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  1. wow great news! Brainwashing is Childs Play is a beautyfull piece of art, and perhaps underestimated aswell. A uniqe album, which make me think of Blue Planet Corporation... Both groups has this "classical" and "fluid" trance" sound which I just love! Thank you, Zion 604!
  2. "Does anyone else know other notable Polish goa/psy artist?" Bigwigs
  3. First of all...thank you mr Draeke! Anoebis: "The Athen live RMX-CD is one of the best cds ever made! Plastic, Floating Universe, Vimana and Time Dilation Rmx are better then the original...!" The live-cd is a magical, enchanting trancendental experience, no doubt about it, but I do not agree with you Anoebis. Sometimes these liveversions are to undistinctive for me. Its just to much echo in some places, so the the "groundfoundation" of the tracks disappear, or have rather been overshadowed. A great example of that is Vimana. In my last gig here in Stockholm I played both Vimana
  4. If we count the population as a factor in this rating my vote definatly goes to Sweden:). Sweden are soon 10 millions and all these great artists are coming from "the land of north"... Atmos, Son Kite, Ticon, Vibrasphere, Matenda, Human Blue, Necton, S-range, Hux-Flux, Logic Bomb, Artax, Gaudium, Battle of the future Buddhas, Ka-sol, Ethereal, Filteria, Ypsilon 5, Miranda, Subcouds, Sienis, Procs, Derango... And on the chilling side CBL, Solar Fields, Healer... Do I have to say more?
  5. Yathabhuta

    VA - Space Of Power

    "RD's whole goal was to make a UX like track with the one on this comp, they did a really compelling job at it as well. " Ok then I know:)
  6. Yathabhuta

    VA - Space Of Power

    one thing I discovered with the Radical Disortion track Is that its "frightening" similar to some UX tracks? For example, the baseline sounds like Masters of the universe baseline... If they were aware of that similarity when they produced they should, in my opinion make some credit to the UX-guys. The "Ux-sound" can of course been an coincidence aswell. Thats happens somtimes I suppose. Is there anyone else who has noticed this similarity? Or is it just me who has devoloped to an old crancy man, who sees negativity more then positive things?
  7. Yathabhuta

    VA - Space Of Power

    I think its a pretty nice album and the more "established" artist (E-mantra, Artifact 303, Filteria) delivers good tunes. Its nothing extraordinary from these guys, but I guess those tracks will appear on their artistsalbum. Its always interesting with the subjective taste when it comes to music. Neurogen ranked Astratrancer track 2/5 - but I really dig that aztec-indian cutipie of track. For me, Astratrancer have a deep sense how to create interesting melodystructures. I dont know what program he uses - cause the "soundpicture" feels weak (compare to Filteria or E-mantra). His music deserve
  8. I listen mostly to ambient and downbeat at home, so both my cat and dog are familiar to that kind of music. Sometimes me and my girlfriend babysitting my girlfriends moms dog. When we are doing that, its obvious that her moms dog (who is mostly listening to finsish cultural music at home ) reacting and our animals not. The dog is barking and acting in a "gaurdian mode". I think, like humans, the prehistorical experiences playing a big part for anaimals psyche as well. If you been raised up with a certain musicstyle, you feel it your veins - and maybe you have a bigger potenial to integrate and
  9. You have potenial! I really liked the track, but for me, the story in the track didnt went to the same direction...Maybe that was your intention, but I want a more "red thred" from beginning to end. This is of sure subjective, but I only talk from my point of wiew. The melody wich presents itself 3.00 is so good! Its different and innoative (remember me of some old Ololiuqui melody) - I want more of that one, why dosent it coming back in the end of the track? keep up the good work, and its obvious that you have developed your sound! Good luck in the future!
  10. Hehe hehe, just to choose one from all these great artists...not an easy one, but I will try... Let there be light Magnetic activity (96 rmx) - Pulse 3 The Rezwalker Vimana Blade Runner Shamanix Howling At The Moon Compulsive Dance Shitty Stick (Better Than A Poke In The Eye With A), I know its Slinky Nuns Return of the Shadows One Love Beyond The Singularity Maia Spiritual Beings In Physical Bodies Insect & Insect Bite (Split Mix) Our own happiness Mōretsu (Indigo And Baraka Mix) Sugar rush (refined mix) Dense Dawn Telepathy Compulsive Dance
  11. She sometimes play here in Sweden. But it is rare that she plays her old tracks. Now her style is more focused on darker atmospheres and "metallic" sounds, some would call it darkpsy... My friend have for the moment a remixchallenge of his old tracks. Here is Mirandas Contribution: http://www.ubetoo.com/psytrance/46085
  12. The track, Nasha feat Mad Sheer Khan - Chai machine (!!) maybe you also should check out music from Elysium...laidback, orientalic...
  13. Really digged the choaos in "Eyeless Observatory"! And Filteraces are absolutly the best piece of art from you Jannis, ever. What an Incredible track:)
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