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  1. LeLotusBleu

    Normal Trance

    My normal Trance tunes of the day One of the best duo in Trance ever : Jam & Spoon , here with a song not too much known from the cd Maxi Find Me, i mean Die Kraft Der Vier Herzen => A classical hypnotic Trance from Pete Lazonby =>
  2. LeLotusBleu

    Normal Trance

    Paragliders has already been quoted in this thread but not with this song in this special mix => A less known tune but very catchy to me You can't be wrong with Platipus label=> Let's finish for today with this melodic trance anthem =>
  3. LeLotusBleu

    Goa Trance live by Dj AMARILLYS

    Just found this on youtube => Enjoy
  4. The Jaïa's tune sounds promising but the sample is way too short !
  5. LeLotusBleu

    Hmm... I think I've heard that before

    For sure, but the most important to me is the view from the listener, & in this case it's not always a reality; furthermore the original creator is never credited . Ok, so one new more psy related this time, with Enthéogenic remixed by Abakus & Michael Jackson - Billie Jean , check especially the rythmic =>
  6. LeLotusBleu

    Hmm... I think I've heard that before

    One very famous trance anthem (1993) => and the classical original song from Wim Mertens (1983) =>
  7. Abysstate is/was a label from Monaco, on his site you will find the catalog of the label in mp3 for free. MIchka & Polaroid sections are the chill projects of Blade, & the most interesting sections of the site with The Blade's one . In the Blade section you'll find the albm released with psytunes plus some unreleased like the one which was released on Mind Rewind 3 from Dat Mafia Records. There's others musical projects on the site but they're not PsyTrance related but you can have a listen off course . Here's the link => http://www.abysstate.org/index.html Enjoy !
  8. LeLotusBleu

    Hmm... I think I've heard that before

    It seems that actually KLF was more seminal for the Psy-Trance scene than i ever thought Every Trance fans should go buying the album The White Room from KLF
  9. Nice Interesting Neo-Goa tunes , thanks for sharing
  10. LeLotusBleu

    Hmm... I think I've heard that before

    The intro melody is quite similar to the intro of this Trance anthem Compare the main melody @1"36 with @ 3"43 melody below .
  11. LeLotusBleu

    Artists with unique live acts

    Hilight Tribe & Secret Vibes are for sure interesting french lives with live instruments (guitar, bass, drums , didgeridoo, flute ...)
  12. LeLotusBleu

    Downtempo recommendations and Trusting in Trance

    I just remind this song (An Astrix side project one-shot collaboration) which according to me would perfectly match to warm a progressive house set =>
  13. LeLotusBleu

    Downtempo recommendations and Trusting in Trance

    I think about 2 artists which could match nicely with your request: - Jens Buchert with his debut album Fruit Machine released on Plusquam, you can also try all the others albums released after it. - Denis Matenda and his downtempo project Chilling Matenda, especially Mediteran released on his own label Global Phonehead records. Otherwise from a more trancey or psychedelic view , there's tons of good stuffs , have you tried some labels such as : - Ultimae (Carbon Based Lifeform especially, Aes Dana, Solar Fields) - ChillTribe (nice compilations outhere plus Wombat & Gringolocomotion albums, Hi Pks if still lurking around here) - Chillcode (some solid albums with Galaxy, Kuba & Enteogenic) - Interchill (albums from Eat Static , Liquid Stranger, Kaya Project) - Organic Chill (Ganja Beats for dub trancey tunes) - Cosmic Leaf (D.Batistatos) If you're into dub trancey sonds there's also Gabriel Le mar productions under his own name or with his different projects : Saafi Bros, Dub Connected...
  14. LeLotusBleu

    Whats the 1st Track You Show Someone?

    Jaïa - Maï Maï & Hilight Tribe - Free Tibet (original for me too) are good choices. I would add a Shpongle tune from Are You Spongled? & Dancing Galaxy from Astral Projection. So , depending on people i'd choose one of these 4 tracks.