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  1. Man, just re-read this review. It makes me happy when I'm down. This really sums it up as to what we wanted to achieve: " It's not psytrance or progressive trance, or trance...but all three."
  2. Uploaded a better mastered version of the album and updated the download options.
  3. Uploaded a better mastered version of the album now. Might want to grab it! Torrent And direct download
  4. Thanks for your support, Airbender!
  5. Great review published by Trance2MoveU here: http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?/topic/60971-moai-full-moon-promo-album/ Thanks a bunch!
  6. Hope you like it! Here is a direct download link if more people want to listen: http://bit.ly/hjwCLA -- Actually the download was released 2011. Can a mod move this topic to 2011?
  7. What a great detailed review. Im honored. ;-) Thank you alot for the feedback. Im glad you liked the journey! Btw I love blue planet corp!
  8. I could send the wavs in -6db without FX to someone for mastering and call it "proper" but I don't have access to a good studio for the longest time so I can't verify the mixing at this moment. I don't want to master without a proper mixing.. That's why I settled for an unmastered promo at this time.
  9. By me. no its unmastered. That's why I put it out for creative commons.
  10. We just released a promo of the album for download (creative commons) at our website. http://www.moai.se
  11. http://www.moai.se And for some news.... http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?/topic/59434-moai-full-moon-2010-debut-promo-album
  12. Moai - Full Moon (Promo) Check our website for details. http://www.moai.se
  13. Haha totally forgot this. nostalgia
  14. Great! Reminds me of infernal machine.
  15. Where is SynSUN on this list? They made alot of great goa-trance tracks.
  16. I'm in the middle of mixing and getting the tracks professionally mastered now. Got very surprised how much better it sounds. And in the process I did a few tweaks and edits. This is certainly something that's worth waiting for.
  17. Great music! I fell in love with the track "Andromeda". One of the most talented goa-trance artists out there right now for sure! Clean mixing, great sonic engineering and mindblowing psychedelic melodies.
  18. Thanks man! best Way to listen is at our Soundcloud page. This thread is old.
  19. Don't forget to listen at Di.fm psy goa channel today.
  20. Hey! You can add new school goa-artist from 2001. Moai www.moai.se
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