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    V/A - Fleinheim (The Cure)

    Label: The Cure Country: Israel Released: 19 Jan 2019 Style: Psy-Trance Bandcamp Tracklist: 1. Purosurpo - "Deep wake hypno-mountain" 01:31 2. Nicr & Fugu cans - "The other day" 07:11 3. Ugler I Mosen - "Krudtuglen" 07:40 4. Forest Bamp & Ecko - "The Doors of Perception" 07:46 5. Kedros - "Mora" 09:19 6. Shiibashunsuke - "Spores of truth" 07:26 7. Igboogã - "Death Moss" 07:31 8. Del Torto & Photophobia - "Prisoners Of The Present" 15:18 9. Adansonia - "Rana Del Saco" 08:43 10. Smuds - "Behelit" 09:32 11. Foggy - "Vi Ses Senare" 09:44 12. Purosurpo - "Deepsleep Hypno-Mountain" 05:25 What is Fleinheim? It's two things. One: it's a word that loosely translates as a "magic mushroom." Second: it's a Dark Psy compilation released by the Israeli non profit global community of activists and artists supporting alternative natural medicine called The Cure. All profits from this compilation will be donated to the Heffter Research Institute advancing studies on psilocybin for cancer distress and addiction. This is the second charity-based psy compilation I'm reviewing this year, and I cannot be happier for people that do this kind of work. It's actually really amazing. As for the music itself, I must admit that I am no expert in Dark Psy, but I can appreciate a good effort. I really like KinDzaDza's first album "Waves From Outer Space" and a few other artists that do some excellent work in this style. So here are my thoughts on the Fleinheim and all the tracks presented here. REVIEW 1. Purosurpo - "Deep wake hypno-mountain" 01:31 Just an intro track, nothing special. 2. Nicr & Fugu cans - "The other day" 07:11 The track begins in a very promising way with beautiful cinematic melodies and sound effects. Then, it delves into a deeper and more chaotic area. This discordant theme plays for some time, and then the first breakdown introduces a piano and some laughing samples. In the final part it returns to its comfortable little chaos of sounds. The track has some potential, but there isn't much to chew on here. 3/5 3. Ugler I Mosen - "Krudtuglen" 07:40 A lot of things happen in the first minute of track #3. Gradually it finds the right footing with the help of its peculiar bassline. Spooky atmospheric effects enter the scene, and then the strangest melody plucks on the listener's nerve endings. In the second half, the spooky background noises intensify and the track gets more serious. At this point the paranoid feeling is properly set up. Definitely one of the most creative pieces on the compilation. 4/5 4. Forest Bamp & Ecko - "The Doors of Perception" 07:46 Until the first breakdown this track feels like it got drunk and wet itself. Then, a proper bassline creates some sort of solid ground for all the weird sounds popping in the background. But there is still no determined path after the second breakdown. The latter half of the track is even stranger than the first one. Maybe Dark Psy connaisseurs will apreciate this track more than I did, but there is nothing of great importance here. A really bland effort. 2/5 5. Kedros - "Mora" 09:19 I love the bassline in the beginning of the track, but then it changes to your typical grindy darkpsy bassline. I wish Kedros kept the introductory bassline for the entirety of the track - it's just so good. Oh well, I am not the one to decide here. Fortunately, something else appears at around 3 minute mark. It's some sort of sub bass sound that emits amazing vibrations. I have to say I love every second of it. Then, in the middle a third bassline enters and this one is also very good. It's really playful and makes a rather long track sound fresh all the way to the end. The final couple of minutes bring in a creepy synth that nicely rounds the whole track. Mora is a really fun piece of work that never gets boring. 5/5 6. Shiibashunsuke - "Spores of truth" 07:26 A short vocoded speech opens up track #6, and it immediately goes into frenzy. Harsh effects and disoriented kicks mold the way. This is one of the harder tracks on Fleinheim, and it's pretty good. I like that the rhythm part can never find any sense of stability, it stutters and stumbles all the way through. Only at times it gets a firm grip of the proper 4/4 scale, which makes it a fun ride. I enjoy this track a lot, it's a peculiar one. 4/5 7. Igbooga - "Death Moss" 07:31 I'm not going to say much here, and just conclude that I find this track to be incredibly boring. Not my cup of tea at all. 2/5 8. Del Torto & Photophobia - "Prisoners Of The Present" 15:18 I always thought that tracks of unusually long lengths should have a very strong story-telling element for them to be viable. It has to be a real journey. Otherwise, how are you planning on keeping the listeners engaged? Track #8 completely contradicts my notion and is an example of an extrememly long track with absolutely no story to it. I couldn't tell a difference not in the beginning, neither in the middle, nor in the end. It could've gone for another 15 minutes, and nothing would've changed anyway. The entire piece just flew by in the background. I can't rate this any higher than: 2/5 9. Adansonia - "Rana Del Saco" 08:43 Oh no, this is another dud. It gets a bit interesting in the second half, but the rest is just mashed potatoes. 2/5 10. Smuds - "Behelit" 09:32 Behelit is a refrence to the Berserk manga, a dark epic that is unequaled in the story-telling department. Unfortunately, the track doesn't pay due respects to the masterpiece it was apparently inspired by. It's not as bland as the previous three tracks, but it ain't digging deep either. 3/5 11. Foggy - "Vi Ses Senare" 09:44 I can hear that something exciting is brewing in this track from the very beginning. The build up is rather long and it takes a while before the track comes to its main part. But when it does it's quite rewarding. In the second half of the track the sounds get really neurotic and this is where the whole piece takes on a distinct shape. I quite like it for what it is, although I wouldn't call it a straight up bomb. 4/5 12. Purosurpo - "Deepsleep Hypno-Mountain" 05:25 An outro that continues the theme of the opening track, which is understandable since both tracks have been made by Purosurpo. It's a fine and deep psychill track, although a tad repetitive for my liking. 3/5 --- This compilation turned out to be rather weak in my opinion, but there are a few real gems, especially Mora by Kedros (#5). Every other track on Fleinheim pales in comparison. It's almost ten minutes long and it delivers all the way through. Too bad the rest of the tracks with the exception of # 3, 6, and 11 just don't go anywhere. With all that said the overall rating is: 3/5
  2. Label: Mystic Sound Records Country: Russia Released: 19 Jan 2019 Style: Goa Trance, Psy-Trance Bandcamp Tracklist: 1. Long Awaited Journey 07:56 2. Levels Of Imagination 07:56 3. Goasana (Album Version) 06:10 4. Beyond Borders Of Mind 06:37 5. Temple Of Sound 08:08 6. Calling The Tribe 06:43 7. Explorer Of The Fantasy Worlds 06:42 8. Connection With The Great Spirit 06:20 9. Sun Of Anjuna 07:30 10. Electric Particles (Album Version) 05:10 Maiia303 is the project of a young Russian lady Alla Vagner. This is her second album. The first one was released at Ovnimoon Records in 2014. I am not familiar with the sound of Maiia, so this is a new territory for me. The album delves into the newschool Goa trance sound and with a great success I must say. Most of the tracks here use the acid 303 sounds in some rather creative ways, but there is a heavy dose of classic Goa synth melodies, too. So let's have a closer inspection of what this album can offer. REVIEW 1. Long Awaited Journey 07:56 The opening track starts in a rather uneventful manner and gradually gains intensity with more and more sounds being introduced. The first breakdown hints on the lead melody, but doesn't reveal it. You know it's coming, but the artist keeps you waiting and maintains just enough pressure before the second breakdown. Unfortunately, there is no real payoff in the end. It's a good intro track, but no more than that. 3/5 2. Levels Of Imagination 07:56 The second track immediately shows that it has more drive than the first one. Around 2 minute mark the track explodes with a screaming 303, which is followed by the first breakdown. I really wish that part was a bit longer, but after some time the 303 returns in a slightly different form, which changes throughout. I quite enjoy this track. It's a proper dancefloor material, and it's actually interesting to listen to. 4/5 3. Goasana (Album Version) 06:10 I've noticed at this point that Maiia tends to start her tracks in a similar fashion. We have the already familiar 303 here, which is then replaced with a classic Goa melody and a murky vocal chant. The track intensifies in the second part and even gets a bit dark, but then a light and beautiful melody strikes out of nowhere. It's a neat combination, and I really like when producers combine dark and light elements in a track. This is another solid production from Maiia. 4/5 4. Beyond Borders Of Mind 06:37 Track #4 starts in a very dramatic fashion. It's a slight change of pace from the previous three tracks, which is nice. The dramatic theme follows through until the very middle of the track. Too bad the track doesn't go anywhere from there. There are some effects here and there, but in general it's quite dull. I'm not a fan of this track, but it ain't terribly bad either. 3/5 5. Temple Of Sound 08:08 The central track of the album starts with some chugging beats and bassy sounds. The intensity gradually rises with some fine synths that make the whole track sound very appealing. During the first breakdown Maiia introduces a chopped up vocal sample that helps build the pressure even more. The last third of the track brings back some 303 once again. Then, the track ends without any actual payoff, which is a bit disappointing as the first part of the track was really promising. Oh well, it was still enjoyable. 4/5 6. Calling The Tribe 06:43 I'm not sure what Maiia does differently on this one, but the production feels really mellow this time around. It's a classical Goa track with high BPM, and yet it feels really chilly. Probably it has something to do with the melody or the bassline. I still can't put my finger on it. It's definitely a distinctive track, and I really like that bassline. 4/5 7. Explorer Of The Fantasy Worlds 06:42 Finally, a track that I could really appreciate. I've been a bit underwhelmed by the first half of the album, but Maiia really shows some skills here. All elements of the track are dynamic and exciting. It's almost 7 minutes long, but I couldn't tell. This is definitely the winner of the album for me. 5/5 8. Connection With The Great Spirit 06:20 Track #8 packs some punch from the get-go, which is a nice change of pace after a series of really moody pieces. DJs should really take note of this one. It's made for firing up dancefloors! I'm happy to add another excellent Goa track to my collection. 5/5 9. Sun Of Anjuna 07:30 After two extremely well-made tracks comes another great piece with a slightly aggressive synth work. I really like the breakdown that comes after. It sets the mood for something very mysterious and almost menacing. Then, a brighter melody enters and shakes things up. This is another excellent track by Maiia. It has the dynamics and the energy similar to track #7, which I liked a lot. 5/5 10. Electric Particles (Album Version) 05:10 The final track is much shorter and clearly an edited version of a very good piece of work. I'm not sure why Maiia decided to cram all her best stuff at the bottom of the album, but that's how it is. This track is obviously very good but ends abruptly. So due to its short running time I have to cut the rating, too. 4/5 --- The first half of the album put me off a bit, since it was really mellow and it kinda dragged a bit too much for my liking. Somewhere in the middle of the album I got worried that I might not end up liking it. However, the second half saves the whole thing and that's where the best tracks are concentrated. Tracks 7, 8, 9 are the best. If you care to listen to Maiia at all, but don't have more than 20 minutes, this would be a perfect trifecta. The entire album rests on these three pieces. And the overall rating is: 4/5 Levels of Imagination is a very solid newschool Goa album with some great tracks made for both your bedroom and local dancefloors.
  3. yerg

    Your top 3 from the top 3

    so MWNN does have a new album in pipeline. this is good news then, and the style doesn't matter much, I am pretty sure the production will be top notch. thanks for the heads up what do you think about the Cosmosis track titled "Cave of Medusa" which was released on Avatar records. I consider it to be one of the best psy-trance tracks ever written, but since I couldn't find anything similar from him, I didn't want to include it in my top 3. If you are familiar with the track, maybe you could advice other Cosmosis track in the same style as that one?
  4. yerg

    Mastering :)

    Hey, can I send you the private soundcloud link of my last production? I've mastered the track on my own, but would appreciate your input as well.
  5. May I suggest all albums by Juno Reactor? I mean everything Ben Watkins has done is just pure gold, especially his first three albums. You will find everything in there from Goa to Ambient and beyond.
  6. yerg

    Your top 3 from the top 3

    Yep, MWNN is a true master. I only wish he produced more music.
  7. yerg

    Your top 3 from the top 3

    oh boy, this was harder than I thought, but here we go: Juno Reactor 1. Mars 2. Laughing Gas 3. Nitrogen part 1 Man With No Name 1. Axis Flip 2. Seratonin Sunrise (MVO Mix) 3. Teleport Astral Projection 1. Ionized 2. Ambient Galaxy (Disco Valley Mix) 3. Flying Into A Star
  8. yerg

    Spatialize - Beyond the Radar

    Released:11 Jan 2019 Style: Ambient, Downtempo Bandcamp Tracklist: 1. Cat and Mouse 04:57 2. Beyond the Radar 06:03 3. Hobo Sapien 06:21 4. Colour of the Sky 06:06 5. Dance of Light 05:58 6. The Great Super Mango 06:26 7. Tolticken 03:58 8. Out of Body 05:54 9. Tree Frogs 07:51 Spatialize is Neil Butler, an ambient producer from UK, who is also known as Dreaming Tree. This is his fifth outing as Spatialize, an ambient project that has been alive and kicking since 2005. Neil's music appeared on a fair number of compilations for labels such as SAS Records, Disco Gecko, Mystic Sound Records, and others. If you like rhythmical ambient that can at times delve into the 4/4 territory, then you will appreciate this effort. As usual, I will give a short description of each track with individual rating, and then summarize my thoughts at the end of the review. I also need to add that I like to evaluate each track separately and don't see much point of talking about the album as a whole. REVIEW 1. Cat and Mouse 04:57 The first track is rather upbeat and goes into proper breakbeat territory from the very beginning. It's not too fast or anything, but it isn't much of a chill out track either. The harmonica sounds evoke memories of OTT's Halucinogen remixes, and those are clear influences here. It has a really nice production and some live saxophone comes in the second half of the track. The sax doesn't sound cheesy or anything, and it actually fits the jazzy vibe of the track pretty well. Overall, a nice little intro track that sets the mood for the whole album. 3/5 2. Beyond the Radar 06:03 Now this is where the album really starts. Psychill vibes are all over this track that runs on a slower BPM than the previous one. Then, the soothing vocal enters the scene and makes everything roll. Swirling melodies caress the ears, and the harmonica is back once again, which is not a bad thing at all. Everything in the first half of the track sounds very, very nice. After a moderate breakdown in the middle Spatialize adds a bit of intensity with the help of an electric guitar, but its completely subdued and doesn't scream in your face. The "acoustic" guitar takes the lead at the end and nicely rounds things out. 4/5 3. Hobo Sapien 06:21 Track #3 has a fantastic intro, very cinematic. The dramatic overtones are supported by a pulse rhythm in the area of 100-110 BPM. It isn't exactly a dance track, but you could easily make it a bit faster and turn into some weird house track. Once again, the guitars and, I think, a violin emerge and play around chopped up male vocals until everything boils down to another dramatic interlude. In the last third the sax is also back, but this time it's a bit funny and doesn't really know where to go with the mood set in the first part of the track. But maybe that's how Neil wanted it and who am I to judge. 3/5 4. Colour of the Sky 06:06 Colour of the Sky truly begins at around 2:30 when a sitar introduces a synth melody and a female vocal. These intertwine and create an incredible effect. I really like this track and would say that this is probably one of the best psychill tracks I've heard lately. The sounds of various instruments create their own whirlpools or pockets of sounds that make the entire track shimmer. I can't describe this any better, just listen to it. A fanastic psychedelic track. 5/5 5. Dance of Light 05:58 We're back on the 4 on the floor territory with this rather generic track. The rhythm is similar to Hobo Sapien, but the ideas in the track are far less interesting. I can't really say much more about Dance of Light, it's just bland and recycles previous ideas in an uninspiring way. 2/5 6. The Great Super Mango 06:26 Here is an example of a track that once again recycles the previous ideas on the album but in an interesting way. It's not the highlight of an album, but it doesn't just run through the speakers in an unnoticable fashion, but actually creates some friction within a listener. I guess it has something to do with the choice of the instruments, which are basically, the same as before: a guitar, a harmonica, and a sax. Probably the way they are processed also has something to do with the intriguing atmosphere of the track. I am not a producer and can't really judge this too well, but one can clearly hear whether an artist has a certain motivation or one simply goes with the flow and improvize as they go. In any case, it's a solid track, but nothing you haven't heard before. 3/5 7. Tolticken 03:58 The shortest track on the album is also the most beautiful one. There is no sonic trickery involved, just lush melodies interrupted by short rhythmic bursts. It finishes before it even begins properly, and it really feels like it should've been much longer. If it had extra 3-4 miniutes in it, then the rating would be higher. 3/5 8. Out of Body 05:54 Experience shows that all 4/4 tracks on the album have been underwhelming. The same goes for Out of Body, which is a nice track overall, but with the same recycled patterns as before. Not much is happening here throughout the entire run of the track. But if you enjoy the sound of an acoustic guitar, then you will definitely appreciate it. 3/5 9. Tree Frogs 07:51 The final track saves Beyond the Radar and sets the high standard of the first half of the album once again. The flute is the king of this track and it has so much power that the result is nothing short of magnificent. I would say Tree Frogs is in the top 3 tracks of the album, which also includes Beyond the Radar and Colour of the Sky. Music like this is truly inspiring and I'm glad that Neil decided to close the album with such a strong production. It leaves the best possible impression. 4/5 --- The first half of the album is much stronger than its second half. I really wanted to put this album in one row with my favorite chill out albums from the past, but I just can't do it. It has a lot of interesting ideas and the production values are strong, but there just seems to be not enough fire or inspiration for it to be truly outstanding. The highlight of the album is definitely Colour of the Sky. This track is so complex that I would dare any producer to figure out how it's done. But it's not just the complexity that really makes it stand out, but the ideas in it are dare I say innovative. I'm just really happy that I could find something that is so musically meaningful in this album. And that doesn't happen too often, even when I listen to some of my favorite artists. I'll be returning to this track at moments when I seem to lose any interest in music, just to remind myself that those precious moments of awe can still exist in the current psychill scene. With all that said, the album is quite good, but not remarkable, so the final rating of mine would be: 3.5 out of 5
  9. released January 14, 2019 Compiled by Dark El Kante Mastered by Joey Dianos @ Lemon Sauce Labs Artwork by Thomas Duchene Bandcamp Tracklist: 1. Lemon Slide - Magic 05:31 2. Mayawa Feat. Kaksneuvonen - Ecstasy Honeymoon 04:17 3. Oraalidonitsi - Emmä Keksi Tälle Nimee 06:19 4. Mussa Kussa - Nobelaner Cowboy 06:18 5. Kyril & Eskobar - Presto 06:00 6. Pavel Svimba Feat. Hauveli - MongoMaggots 04:23 7. ADU - The First Ray Of Sun 05:01 8. Räpylät - Pispalan Valtatie 07:11 9. Anima Animus - Change The World 07:18 10. Texas Faggott - Jorgen Pallit 03:03 11. RRRastas - Kuumotus Maximus 05:26 12. Salakavala - Submarine 07:52 13. Oraalidonitsi - Kikkeli Kakkeli 06:23 14. Boney M - Rasputin (Spuge H Remix) Suomisaundi has always been one of the most exciting parts of the psytrance scene. This new compilation from Random Records, which focuses on releasing music for charity purposes, is the third in the series that focuses on the preserving the Saami, the Indigenous people of the northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Kola Penninsula of Russia. So all the money that will be collected from this release will go to charities that focus on preserving the environment of the Saami ancestral areas. The motivation behind the compilation is praiseworthy and definitely makes it a worthwhile investment. But besides the idea behind the compilation, I would like to focus on the music itself and see if there is something really great in it. I will not be reviewing every single track simply because there is no need to. Amongst the 14 tracks available on the compilation only six really managed to grab my attention. So I'll just focus on them and make the conclusion at the end of the review. REVIEW: 3. Oraalidonitsi - Emmä Keksi Tälle Nimee 06:19 What I really like about the Finnish psytrance is the focus on melody, and even if at times it could get a bit on the cheesy side, I still appreciate all the beautiful melodic structures that come in many of these tracks. Track #3 on the compilation is exactly that kind of melodic tune I am so thristy for. It's warm and soulful and takes you on a journey from the very beginning with its elegant plucky guitars and swirling effects in the background. Somewhere in the middle the melodic element subsides and gives you a time to breathe. Then, in the second part of the track, the guitar returns and offers some more of that warm melodiousness, but this time accompanied by a soft synth and sounds of nature. The structure is simple and effective - exactly the reason why this track has been on repeat since I first heard it. 5. Kyril & Eskobar - Presto 06:00 The playfulness of track #5 by Kyril & Eskobar is what really got me hooked. It juggles several different melodic elements pretty nicely and you never get bored of this circus of instruments that come in and out just to tease you and then disappeare once again. You will hear everything from electric guitar to some sort of jingle bells and even a flute. It's all quite interesting and really flows well despite the number of seemingly incompatible sounds. But Suomisaundi can probably get away with it and still sound great. The last third of the track introduces an ethnic singing, which greatly reminded me of the old Deep Forest tracks that utilized those vocals to the greatest extent. All in all, Presto is a damn fine track full of inspiration and dancing energy. 7. ADU - The First Ray Of Sun 05:01 Track by ADU is a whole different story. The mood changes drastically here and is all about regretfulness that cannot be satiated. At least that's what I felt when listening to it, and although it's not your typically joyful Suomi track, it has a very distinct sound that I liked a lot. Its feelings are genuine and the artist behind the track is being honest about their intentions, and that is what I can always appreciate in music. I don't even want to write much about it - just lean back and listen. It'll blow you away! 9. Anima Animus - Change The World 07:18 This one is probably the closest to what people would call a psytrance track. It's getting very intense from the very beginning and doesn't let go until the very end. If I were a DJ, I would play the heck out of this track, especially sometime in the middle of the night when everybody's sweaty and properly aroused. The last minute of it is just incredibly beautiful and powerful. A proper dance track. 12. Salakavala - Submarine 07:52 Here's an offering from one of my all time favorite Finnish bands Salakavala. This is also my favorite track on the compilation. If you are well familiar with the sound of Salakavala, then you will love this one, as it has all the trademark elements of the Salakavala sound. It's got the raw intensity, which is supported by grindy and fat bassline. On top you will hear distorted effects and a whole amalgamation of samples that have been properly rendered through a bunch of effects processors. The melodic aspect is vague but present - an element that constantly makes me listen to their tracks over and over again. Nobody really does Suomisaundi like Salakavala and that has been the case since their masterpiece Fractal Fishing. If you can really appreciate the Finnish trance, then this is a real treat, a candy, a warm honey for your soul. 13. Oraalidonitsi - Kikkeli Kakkeli 06:23 The last good track on this compilation returns the listener to the good feelings of tracks 3 and 5. Again, it has a simple structure, but the nice melodies really grab you and you just can't help yourself but listen to the harmonic sounds flowing out of your headphones. It's a track that evokes certain emotions with a pinch of nostalgia, hope and joy - just the way I like it. --- Track 13 would be a perfect closing track for Saamisaundi Vol.3, but unfortuntely, there is one more track after this one that ruins the entire feeling. If it weren't for that very last track, then I would give this compilation a higher rating. There really is a fair number of stinkers on Saamisaundi Vol.3. So I ended up with: 3 out of 5 It's just a one's man opinion and maybe others will apppreciate the rest of the tracks more than I did, but only the six tracks mentioned above really tickled my fancy, while the rest just annoyed me and I couldn't care less to be honest. In any case, Finnish people know their trance really well and they can do no wrong.
  10. Hi guys, just wanted to share a mix of my fave tracks from one of the most creative personas in the psy field - Sean Williams aka Process. http://soundcloud.com/user88128/appreciation-dj-mix-sean-williams-aka-process Tracklist: 01. Satori - Entropy (Pete Martin & Sean Williams) (1996) 02. Satori - Back To Earth (Pete Martin & Sean Williams) (1996) 03. Process & Tristan - Random Factor (Sean Williams & Tristan Cooke) (1997) 04. Beast - Trouble (Simon Posford & Sean Williams) (1998) 05. Prometheus Process - Clarity From Deep Fog (Benjamin Vaughan & Sean Williams) (1997) 06. Beast - Spawn (Simon Posford & Sean Williams) (1998) 07. Process - Beyond The Internal Horizon (Sean Williams) (1997) 08. Process - Psychobabble (Sean Williams) (1999) 09. Process - Brainmelt (Sean Williams) (2002) 10. Process - 10,000 Thrill Seekers (Sean Williams) (2002)
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    Recent ratings

    The Ladykillers is just at the same weirdo route as O Brother, Where Art Thou - well, that's my personal view. ..and i liked Ladykillers as much as O brother. Hanks was brilliant - and once again proved to be an outastanding actor.
  12. yerg

    The Shawshank Redemption vs. The Green Mile

    He IS that big http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0003817/bio