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  1. Favourite track: Here We Come What a great way to close an album. This track was made for hard dancing. It has rolling basslines, twisted breakdowns, and some cool SFX throughout. i'd be playing this out as loud as morally acceptable. Honorable mention: Foggy This track has the best atmosphere on the album. Nikita uses synths in some really creative ways that get the whole track going nicely and smoothly. The kick is really thin, probably intentionally. It creates just the right momentum for all the harmonies and the rest of the sounds.
  2. By far, the best track on the album is Time Jump. It's a 10/10 for me. Nine minutes of non-stop drive through the most creative and exciting synths that you'll hear in a psy-trance track. It's got a few well timed short breakdowns, but the rest of the track is as stomping as it gets. The other track worth mentioning is BBQ. It's full of acid lines and some creative twists, but not as good as Time Jump.
  3. https://emotional-especial.bandcamp.com/album/stolen-sunrise ALPHONSE Stolen Sunrise (Emotional) Especial 07 Oct 19 Deep House
  4. https://afroacid.bandcamp.com/album/35-002 DJ PIERRE/PHUTURE 35: 002 Afro Acid 04 Oct 19 Techno
  5. yerg

    Avalon - Rise

    Label: Nano Records Country: UK Released: 30 Sep 2019 Style: Psy-Trance Bandcamp Tracklist: 1. Avalon (with Tristan / Killerwatts) - We Are Psychedelic 05:51 2. Another Dimension 07:26 3. Rise Up 08:56 4. Avalon (with Ajja) - Vision Serpent 06:30 5. It’s Time 06:37 6. Revolution 07:18 7. Avalon (with Dickster) - Embrace Life 07:02 8. Avalon (with Mad Maxx) - Explorers 07:07 9.Higherwasca 05:28 Never heard of this producer before, but his sound is really hard and just the way I like it. It's pure psy-trance, reminds me a lot of the Electric Universe and Space Tribe full-on sound, which is perfect for dancefloors. TOP 3 1. Avalon (with Tristan / Killerwatts) - We Are Psychedelic 05:51 Very anthem-like track with powerful narration and strong beats. It's also very uplifting and inspiring, although some of you guys may find it a bit cheesy. I've felt it just a pinch, but the production feels so good that I couldn't miss it. 6. Revolution 07:18 Now here's my favorite track of the album. It has everything I like about modern full-on: great basslines, fun sound effects, creative arrangements, and overall good feeling. Some of the parts even resembled one of my top tracks of all time - Cosmosis' Cave of Medusa. The resemblance probably wasn't intentional, but that UK sound is right there. Very, very fun dancefloor track. 9.Higherwasca 05:28 The album ends on a high note, but for some reason quite short, only five minutes long. It's similar to Revolution and has an excellent vibe throughout. Maybe it's the new standard of club-friendly psy-trance - tracks that don't last too long and still deliver tons of joy. Honorable mention 3. Rise Up 08:56 This track has a pretty slow build-up, but somewhere in the middle it picks up the pace nicely. The last third of the track is particularly good with some crazy sounds rushing through the spakers. Overall, not the best track on the album, but worthy of attention. Rating: 3.5/5
  6. https://shop.cpurecords.net/album/kestrel-manoeuvres-in-the-dark DATASSETTE Kestrel Manoeuvres In The Dark Central Processing Unit 03 Oct 19 Electro
  7. really? here are some of the tracks that Chris Lawrence played at his latest live set: James Monro - Halcyon Daze - Nan James Monro - Expansion - Nano 4D - Void - Nano GMS & Ajja Feat. Pixel - What Makes a Man - Stereo Society Atmos - The Only Process (Protonica Remix) - Atmotech/Iboga Records Liquid Soul & Outsiders - Life Frequency - Sacred Technology Protonica - Gravity - Iboga Records Shadow Chronicles - Indigo Sequence - Future Music Records Liquid Soul & Protonica - Levitate - Iboga Records if this ain't psytrance, then I don't know what is
  8. Paul Oakenfold played some goa trance back in the days. Today, it's mainly Chrostopher Lawrence and John OO Fleming. Both are primarily DJs that focus on psy-trance, although they do mix other stuff.
  9. yeah, there are a couple of tracks like that on this album, too. for example, the title track is like that, which I didn't like that much. but the rest of the album is basically a good old Protoculture
  10. Label: Future Music Records Country: Denmark Released: 13 Sep 2019 Style: Psy-Trance, Progressive Bandcamp Tracklist: 1. Singularity 08:33 2. In the Company of Giants 06:55 3. Universal Language 07:30 4. G.ai.a 07:41 5. Indigo Sequence 07:42 6. Everything Is Everything 08:34 7. Arcadia 08:21 8. Vertical Mode - Inside Your Head (Shadow Chronicles remix) 07:29 9. Jungle Rocket 08:00 10. Moments of Clarity 06:48 You're probably wondering why I put the "protoculture" tag in the topic title, well that's because Shadow Chronicles is an alias of Protoculture (aka Nate Raubenheimer). This is his first album as Shadow Chronicles and it's darn good. TOP 3 5.Indigo Sequence 07:42 Here is the contender for the most beautiful intro to any track ever. It's so pretty that I almost can't believe it. That's what trance should be. The rest of the track will never leave you wondering why Nate is one of the most talented psytrance producers on the planet. It's a magnificent track, and probably the best one on the album. 9. Jungle Rocket 08:00 I love these kinds of slow burning yet steady tracks that just keep growing and growing on you. Jungle Rocket is a track like that, I just want to listen to it over and over again. In the end it starts to remind me of Electric Universe, one of my favorite psytrance acts. It does get slightly more aggressive by the end, which isn't bad at all. 10. Moments of Clarity 06:48 A chill-out moment. It's also quite upbeat, and dramatical at times, but never too much. In several parts Nate goes playing with rhythms and vocal chops in a very inspiring way. However, I did feel that it wants to be something like Shpongle, maybe? But who doesn't want to be Shpongle, right? Regardless, it's a perfectly fine end to the album, and I'm happy to listen to it any time of the day. Honorable mentions 2. In the Company of Giants 06:55 I wish this was the opening track of the album, as it really does the job much better than the actual first track Singularity IMO. In any case, the second half of this trck is so well done with the melody introduction, the vocal samples, and then the rhythm part - everything melts into a shimmering joy state. 6. Everything Is Everything 08:34 One could say that this is a typical combo of psy-prog, but we all know too well that Nate never makes typically typical tracks, and even if you could categorize them as such, then they still would be a head above any other typically progressive productions. 8. Vertical Mode - Inside Your Head (Shadow Chronicles remix) 07:29 I am not familiar with the original track, but if an artist includes a remix of theirs into a solo album, it means only one thing - that it's really worth it. And honestly, this remix is fantastic. An excellent piece of full-on psytrance. Rating: 4.5/5
  11. Label: MMD Records Country: South Africa Released: 12 Sep 2019 Style: Psy-Trance, Night Fullon Bandcamp Tracklist: 1. Xatrik - Vibe 07:36 2. Rubix Qube - DNA of the Universe 07:05 3. WaveFunktion - Creatures of the Night 07:19 4. Omega Flight vs. NRS - Kevin Bacon (Omega Flight RMX) 08:22 5. Jhesha - Hypnogogeo 08:16 6. Synthetic Alkaloid - Hear No Evil 06:40 7. Contrast - Timeshifter 05:31 8. Shift vs. Tryambaka - Save the Rave 06:57 9. Speedball - The Sound of the Universe 08:43 10. Stack Rack - Aeons 08:21 11. Parana - Enter Sandman (Tribute Mix) 07:13 TOP 3 5. Jhesha - Hypnogogeo 08:16 This track starts off in a pretty mundane night psy fashion, but the heat keeps rising step by step. The last third of the track is genuinely good and really provides the sense of completion and satisfaction. That's where all the juices flow down. 9. Speedball - The Sound of the Universe 08:43 Here is the most powerful and musically meaningful track on the compilation. It's almost perfect from beginning to an end, an ideal dancefloor tool. If you hear this in the middle of the night in a club or in a forest, you'll be smitten (in a good way ) 10. Stack Rack - Aeons 08:21 Not as powerful as the previous track, but it holds really well as a companion piece. There is some energy loss in the middle of the track, but then it catches up with some intense synths that sound really, really good. Honorable mention: 4. Omega Flight vs. NRS - Kevin Bacon (Omega Flight RMX) 08:22 I wouldn't say this is one of the best tracks on the comp, but it's definitely better than the rest. It's what you would call a functional piece that rides the waves in a very calculated manner. If it were a bit more dynamic, I'd put it in the list above. But it's still good, just not as good. Rating: 3.5/5
  12. wow, awesome! thanks for posting his reply well, that is incredible, because I have never seen any other producer make so much music before he must be tireless and always inspired, and that's definitely praiseworthy.
  13. So he accumulated all that music and released it now. Ok, it makes sense. Still, that's a massive archive of music, almost unnatural.
  14. I've been browsing Discogs for new releases and stumbled upon this producer named Sixsense. https://www.discogs.com/artist/185988-Sixsense You can see that in 2018 he released 7 albums, and this year he already managed to release two albums. I mean how in the world is it possible to not only produce so much music, but also be able to release it officially? Is he a genius or is it some kind of a scam? I would love to know what's up, if anybody has any intelligence.
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