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  1. The 4/4 bassline of Love Letters To The Soul is better then most of upbeat producers great album! Worth for the first track
  2. This is actually a vivid cocktail of what happens if u mix Scozbor and Zolod + adding some Jikkenteki flavor recommended!
  3. Nice review. #4 Supersede(!) I am listening this strong emotional track for 2 weeks now. It reminds me Solar Fields - Jeezlh.
  4. Psychedelic trance open air gathering http://www.mystikafestival.sk http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=354066613194 Friday, July 16 - Sunday, July 18 2010 Location: Slovakia, Blatnica pri Martine - Ufo kemp google map Live /\cts : Etnica <: Solstice / Etnicanet records :> Ita. <( http://www.myspace.com/etnicaband )> Pleiadians <: Etnicanet / Harmonia records :> Ita. <( http://www.myspace.com/pleiadians )> Frantic Noise <: Dark Prisma / AuraQuake Records :> Arg. <( http://www.myspace.com/franticnoise )>
  5. I must admit, this is one of the most complex newschool goa releases in my view. A Russian label called 'Qulture Production', an "independent international record label, created for the production and dissemination of the author's production." which support the "rare, unpopular, experimental ideas, alternative art and culture." (for more knowledge explore - >> here). ... more importantly, they allowed to born a piece of an astonishing art. Sound quality & mastering is not important here, this album provides some old school formulas with layerity and progressive additive
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxQOMsI7Axw <3 Classy. Could be called "normal trance" ?
  7. Checkout works of Max Corbacho Steve Roach Robert Rich Brian Eno Bruno Sanfilippo Pete Namlook maybe those can suit you
  8. Shame E-Mantra and Shpongle didn't win, but nice results indeed.
  9. Banan

    E-mantra - Arcana

    I just love this album.. <3 its one of the best Suntrip records so far! This is the only album which allows me to FLOAT so deeeeply throught the space! It's really masterpiece in this term. IMHO, Suntrip haven't released BETTER album than this. Uhm, wait. Maybe Filteria's 'Daze of our lives', which didn't sound too randomish like his previous works, is also amazing. But E-mantra's DEEEEP flying-soulish sound is absolutely mindblowing and unique which makes even Transwaves' Backfire sound shallow and 'lazy' in energy. The 'dark' sense is not DARK for me! It reminds me the Zolod's dark i
  10. Banan

    Deja Vu Fabrique

    Folks,another track I LOVE <3 !! #07 - Scary Boubles: "The Orgasm of The Beautiful, whose soul makes me crying from happines" .. :'))) (A_A) I made these cheesy words while listening to that, in that time..that was just what came into my mind. Its just the most deep and layered music I ve ever heard סּ_סּ ... And the apex was mindblowing. כּ_כּ
  11. Banan

    Deja Vu Fabrique

    wow... WOW !!! I mean this is 'dark Torakka - Far Out Express' crazy diamond - what a TRIP !!
  12. Banan

    E-mantra - Arcana

    end of 2009 and two masterpieces - shpongle and this... what a year.
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