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  1. Here are some pretty lengthy samples from the new album. Sounds OK but not great. https://soundcloud.com/huxflux/sets/hux-flux-circle-sine-sound-z-plane-records
  2. Hey there...I'm posting here to get some opinions on a track that me and my musical partner just released on our first ep. The whole ep is up on this soundcloud, but rather than try to get you to listen to the whole thing, I am most interested in what you all think of this track, as I think it's our best so far. https://soundcloud.com/tendancemusic/psilocybernetics-psilomega?in=tendancemusic/sets/psilocybernetics-ascension
  3. samples can be heard here and are kind of meh https://soundcloud.com/huxflux
  4. it would seem that at least one of the tracks of the new album has been previously released.
  5. looks like samples are up on this soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/wakyo-records
  6. I don't know how I didn't hear about this until now, but there is a new Juno album coming out on tuesday! 'The Golden Sun of the great East' http://www.junoreactor.com/audio/the-golden-sun-of-the-great-east/ and it's trance! (amongst other things I am sure) I just got the ep that features the first single "Final Frontier", two remixes, and a radio edit, and all I got to say is HOLY FUCK The remixes are definitely the jewel of the e.p. and they are all remixed by Juno. The bar has been raised, and it took an old master to do it. The original track is on youtube,its not quite as good as the remixes IMO. but it's still a stellar piece of music. I think this album will be a monster.
  7. Hey everyone, I wanted to know if anyone has any info on what Son Kite is up to these days? I know they have been doing their minilogue project for the past several years, but there had been talk of a new album in the works that was supposed to be released on the now defunct BNE records. The reason I ask, is because Son Kite is on the line up at this years Lost Theory Festival. http://www.losttheoryfestival.com/line-up/psychedelic/ Does anyone know if they have been performing past son kite material, or maybe they are debuting new stuff? Or maybe this is just a mistake by the promoters? Anyways, it got me excited, and I thought I would ask around!
  8. It has some cool atmospheres, but the squiddy lead was a bit tired, and the way to long/identifiable voice sample killed it for me. 5.5/10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuGfCQe1eMI
  9. does anyone have a link to a place where I can purchase with paypal?
  10. A new track from a new project I have with a friend of mine http://soundcloud.com/psilocybernetics/every-molecule-in-your-body
  11. Hey everyone, just hoping some of you will check this out and leave some feedback Thanks a lot! http://soundcloud.com/sidra/ekajati-ritual
  12. Hey everyone, I have been working on some tracks with a friend under the name Glitch Doctors. This is our first track that we are releasing for public listening, let me know what you think
  13. this is my first psy track that I have decided to show publicly. let me know what you think. http://soundcloud.com/sidra/alien-gateway-phenomenon
  14. Thanks for your comment, I do want to say though, that the first couple of tracks (the day is night and some vision for the future) are kind of older at this point, and I havent made more recent tracks that I think do take more traditional song structure into account maybe check out some of these: http://soundcloud.com/sidra/the-eyes-of-tiamat http://soundcloud.com/sidra/boiled-in-the-blood-of-pachamama http://soundcloud.com/sidra/a-snowflakes-beauty and as for I's within skies within eyes, I was more going for something a little less typical for structure, something that edged more into the ambient side of things... thanks for checking them out though
  15. Hoping someone here will check this out... Just finished this up today http://soundcloud.com/sidra/is-within-skies-within-eyes-1
  16. Hey, I am posting this track on behalf of a good friend of mine. He doesn't have an account here, but I know he would definitely be interested in your comments and views on some of his work. He makes all styles of music, and lately, he has been working on perfecting his goa. So what do you all think? http://soundcloud.com/the-contraption/sinister-warlocks-moonstuck-remaster?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=facebook&utm_content=http%3A%2F%2Fsoundcloud.com%2Fthe-contraption%2Fsinister-warlocks-moonstuck-remaster he has a bunch of tracks up on his soundcloud account if you like what you hear...
  17. a version of the first track posted..."hot shot" was released at least 3 years ago...it was done with the artist "tube"... you can listen the full track here... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4bkD0VIUTA
  18. I think the filteria track has his new devilfish in it sounds great!
  19. yeah, I see what you mean about the melody...its really bothering me now, but I have moved onto other stuff... here is my latest effort. Took all of your comments into consideration, more layers, better composition, and more attention to the theory http://soundcloud.com/sidra/the-eyes-of-tiamat
  20. most of the time, making it psychedelic is up to you.
  21. Hey thanks a lot! I have a couple of new tracks up on my soundcloud. Better than anything I have posted here before I think. Tried to take my arrangement into more consideration, as well as filling up the soundscape.. Hope you guys enjoy! fyi, I find a lot of inspiration in solar fields, I think he has affected my sound quite a bit... chill http://soundcloud.com/sidra/a-snowflakes-beauty uhhh...psy house? http://soundcloud.com/sidra/currents-of-light-combusting
  22. Painkiller:what my ears need after listening to his music
  23. I love how the Delay Lama makes it to almost every goa release these days. Appears on Fear and Anger in this release. That little dude sure gets around. Great release!
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