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  1. New track! feel free to leave some feedback, tia
  2. Hey http://www.bandbase.dk/mgproject/ In the top of the tracklist are my two newest tracks, enjoy... Or give critique, everything is appreciated Peace!
  3. Coolest album I've heard in a looong time, 10/10
  4. Mars, what do you think of your smiley?
  5. It is corrected, hope you'll forgive me
  6. cthulhu send them to me on e-mail
  7. I have bored of our usual smilies so I made some new ones myself. They represent some of our beloved members. For example: Rotwang: Caff: Abasio: (melted from the ambient) Anoebis: Bahamut: Buzzman: Christos: Mars, after he closed off topic: Prio: Radi: Snowball: Billy: VIP Lemminwinks: Reger: (no need to change something)
  8. This is some of the coolest progressive I've heard in several years, except for single tracks here and there... Quality dancefloor tracks, and good psychedelic moods... I'm especially in love with the Suntree remix of Dimension... Awesome stuff
  9. Why doesn't Ford produce the T-model anymore?? Simply because it's outdated and no one would ever buy it.
  10. If someone can hook me up with the Phosycon I'd be very grateful Please PM me if it's the case
  11. buzzman

    Sci-Fi Movies

    1: Aliens 2:Terminator 2 (and T1) 3:Starwars series 4:Alien 5the mist (Why didn't you put that on the list? ) I've never had the chance to watch Bladerunner, which i know is concidered one of the best sci-fi's ever, so I guess I would place that on the list if I'd seen it
  12. Haha look at the comments for this track.
  13. Then you should definitely check out Concept - Paranormal (2007) http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Xc-wx-x774 And Braincell - Frequency evolution (2008) http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTGnMy6pz9M
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2aXP2lhrEr4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PD4KptDnSfg
  15. really good job! Now you just need to finish it Remember to put some changes into your bassline and percussion, I know it's a lot of boring work, but it will make a difference
  16. THis is a fantastic release, it's like progressive goapsy. I nice blend of genres, and a great atmospheric ride. Track 3 being my favorite so far
  17. Couldn't agree with you more. After Funnraiser came Horn Please, which IMO is a great album, it keeps up that "holeness" or "completeness" that you talk about this new album lacks. Yet it is darker and more blasting than the previous albums. Very good!,. Then came Portuguese abduction, which has the same problems as this album. At first I was blown away by the production quality and the awesome little passages, but as a hole, it wasn't doing anything for me. This album is exactly the same. The music is uninspirational and dull, eventhough it, at first, sounds like really good music. Like you say the quality is top notch, and the use of samples has allways been a talent of Mr. Penta, but he isn't going in the direction I wanted him to.... It's getting commercialized and dancefloor oriented. Hey Psytones, the album couldn't be further from Funnraiser, sadly. If you heard Portuguese abduction, you should know what to expect fom this.
  18. Hey Anub1s, glad you liked it I still need to tweak some stuff, and I'm thinking about changing the bright melody a little bit, to make it more alive. I will let you know when something happens!
  19. buzzman

    Recent ratings

    The Wrestler Uninspirering peace of chiche's, I'm surprised to see it have a 8.3 rating on IMDB. It was a nice story, some good acting by Rourke, but thats it. The bad relationship towards his daughter.. Seen so many times before. The relationship to the stripper because he don't have anybody ells... Ohh I so feel for that poor schmock, or do I? When he asked her to dance in the bar, to make a "crazy" atmosphere, all seen before. 6,75/10
  20. Yeah I have noticed that, it's a real shame... Used to get good constructive critique here... But thank you for your comment, I'm glad you liked it symphoid
  21. Any comments, good or bad, are appreciated. In the top of my tracklist here: http://www.bandbase.dk/mgproject/
  22. The distorted synth in the intro of Ecstatica is retarded. BTW this is the review section, I don't post my homemade tracks here either. There's a topic called "Artist promotion" for that, maybe you can get some constructive critique there as well.
  23. Just convert the FLAC files to WAV (like Kino Oko wrote) and drag them into your open sequencer in cubase... Then a window will pop up and ask you how to import the file. The default settings should be fine. If not, you want a single stereo channel. Then you should be able to see the waveforms in the given channel in the sequencer. You do that with all the (FLAC->)WAV files(kick, bass, melody, percussion ect), so you have them all in individual channels. Now, you can cut, move around, put effects on, and build your own track out of it.
  24. Haven't read much in my life, so not sure if I'm on the right track here But I don't understand the way they overdescripe everything in the older literature I've read... Was reading some older danish novels, where they used several PAGES to descripe the scenery, that made little or no purpose at all in contrast to the storyline.... Several pages about how the savanah looked like, they could have put it down to 20 words like abasio said. Come to think about it, the book was written before television was invented (or at least before it was owned by the majority of people) so i guess what the writer intented was, to descripe a scenery (in this case, the african savannah) as detailed as possible, so the everyday-danish person could imagine how it looked like. Caus in the 30's, no danish guy would know how it looked like, unless you had been to africa.. Today, even a 10 year old child knows what the savannah looks like, from Disney movies or Animal Planet.
  25. Just grab a hold on the bassline and enjoy the flight
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