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  1. I dont like this album at all. The only 2 good tracks are remix of "as a child..." and bonus track which reminds of the genius Downhill project. To be honest i wasnt dissapointed with this release. I was expecting this kind of stuff. It's 10% trance and 90% techno. Not realy my cup of tea.
  2. http://www.sendspace.pl/file/b4e49MJ1/ In the tracklist fatali, dj sangeet, xerox/illumination, protoculture, altom, alternative control and more... Enjoy the music
  3. Try: Vibrasphere - Autumn Lights
  4. I dont like new Chi-AD tracks, either those from new album either those from 2006 EP. Imo it has not much to do with dave's old style. I would say its not even anymore goatrance but melodic uplifting trance.
  5. Why all of you give mostly goatrance titles with melodies ? There are thousand of recently released fullon tracks with as good melodies as goatrance had in middle 90's Some examples Cosmic Tone - Ye Boy (starting from 6:21 / end around 8th minute) Sine Die - Life Hack (2:35 - 3:02 / this melody is again in the 2nd part of the track) Tikal - Meditation (8:10 - 9:00) Digicult - Cosmic Company (4:59 - until the ned of track) Rumble Pack - Distorted Mind (5:55 - 6:47) Mad Maxx - Boogie Woogie (5:30 - 6:40) Prosper - Thinking About You (4:45 - 6:05) There are so many to list Fullon can be so beautiful with inteligent and catchy melodies.
  6. It's unbelivable nobody mentioned yet Saafi Brothers - Mystic Cigarettes It's definately the best psyambient album for me. Ive got added that im not a fan of this style. I prefer way more "ibiza lounge" style than psymabient
  7. pawelek

    RA - 9th

    Maybe i have just too high expectations, dont you think ? But whats wrong about it ? After so many years, after golden goa "era" modenr goatrance should sound at leats as good as in the old days. In my opinion it sounds worser. I wont go into details. It's just my feeling old albums had a soul, most of the new stuff doesnt. Why i think so ? I dont know, just like that Accept and try understand that:) Cheers. Ok...i have some though, a little bit offtopic, sorry for this. How many classics like mahadeva, lsd, goaway etc. we have these days ? Lets say newschool goa is produced since 2004/2005. It's already 3-4 years, and i cant say in this period of time we had any track that will remain as a classic. WHY ?? I have some favourite, which wont be a classic but its definitely the best goa track in the new era. Shakta - Ten Times Around Sun Seb is a KING! He managed to put an oldschool feeling into new track. This is amazing.
  8. pawelek

    RA - 9th

    Checked the album already 4th time today. Its a good album comparing to other modern newchool goa trance albums released last years. But its nothing special. What i means is its very high quality production, but it doesnt have a soul. I hope you know what i mean. Its empty goatrance without any emotion. Melodies are in every track the same. They are just there just like that. Few tracks sounds like old Ra and that a plus for the artist he managed to keep old style. And a minus is the feeling of fluffyness. Thats too much for me. Reasuming, in few months i will probably not remember this album was released. Sad... 6/10
  9. Without a second of doubts im answering Faithles - God is a DJ (Astral Projection Rmx)
  10. Totaly agreed. In my taste this is the worsest juno reactor album ever. I even liked more so old transmission.
  11. Yes i listened it, and i dont like it at all
  12. Plenty of plenty release which i like in fullon. I will just lis a few, most recent ones Space Buddha - No Shields VA - Eruption Mad Max - Afterworld Phanattic - Outsider U-Recken - Deeper Into Man This is a good year for psytrance. So far i collected as many releases as never before (after 2000yer) Good for dark, fullon and progressive. Goa strikes back more and more often, and even almost forgotten tech-trance too Sorry for a little offtop.
  13. This is the most "psychedelic" album after last hallucinogen True masterpiece. Incredible album. I will say it again. MEEO new Hallucinogen ? 10/10
  14. Prety nice album, nothing special though. Last track is an outstanding tune. Rest songs are sweet and easily forgetable tracks...
  15. pawelek

    Ticon - 2AM

    I'm sorry. I didn't exactly mean that. I wanted to say that electro sounds annoy me, of course not the path artists chose. They can do whatever they want.
  16. pawelek

    Ticon - 2AM

    I knew it wont be a follow up to Zero Six After. But i wasnt expecting exactly what i heard on this album. I'm PSYTRANCE dude. If artist starts to follow house trends i say bye bye, no thx! Maybe they did great job, but from psytrancer point of view this fucking terrible And it's not realy that i dont like electro influences in psytrance. If they are properly aplicated (Neelix) they are awesome then.! But when psytrance act (Ticon) totaly changes his style i cant make myself like it, sorry It seriously annoys me.
  17. pawelek

    Ticon - 2AM

    I thinks its so far the worsest album out this year. Bssides excelent "1987" i dislike all other tracks which stinks gayish electrohouse ;x
  18. Sorry, the file you requested is not available. Damn it. Mate, could you pelase reupload it somewhere ?
  19. I have a question to suntrip crew. Guys tel me please. We have been wondering with a friend, is that Shakta's track a brand new product or oldie which is being now released ?
  20. Last Men Standing rules. Excelent stuff. GMS way, but better And the 2nd CD is more house/electro/minimal. Awesome. I like this move they did. A double album, although they could have released 2 albums in some time period... So thumbs up for LMS!
  21. MEEO's "Highlight Me Please" is revolutionary album in these times. It's newborn Simon Posford . Genius stuff im my opinion. I'm not good in reviewing but i can honestly give it 10/10. It's the most psychedelic album since very, very long time. MEEO you ownz dude! Everybody has different perception in music. But look at it leaving behind all nowadays trends. Just imagine you're hearing it back in middle 90's. Its pure 100% psychedelic trance. Exactly as The Lone Deranger or Twisted. Hallucinogen based-on style. Way to go i think. Learn from the best, and fuck the rest Ehhh.... No promotion, and such an excleent albums are forgoten or whats worser never heard about. It's really sad.
  22. Juno Reactor never fails. It's impossible They can follow any path they want. It will rules anyways. I trust in'em This is the only act in "psytrance" that never dissapointed me. I love Labyritnh album, so if they are going to go further and experiment even more with styles i will be only happier
  23. DISAGREE with everything you said heheh...almost This is terrible album for somone like me who dislike this new trend in psytrance (electrogayhouse) Besides 1 song (1987) which is outstanding the rest realy annoys me. I hate it If more will share Ticon's path our progeessive scene will die. Ticon - you lose it all guys AGREE
  24. Neo-what ? Hahaha This isnt neo-fullon for sure. It's boris blen's personal fullon style. If you realy wanna call as properly as possible i would categorate as a mixture of fullon, acid and some goa elements.
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