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    I love music & i love smoking up . My intrsts wary alot actuly m generally intrested in every thng
  1. Amazing cover nd option 1 for sure jst appeals more and WOW Suntrip u knw how to keep people hooked.......
  2. Album coming out on 23rd April on saikosounds already on my wishlist cant wait my fav. goa project along wid filteria and RA ofcorse..
  3. yup nice album love Ra's and asura's track the most ,when is asura coming out with his album his song on water marina falls was exellent tooo.... 3.5/5
  4. March Of The Lunar Priests- RA , please Ra come out with a full downtempo album it would sell like HOT cake... butiful track
  5. i have had these cd for weeks now and its absolutely incredible , i am biggest fan of the uplifting goa and those stellar melodies,this was perfect album every track rocks some more than the other. Fav: Astrancer's both track ,gods tears, eureka, liquid flow. 4.5/5 Keep it coming SUNTRIP u rock!!!!
  6. waiting for the order from psyshop & saikosounds Mr Peculiar - Infinite Evolution Various Artists - Alternative Colors H.U.V.A. Network - Ephemeris Various Artists - Fire Various Artists - Vital Signs Void: Punishment Braincell: Universal Language Compilation: Energy Waves
  7. I just love this track this kind of trance is so much better for listening at home and sooothinghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UE-ZRs6AoJ0
  8. I just love GFR ever since i first litsned to TIME OF ILLUSSION i was hoooked to thier damn amazing music, have tried almost all thier albums from then on love braincells album to But this compilation is AWSUM sure better then thier other ones love all tracks and This is far better than any full on relase i am a big fan of cheese bt evn i dnt like to compare GFR's music with crappy full on relases like save the robot.lol 4.8/5
  9. This album rocks too, liked air also bt u can say this is better, fav. tracks wuld be asura's track,Ra's and androcell all simply ausum bt every track is butiful bt was expecting better from mr aes dana 3.8/5.
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