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  1. LeLotusBleu

    What music are you listening to right now?

    Khora - Bakari Jan (Jean Marie K remix) It's a side project of Jaïa with Dj Jean Marie K, focusing on tribal Trance (unfortunately there's no youtube video of this gem )
  2. LeLotusBleu

    Hmm... I think I've heard that before

    Concentrate on Bassline & rythmic...
  3. LeLotusBleu

    Normal Trance

  4. LeLotusBleu


    Check this link for some fresh listenable Suomisaudi https://soundkitchenrecords.bandcamp.com/album/espoo-sound-machine-discobedience
  5. LeLotusBleu

    Normal Trance

    My prescription of the day => last one a bit more acid-ambient oriented but still trancey to me
  6. LeLotusBleu

    Normal Trance

    Some old school Trance
  7. LeLotusBleu

    Espoo Sound Machine - Discobedience !!!OUT NOW!!!

    Fun , cool & groovy-funky sounds , it reminds me of Haltya's productions but in a crazier mode, actually Texas Fagott
  8. LeLotusBleu

    Normal Trance

    Thanks for the discovery of Aoud Side project of Laurent Garnier with Shazz. Emotional german Trance Side project of Virtuart with Dj Jean-Marie K.
  9. LeLotusBleu

    Normal Trance

    My normal Trance tunes of the day One of the best duo in Trance ever : Jam & Spoon , here with a song not too much known from the cd Maxi Find Me, i mean Die Kraft Der Vier Herzen => A classical hypnotic Trance from Pete Lazonby =>
  10. LeLotusBleu

    Normal Trance

    Paragliders has already been quoted in this thread but not with this song in this special mix => A less known tune but very catchy to me You can't be wrong with Platipus label=> Let's finish for today with this melodic trance anthem =>
  11. LeLotusBleu

    Goa Trance live by Dj AMARILLYS

    Just found this on youtube => Enjoy
  12. The Jaïa's tune sounds promising but the sample is way too short !
  13. LeLotusBleu

    Hmm... I think I've heard that before

    For sure, but the most important to me is the view from the listener, & in this case it's not always a reality; furthermore the original creator is never credited . Ok, so one new more psy related this time, with Enthéogenic remixed by Abakus & Michael Jackson - Billie Jean , check especially the rythmic =>
  14. LeLotusBleu

    Hmm... I think I've heard that before

    One very famous trance anthem (1993) => and the classical original song from Wim Mertens (1983) =>