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VA - Mind Rewind 3 [DAT Mafia Recordings]


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Hello everyone, since there isn't any review of the compilation, I will post my own view of it. I will also share the stories on how this one came to be and how complex was to release it.
I am very proud of it, since we worked very hard and the result is really brilliant.

I won't speak of mastering as for me this series is really very well done with the audio marvels of Colin OOOD that took the tracks and gave them new life, balancing every aspect and making them sound the best they could.

CD1 - Unreleased

The opener, Questions by RA, is a real killer, it comes from the original demo of the band, that never saw the light of the day, and although not credited on the sleeve (by mistake) was also produced by Lars Lind. We amended this on the entry on discogs.

We then have Jubilation by Dharma 7, a really mystical tune, composed in the heydays of goa trance, and it sounds rough but polished and has a very haunting feeling to it, I really love it. The melody that kicks in also is very well done and takes the track to another dimension.

Next we have Alkaloid. This is Sam from the UK (now relocated to Spain) that produced this track a long time ago. But the quality of the music is really there, it has a mega psychedelic apex in the middle, that makes you think you are listening to Etnica and their mayhem of layers, vintage '96. But it is not them! So that is an indicator of the quality of the music, as they are pretty much some of the best producers that ever made music in this genre. It also was found on a DAT tape in the hand of a New Zealand party goers, who had it next to Etnica - Shadow Dance, curiously named as Etnica - No Name. So, I wasn't the only one making this connection with its sound.

Shiva Chandra's Atmosphere, was a track found on a tape in possession of Max Etnica, and was grouped together with other tracks of Daniel. The original DAT title was just Daniel - Atmosphere (misspelled as Outmosphere, who knows what the real title was!). Daniel confirmed it to be his tracks, but wanted the title changed to Atmosphere as he could not recall making up that other name. Great track of the past, a bit rough in some parts maybe but that surely deserved to be included.

Little Blue Men. Here we go, this is a true bomb. Very fast, hyper psychedelic and I can guarantee that when I played it in a DJ set in Belgium people really lost it. It's absolutely stellar in every possible way and we have to thank the Swedes for allowing us to release this very old track, long forgotten by the authors but highly sought after by many DAT collectors! It took us a while to find a good master copy of Dr Snuggles Dilemma as the band had no tape of this. Dr Snuggles was originally a cartoon character.


Magus. Well, who hasn't dreamed of seeing this track finally released? It is a dream come true. If you know the Greek psychedelic scene you also know that this mythical band was playing some of the most intricate, dark, crazy, mind exploding psychedelic tracks ever made. They were real geniuses in the use of mad samples and combined humorous vibes with swirling acid lines. It's an absolute storming track and we have to thank a Greek friend for helping us in getting the authorization from one half of the band. The other half was happy to help, and was already a contact of mine, so it was half easy, half hard. But I am so glad it could finally come out. I want to say that even if the track is called Black Holes (Remix) it's actually a Re Mix, meaning the original mix was just weaker and they rearranged a few elements to make a better final mix, but there is not really an original version of the track, as the other one is very similar but less finished.

Opale - Lord of the Minds. Greg is a real psychedelic warrior. His tracks are absolutely stellar. They are dark and very energetic, and this one features a samples taken from Lord of The Rings. He always likes to use samples from movies, and other tracks he has all feature samples from Hollywood productions. But that's just the starting point, he then creates great atmospheres around the tracks filled with acid driven mad lines, curtesy of his collection of analog synths. And we are glad to have him on board with this tune.

Wizzy Noise - Pleione. Well, if you were trading unreleased tracks back on mIRC, ICQ, Napster, Soulseek and WinMX in the late 90s you will surely remember how hard was to get your hands on Wizzy Noise tracks. Often called the Pleiadians of Greece they were creating some absolutely mind-blowing tracks and we needed the help of all the Pantheon to be able to release this monster track. Wizzy project is frozen since 2008 and just a miracle and a pro-charity compilation could make it happen. I was really jumping for joy when I heard the good news, everyone should enjoy this jewel as a sacred offering. It probably won't happen again.


Blade's Anthropophagi refers to some tribes who practice cannibalism. The concept is of course dark and obscure but the track is absolutely wonderful in terms of creativity. It has some strange solutions in it but we found it pretty original and unique. I want to add that this musician from Montecarlo made his way into various DAT tapes of the 90s as even XP VooDoo was playing his music in his sets and I think this one surely deserved to come out.


Mystery Machine is a British project, and this track was liked by Danny Rampling who played it into a radio show. It only got that single air but yet people were looking for this track for a long time! I remember some blokes from up north writing me to thank me because they finally could enjoy this track, complete and in full quality. I also found the sample pretty interesting and even if it sounds a bit trancey I think it has some defined psychedelic moments in it.


CD2 - Vinyl Only tracks

Kharma - Harmony. This was a project where Blade from CD1 took part, together with some friends they created a track that is absolutely goanish even if it was released into a progressive trance vinyl on a label that was not specifically related to the goa scene. Back in 94-96 in Italy and in many other EU countries we had this scene that was called "progressive" without any other words next to it and in many clubs DJs were playing a mixture of tracks that more than often were on the verge of being goa, alternating them with more commercial and melodic tracks such as Children by Robert Miles that was one of the most famous anthem of the genre together with X-Form, Florian F, Enere and many others. So this track comes from that era and that genre, reminding me of when I was clubbing in '96 on the Italian coast. Awesome times for sure and this track capture that essence perfectly.

Doof - Let's Turn On (Tuned-In Mix). This is probably the last vinyl-only track by our dear Doof that was so kind as to license almost every track he has ever made to DAT Records. We think that this mix deserved to come out as it is less known than the original and the recently released 'Desk Mix' which is a magnificent 9 minutes stormer. But this one is not less interesting, it is very hypnotic and a favourite of DJ Solitare who used to play this back in the days in his sets more than often. I also consider this to be a gem of a mix, which can work very well on the dancefloor, surprising a few peeps as it is very little known. Try it, I like it a lot.

Ushuaya - 3 Months. I was thrilled when we recorded this one from the tapes. I immediately understood something was different and then I checked. It's the speed and the pitch. We ripped 3 copies of the vinyl and in all of them the length was different, it was a bit off-tune and so we sent this version to Tim himself who confirmed this to be the real deal, that's how the track was composed and how is supposed to sound. So, back when the vinyl was pressed, something went wrong and they released a track which was not at the right speed/pitch. No worries, it was the 90s and it worked wonders anyway, but here for the first time you get the correct speeded track with a fantastic remastering, a real treasure!

Hux Flux - Time Slices. Notably one of the best tracks ever made by Dennis. Seriously, just listen to it, it is absolutely crazy. That ghostly effect it's out of this world and the track is a marvel, it is intense, fast and groovy, a real treat. I am so happy we could finally get this baby to CD and although we could not find a DAT master, we ripped several copies of vinyl and the sapient hands of my friend DJ Sunborn, restored and cleaned this track spectacularly. Then the remastering gave it new life and we really have a jewel here.

Deviant Electronics - Catacomb. The last vinyl only of the band really deserves to be here, it's a 10 minute majestic composition. It has a cool vibe to it and makes me want to run and jump. It is very well produced and I was really happy to be able to use it for this compilation. I don't know if Zion604 had any plans for it, but we asked and they were happy to let us use it for this compilation. We thank them for this. I am sure you will be happy about this one as much as I were when selecting it.

Cosmosis - Emanations. What's there to say? It's Cosmosis!! There is really no need to say much, the master of psychedelia hailing from the UK has done it again with this track and just as in his other famous tunes there are all the elements of a winner track. That feeling that you immediately understand is one of his tracks is present. It's really unmistakable and sooooo aciiiiiid. I really love his sound, it's brilliant and amazing at the same time. Thanks for this one Bilbo!

Semsis - Soundvandal. Originally, we had voted for another track, but since the authors could not be found anywhere, we went for the next in line, which was this great track by Semsis. Everyone knows the flip side of this EP and few ever mention this track to my knowledge. However my good friend DJ Solitare used to play it in his set in the 90s and was very happy we finally picked it. Iain was really awesome and so kind to donate this track for the release.

Hiscore - Identify. "Do you identify this object?" Now tell me this isn't the craziest track you've ever heard, pretty mental right? I think it is an absolute stormer and although I usually play it a little pitched up for mayhem effect, it works perfectly also at his original speed. I was happy we could find a deal with the band and with the help of a friend I could acquire this song and donate it to the compilation. The sound that emerged with the mastering is really outstanding and we have a true killer here.

Gangguru - X-3. I call these guys the French Etnica as their sound is really somehow similar to the sound of my friends back in 1996. The kick they used is also somewhat similar and the melodies are all there, very special project this one. And I am very thrilled to say much more will come from these guys, as I have been speaking with them and we are preparing a full length release. Anyway, this particular track, is really cool and it is mysterious for me how they could not release something back in the 90s as they clearly were much better than a lot of artists who were produced and released. Mysteries. But it's not too late, we will give this music a new life now and this track is a superb example of their technique.

Encens - Howl. A super fun track by Marcello who was super cool and donated the track to the cause last minute as we couldn't get the authorization for another track. But hey, this is a real winner, a fabulous track and I love the sample in it. It really is a great track and I am sure a lot will enjoy this vinyl only track that perfectly closes our compilation.

Ideally all these stories would have gone into the booklet, but believe it or not we had no time to go through this phase and the graphic solution I invented, hopefully was appreciated by all of you. The photos were taken by me and my friends, and all the vinyl off my collection scanned and retouched as to look like they were 45RPM 7" singles. I hope you liked this idea and that you enjoyed the hard work behind the whole compilation.

Now please, support the cause and buy the cd original, the sales will help this charity:

To buy the CD it you can conveniently go here:

DAT website:

Bandcamp (CD only):


Please note the release is available only in physical format at this stage.
We are not sure if we will be able to sell files too, maybe in the future.

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I've not actually heard any of the mind rewind series, they all look fantastic and I was tempted to buy the triple set at DAT records website as I was purchasing IFO bit I went for Analog Dreams and Doof instead. Maybe it'll be next month's purchase as all three do look enticingly good :)

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Abasio, thanks so much for your support, your pack has left already and I'd be thrilled to read your reactions/reviews of the releases you've got for now.

In the future, if you'll be buying the mind rewind series, remember that you will be supporting an independent venture, which sales would benefit kids in India, and you'll get amazing goa trance music in return.

All the music of the 3 compilations is really great, some jewel that finally got released. More to come :)

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Well those three are top of my to buy list along with Morphic Resonance - The City of Moons so it won't be long I'm sure. Until then I'll just have to enjoy Pleiadians, Doof and Analog Dreams :)

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Artist: Various

Title: Mind Rewind 3

Label: DAT Mafia Recordings

Date: March, 2016


Unreleased Tracks


1. Ra - Questions

2. Dharma 7 - Jubilation

3. Alkaloid - Influx (Mix 2)

4. Shiva Chandra - Atmosphere

5. Little Blue Men - Dr. Snuggles Dilemma

6. Magus - Black Holes (Remix)

7. Opale - Lord of the Minds

8. Wizzy Noise - Pleione

9. Blade - Anthropophagi

10. Mystery Machine - Psychedelic Concentration



Vinyl Only Tracks


1. Karma - Harmony

2. Doof - Let's Turn On (Tuned-In Mix)

3. Ushuaya - 3 Months

4. Hux Flux - Time Slices

5. Deviant Electronics - Catacombs

6. Cosmosis - Emanations

7. Semsis - Sound Vandal

8. Hiscore - Identify

9. Gangguru - X-3

10. Encens - Howl





Can someone please get their child, he thinks he's a reviewer!



Just kidding Draeke, that was pretty damn thorough. Kinda hard to compete with details and facts from the guy who was instrumental in putting the compilation together isn't it? Obviously this review thread needs gratuitous gifs of barely contained breasts and derrieres. Let's face it that's my wheelhouse. The third installment of the Mind Rewind series is certainly no longer a secret in our community. Though fantastic efforts by a lot of people we the goa loving the community receive lost or hard to find tracks all while knowing that all the proceeds go to help Indian children. Feels good knowing that from my normal position on the couch I can help this worthy cause. First world philanthropy baby.


I haven't listened to the two previous installments of this series even though I purchased them long ago so I cannot comment on whether this is better or worse than those. On it's own it is a really good 2 disc compilation of stuff that was never released on only released on vinyl. I don't have a turntable so these compilations that send vinyl only stuff my way always appeal to me. While I agree that the Ra track and Time Slices rule the roost, there is a lot of great stuff to be found here. Pure old school stuff. The Little Blue Men track is a beast! 3 Months is a pounding constantly evolving track, Semsis gets industrial (weren't they anyway?) Hiscore gets mad screechy, and the 471st mix of Let's Turn On pulsates as a stripped down version.


The only tracks I didn't like were Harmony and Anthropophagi. Too boring. Most surprising? Who knew the boys from the Noise had it in them? The rest are solid offerings. I imagine everyone who is into goa already has or will have this. The fact that it's for a good cause helps armchair philanthropists like myself get a good night's sleep. And it's only 15 Euro?


Please, I've spent more on Vaseline.





What? I like to be shiny.


DAT Bandcamp

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  • 3 weeks later...

- the hux flux track does not sound like hux flux but it is spectacular

- why was it never released before?

- i love the deviant electronics track but at the same time i am so disappointed because the track sounds dirty - it is a nice morning track but the sound quality is poor

i am not blaming the person who did the mastering as i know he is very competent - i just guess the original file was in very poor quality and no one can do miracles but anyway that is a pity because i love the track it sounds like old x-dream when they made morning trance

i dont love every track on this compilation but i really like what dat records is doing and i really appreciate the variety in everything released on this label

keep up the hard work and thanks a lot for every killer release the last few years

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Magus, Wizzy Noise & Alkaloid are by far the best on CD1, on CD2 it is nice to have Identify finally!


Overall weaker as last editions, more and more fillers (are the great unreleased tracks less and less common?) but still worth heaving

IMO it's much better than Mind Rewind 2.

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- the hux flux track does not sound like hux flux but it is spectacular

- why was it never released before?

- i love the deviant electronics track but...

it is a nice morning track...

1)The Hux Flux is vinyl-only before this release. I think nobody had thought about this original when the remix of the track was available on cd.


2)It's a dark, 150bpm night track if you ask me but ymmv...

I think it also sounds absolutely great but each to their own. :)


IMO it's much better than Mind Rewind 2.

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i checked again and the sound quality is totally finei was trying to make my own personal compilation lately and this track volume was lower than the rest so i tried to adjust it hence the dirty sound - i am probably using a cheap software

i still think it is morning i mean the second half - melancholic morning trance but well different ears different perception =)

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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 4 months later...

I like the melody in Atmosphere @2:56. Simple but very effective.Good to sing along ;)

Snuggles Dilemma, Influx (Mix 2), Black Holes (Remix), Lord Of The Minds, Time Slices, Emanations and Howl are all very good. :-)

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i still think it is morning i mean the second half - melancholic morning trance but well different ears different perception =)


Totally agree. Deviant Electronics - Catacomb is on the light side. It's just too long and the first half is quite boring...

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Just a superb collection!!!


To me this is better than volume two and even a strong contender for 'best of the series' even considering volume one's legendary status and the absence of any etnica unreleaseds.


There's so many highlights on these two discs...


Questions from RA is a perfect opener, great track that has still a lot of D5 influence. Alkaloid is a fantastic track as well.

And then the really crazy bit starts: Snuggles, Black Holes, Lord Of the Minds & Pleione one after another!!! My god that sequence just does me in each and every time!! Party Time!!


It's crazy psychedelic dark & dense mindfuckery!



Finally having Time Slices & Identify on cd is just icing on the cake, not to mention Howl which is just such a cool track, that atmosphere....

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Gone through the 1st CD and literally all tracks are highlights. Draeke you and DAT are one of the best things to happen to goa. Its pity that im not in the position to support your beautiful movement. Cheers and thanks a lot for the unreleased tracks

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Gone through the 1st CD and literally all tracks are highlights. Draeke you and DAT are one of the best things to happen to goa. Its pity that im not in the position to support your beautiful movement. Cheers and thanks a lot for the unreleased tracks

Amen to that.

Fede is not only a great guy but as you said is also one of the dudes who has spent immense energy time and shown enough passion towards this scene to be considered one of the best things to happen to Goa. :)


Man , I love you and thank you for many things, one of them is :


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  • 2 months later...

Not many are voting this on the 2016 poll. For me this iteration contains maybe a bit too many "weird tracks" on CD1. CD2 is better in general(but I think we've had enough Doof remixes :P) although I've heard many of these tracks already.


It's a great compilation, for many reasons(And tracks) but personally this didn't contain as many tracks I want to come back to as the previous compilations. Very good compilation regardless.

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How the heck is this compilation not on more people's TOP 10 Uptempo Lists for 2016?!! Same goes for Analog Trips (DAT Records) that more people must have heard because that's on their TOP 10's too. If your like me, you're becoming aware of this for the first time now.
Now I'm not going to sugar coat it. There are a few songs I don't like.


On CD1, WEAK SONGS for me are:
2. Dharma 7 - Jubilation ... I find weak, REPETITIVE and lackluster, especially considering it follows the excellent opening by RA.

4. Shiva Chandra - Atmosphere ... sounds ridiculous! The howls. The sound FX. The song sounds immature. Enough said.
5. Little Blue Men - Dr. Snuggles Dilemma ... I find too wacky, silly and scattered, or rather over-the-top for my taste. Some will like it!


These aren't bad tracks (well track 2 is at times IMO). Moving on. 
HIGHLIGHTS on CD1 for me include: 
1. Ra - Questions .. a beautiful, ever-changing stream of colorful, mystical, and energetic complexity. Well done.
3. Alkaloid - Influx (Mix 2)
6. Magus - Black Holes (Remix) ... more dark and storming Goa. 
7. Opale - Lord of the Minds
8. Wizzy Noise - Pleione
9. Blade - Anthropophagi
10. Mystery Machine - Psychedelic Concentration
Granted some are stronger than others. And some of mine I'm sure are subjective to yours. Nevertheless, it boggles my mind that these were never released. Some on CD1 are fantastic and worth the price of admission alone. And I haven't even gotten to CD2 yet which some consider better than CD1.

On CD2, WEAK SONGS for me are:


1. Karma - Harmony is melodic but not very engaging and lacks ingenuity. The Jack-In-The-Box (if you'd call it that) sound is about the only unique thing is has going for it.

2. Doof - Let's Turn On (Tuned-In Mix) is fairly repetitive, also unsurprising coming from such a great artist. When it seems to pick up halfway through, not much happens.

3. Ushuaya - 3 Months isn't bad either. It feels too genre mixed for me, alternating between rock (guitar) and middle eastern influence.


HIGHLIGHTS on CD1 for me include: 


4. Hux Flux - Time Slices is almost too in-my-face. But I admit, this is where the CD grabs my attention. Damn! 
5. Deviant Electronics - Catacombs has a chill style and fairly moody backdrop that compliments its Goa vibe.
6. Cosmosis - Emanations has a SWEET accent synth, hi-hats, and grows crazy catchier as it progresses.
7. Semsis - Sound Vandal is like a kickass (same style) song that didn't make the cut for the Letting Go album. 
8. Hiscore - Identify is surprising, from calm and peaceful to wild and amusing. I didn't see that coming.
9. Gangguru - X-3 is the next power synth track since Cosmosis. It feels like a Goa track to Tron Legacy!
10. Encens - Howl is atmospheric, driving, dynamic, and unique. Another underrated, unexpected gem.


All in all, Mind Rewind 3 is one of the best GOA TRANCE compilations of 2016 along with VERY FEW others including Analog Trips also by DAT Records. Well done Drake and Dat/Mafia Records!


Stream the full DOUBLE CD on YouTube here! 


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  • 1 year later...

First i think that with time, it must become harder & harder for the DAT crew to find unreleased Goa hits , so it's evident it has an impact on the selection quality.


Let's start with my favourites of cd1 the Unreleased Tracks :

Shiva Chandra - Atmosphere is a cool tune with enigmatic sounds at first, it's very bouncy sounding & results quite fun to listen.

Magus - Black Holes (remix),  got a smashing rhythmic coppled with muffled dark atmosphere. A track that cathes you right from start up to the end.

Blade - Anthropophagi, has a catchy melody & got several funny twisted breaks; a quite genuine track in its build up.

Mystery Machine - Psychedelic Concentration,  let's say it's a thick tune with an adrenalin rise  starting with the voice sample.


Now my tops with Vinyl only tracks on cd 2:

Kharma - Harmony, is a cool syncopated tune with sort of marimba tones for melody , the whole caught in an hypnotic groove.

Usually not a big fan of Tim Schuldt due to his big fat sounding & metal background. Here with Ushuaya & 3 Months , you still fond this trademarks but there's also something else that makes the difference for me. There's lighter harmonies & sounds like the harp/acoustic  guitar tone plus some cool fluffy layers.

Hux Flux - Time Slices could be resumed in a haloween hypnotic song, so fun & dark at same time.

Hiscore - Identify, is a stomper with a fat bass & acid lines : 100% heavy production.

Gangguru - X-3, is a whirl feeling tune with some echoes.


This 3rd volume of Mind Rewind is unfortunately , less attractive due to a weaker cd1 more concentrated on what i would call Goacore productions but less quality to my taste.

Hopefully cd2  catches up with more homogeneity in the production.







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