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  1. i had the feeling it would happen because the label used to be very profilic and went very quiet anyway thx a lot for all especially for so many free releases
  2. come on you cant draw a parallel like that anyone would feel badly insulted being compared to felipe santos
  3. this is the track you posted I guess https://thehypnoticlforoom.bandcamp.com/album/circle-of-dust it sounds really good
  4. younger brother made an album called vaccine and the trance version was called vaccine electronic but I think it is just a name there is no reference or lyrics about an actual vaccine and the album sucks anyway - both versions
  5. i prefer museum of consciousness especially this beautiful track
  6. annoying is the first word that comes to mind annoying album that i never managed to listen in full despite several attempts
  7. one of the best goa tracks i have ever heard
  8. i agree that "literally" it won't die but it will be forgotten like acid techno because it is not evolving at all golden age was 95-98 which is only 4 years and now so called new school goa has been produced for 15 years and less and less people care about it and everything is bound to sound the same to survive goa trance has to go through a big evolution: perhaps shorter and faster tracks, perhaps vocals in the tracks, etc.
  9. reddit has 2k members for goa compared to 25k for psytrance - but still 53 millions views is suspicious by the way goa trance is bound to die eventually
  10. releases expired past the original contracts but why did the recent releases like gangguru or kuro and charm disappear? they are 1 or 2 years old max
  11. take this as a constructive comment but the disharmony is just too much i like the concept behind the album but music wise it sounds horrendous IMO
  12. first blue planet corporation - midian then electric universe - rain but worse they upload a track on youtube that is not by them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfnEJtyiViY
  13. despite being newschool goa the track by centavra project - space flight is a rare masterpiece
  14. Celaripo


    very nice album worth the money
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