. Checkout works of Max Corbacho Steve Roach Robert Rich Brian Eno Bruno Sanfilippo Pete Namlook maybe those can suit you
  8. Shame E-Mantra and Shpongle didn't win, but nice results indeed.
  9. Banan

    E-mantra - Arcana

    I just love this album.. <3 its one of the best Suntrip records so far! This is the only album which allows me to FLOAT so deeeeply throught the space! It's really masterpiece in this term. IMHO, Suntrip haven't released BETTER album than this. Uhm, wait. Maybe Filteria's 'Daze of our lives', which didn't sound too randomish like his previous works, is also amazing. But E-mantra's DEEEEP flying-soulish sound is absolutely mindblowing and unique which makes even Transwaves' Backfire sound shallow and 'lazy' in energy. The 'dark' sense is not DARK for me! It reminds me the Zolod's dark in his amazing 'Fabrique'. it is not 'DARK' in the obvious common sense. Those sounds are just hi-resoluted 'soundscape' patterns evolving from melancholic to 'above the clouds feeling' flying atmosphere. Yes, it lacks some "main" catchy progressive melodies, instead of that, you get such layered mixture of all the sounds and effects which, afterall, allows me to IMAGINE various concrete melodies. This is more like abstract, flying/meditating, never-gets-old kind of music. But, requires better SQ system for sure. Investing in better sound HW is really a key improvement. Studio-Nearfields is the best option IMHO, but pricey. I recommend some around-$100-priced analytical IEM's with good speedy detailed, resoluted, and accurate reproduction such all Etymotics, Westones, Hifiman RE0 etc. Those can make this music a PROPER pleasure...not saying about pairing with some Hi-Fi player :-) This album is on top with my all-time 'post-2000' favorites such Zolod's Fabrique and Torakka's Far Out Express. Listen to this track-by-track it is a whole story. Tracks # 3 and 4 are basically one 'big' track with additional intros/outros, thus they have same basslines and tones which can feel repetitive. (It would be better get them into 1 big track like Jikkenteki's Simplicity) Favs: 1,3-4,5,6(!),7 Dislikes: 2 - is quite boring without any major changes and could be shorter w/o loss
  10. Banan

    Deja Vu Fabrique

    Folks,another track I LOVE <3 !! #07 - Scary Boubles: "The Orgasm of The Beautiful, whose soul makes me crying from happines" .. :'))) (A_A) I made these cheesy words while listening to that, in that time..that was just what came into my mind. Its just the most deep and layered music I ve ever heard סּ_סּ ... And the apex was mindblowing. כּ_כּ
  11. Banan

    Deja Vu Fabrique

    wow... WOW !!! I mean this is 'dark Torakka - Far Out Express' crazy diamond - what a TRIP !!
  12. Banan

    E-mantra - Arcana

    end of 2009 and two masterpieces - shpongle and this... what a year.
  13. There are 2 kinds of good music. One, you will like at the first sight and you know you really enjoy it. However, the more you listen to it again and again, its magic lose the beauty and significance. This kind of music is basically attractive only on its surface. Consequently, you cannot find there something worth returning. There is not any magnetic force binding your mind to it. By the second, you are actually not sure if it is really good or not, but you definitely know that you have to give it a second chance. After some deeper listening sessions, you realize that this music is really something special, something unique. The playtime of the whole CD seems now too short. The more you sink into it, the more it opens your mind, explore the rich subconsciousness and enhance your sense of (self)realizing. After that, you are aware, that you have just experienced a part of history-treasure of mindblowing god-blessed piece of art. I'm buying more copies of this thing. Period. ॐ
  14. Banan

    V/A - Fire

    I really can not name any bad track here.
  15. hmm .. Infected Mushroom represents its very own music genre since CV / Im the Supervisor... I didnt enjoy VD, just few tracks were worth listening but I really enjoyed #04-Heavyweight. So powerfull metal-psy(?) track with a lot of energy. Legend Of the Black Shawarma is similar to VD and Im the supervisor. Its better though, and there is also track like Heavywight and its called "Project 100" #08 which is really really good .... Try to listen to Heavyweight and Project 100 on quality hi-fi with bunch of metalheads... they will go f.ing crazy.... tracks #9 and #10 are also my favorites.
  16. This is my top 2008 album ... really psychedelic and trippy... works perfectly with quality and big stereo on dancefloor
  17. electric animal is gorgeous track...
  18. I would like to be rather blind than deaf - due to this album. Indescribable
  19. Aerosis + Artifact303 + Antares Simply A
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