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  1. why did you delete all your reviews on psynews?
  2. listening to your track "universal code" it is very good
  3. Celaripo

    Cosmosis - Synergy

    thanks for bumping spores from space and higher access are both amazing moonshine is nice but I think the kick is a bit too soft tracks 2 and 6 are also solid
  4. so I was right last time in the thread yet you had a meltdown that you deleted lol
  5. how many total views did the first upload got?
  6. same old same old suntrip not for me
  7. maybe add vavoom but I agree most of his discography is forgettable
  8. ticon - we are the mammoth hunters i mean the whole track is a kick + a bass
  9. i had the feeling it would happen because the label used to be very profilic and went very quiet anyway thx a lot for all especially for so many free releases
  10. come on you cant draw a parallel like that anyone would feel badly insulted being compared to felipe santos
  11. this is the track you posted I guess https://thehypnoticlforoom.bandcamp.com/album/circle-of-dust it sounds really good
  12. younger brother made an album called vaccine and the trance version was called vaccine electronic but I think it is just a name there is no reference or lyrics about an actual vaccine and the album sucks anyway - both versions
  13. i prefer museum of consciousness especially this beautiful track
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