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  1. Somseensee

    Sci-Fi Movies

    Bought the Alien Anthology boxset on blu-ray recently. I really enjoyed those movies 5-10 years ago. I still like the first one a bit. But everything else is really a little shitty and corny. Aliens looked so fake and bad on the big screen in HD. Couldn't really enjoy all the cheezyness... So I sold the box, guess my alien years are over for sure.
  2. Great set !!! Thanks for the upload. Acidic Madness
  3. Don't try to be complete, you'll save yourself a lot of frustration.
  4. I did like his character on Fringe, but I can see he's going to be overused. He has many classic lines... And a lot of Acid, Lsd, psychotropic lines too. Have yet to start with season 3, but will wait till it's finished.
  5. lol Don't think I would really watch it, but it surely looks better then the hyped twilight and so on.
  6. Somseensee

    Sci-Fi Movies

    Get it somewhere. The right moment to watch this is alone in a more or less darkroom at midnight or after. Maybe try some ambient before you start the movie, some subliminal melancholies, leaving home... If the mood is right you'll really love it.
  7. There are belgians going for sure. Normally I'm not going, just got my new job and I think I don't have any or many days of vacation in my first year.
  8. Any chance of sharing this??? Like the tracklist and some stuff I don't know...
  9. Lol bust a move is so funny. You see Erez playing some melodies like it's the most easy thing in the world and Duvdev has nothing to do... Duvdev walks around, makes some gay-rapper moves and drinks.
  10. Yep, that cd never had high value before. I even had trouble selling mine for 10 euro.
  11. Somseensee


    It's Emmerich so I don't expect anything good...
  12. Somseensee


    Sorry for the offtopic, but what is totally great is that Roland "2012" Emmerich is going to make the movie(s) based on the foundation books. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000386/
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