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  1. LeLotusBleu

    VA - Mind Rewind 3 [DAT Mafia Recordings]

    First i think that with time, it must become harder & harder for the DAT crew to find unreleased Goa hits , so it's evident it has an impact on the selection quality. Let's start with my favourites of cd1 the Unreleased Tracks : Shiva Chandra - Atmosphere is a cool tune with enigmatic sounds at first, it's very bouncy sounding & results quite fun to listen. Magus - Black Holes (remix), got a smashing rhythmic coppled with muffled dark atmosphere. A track that cathes you right from start up to the end. Blade - Anthropophagi, has a catchy melody & got several funny twisted breaks; a quite genuine track in its build up. Mystery Machine - Psychedelic Concentration, let's say it's a thick tune with an adrenalin rise starting with the voice sample. Now my tops with Vinyl only tracks on cd 2: Kharma - Harmony, is a cool syncopated tune with sort of marimba tones for melody , the whole caught in an hypnotic groove. Usually not a big fan of Tim Schuldt due to his big fat sounding & metal background. Here with Ushuaya & 3 Months , you still fond this trademarks but there's also something else that makes the difference for me. There's lighter harmonies & sounds like the harp/acoustic guitar tone plus some cool fluffy layers. Hux Flux - Time Slices could be resumed in a haloween hypnotic song, so fun & dark at same time. Hiscore - Identify, is a stomper with a fat bass & acid lines : 100% heavy production. Gangguru - X-3, is a whirl feeling tune with some echoes. This 3rd volume of Mind Rewind is unfortunately , less attractive due to a weaker cd1 more concentrated on what i would call Goacore productions but less quality to my taste. Hopefully cd2 catches up with more homogeneity in the production.
  2. LeLotusBleu

    Mind Rewind 2 - Past Forward

    My tops for cd 1 are: Excess Head - Another Planet, i love this hoarse voice sample. OOOD & Moonweed - Spiral Expansion, i especially enjoy the live feeling here. Zerotonine - Morning Glory Kaledoid - Anjuna, reminds me some of the tunes from Transwave 's album Helium. For cd 2 : Byte 1 - Dive 1, nice dark feeling here with bouncy groovy touch. Subcouds - Greenflow (97 remix) Somaton - Nool Sonrg Tromesa - Nowina for some emotionnal , melancholic Goa. Still good but less effective than the 1st volume, Mind Rewind 2 is worth the money as there's no real bad tracks or filling ones
  3. LeLotusBleu

    Mind Rewind

    My tops on cd 1 are : Green Nuns Of The Revolution - Kwo-Ne-she , as i always be a GNOTR fan it couldn't be elseway than enjoying it. Deflo - Salt Lake, a nice energic & pumping tune. Doof - Mars Need Women (Just 3 words mmix) Actually i don't enjoy Etnica, exception here with Shadow Dance which is my favourite from the band as it doesn't have the typical "drugy" Etnica tones. For cd 2 , i mention : Joti & Ofer, the song have the typical trademarks of a classic Goa Oforia track, loud & dark. Mushroomman - N.I.S , very catchy melodic tune. Electric Universe - Rain , as usual no regret with Boris Blenn & his melodic & atmospheric touches. North Central Positronics - The Great Bear, i didn't know this project from Posford with other dudes which sounds great like always with him. By far easily , it's the best volume of the Mind Rewind serie, a must have for Goa lovers, furthermore the artwork of the 2 discs is beautiful.
  4. Actually COP is/was Jan Muller from X-Dream + Gangguru members (Pierre Branet, Phil Weiss & Willy Boutron)
  5. LeLotusBleu

    Best Kickdrums

    I go with Miranda too nevertheless i don't think a track in particular I believe that Necton have some big kick too, if i remember well of Children of the noisy village, their second album.
  6. LeLotusBleu

    Your top 10 Trance albums of all time

    In no special order: -> Shpongle - Are you shpongled? ->Transwave - Helium -> Miranda - Phenomena -> Halucinogen in Dub ->The Infinity Project - Mystical Experiences -> Juno Reactor - Shango -> Abakus - That much closer to the sun -> Digital Sun - Re-Collection -> Juno Reactor - Bible Of Dreams -> Tri-Force - Entrance To Reality
  7. More i listen to Be Your Own Guru and less i undestand why Ganngguru didn't manage to get released for an album earlier ! As a French personn i already heard about the band and furthermore i was a fan of their other musical project C.O.P, so this album was for me Congrats to the Dat crew for the releasing! Is there anybody like me who noticed that there's 2 songs on cd3 which remind 2 trancey anthems. I mean Radio Disjoncted got a similar intro melody found in KLF - What Time Is Love; second one is less evident but Hectogram got something of the thema from E-rection - Out There We're Stoned. Btw i got from a french chill artist which was in contact with the band, a Cd-r of 7 unreleased tracks from Gangguru/Cop, it consists of 5 chill tunes & 1 funky groovy from Gangguru & the last is a C.O.P sounding one. If some people are interested in , i can give you for free through Mp3.