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Tracks and albums that are like watching a movie

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I just listened to Koxbox - The Great Unknown (the album) after a longer while and it never ceases to amaze me. I've known the album for some years now and everytime I listen to it, there's something new to discover (ever put "6 Cells" on headphones?). The album also makes huge sense as a whole in my opinion.


So what I want to ask: What tracks or albums are there that you think are like watching a movie?


The music doesn't need to be danceable, mixable (probably even shouldn't be) or of any particular genre or style, but it should be telling a longer story with unforeseeable twists and turns. I want things happening that I can remember, and I want to be able to discover something new each time I listen. :)



I also have to mention Ubar Tmar - True as an example. Haven't heard that one in a while now, but I remember it being a box full of surprises. It's also an example where I think it doesn't make sense to listen to one particular track by itself, because they belong together as a whole (and hence the strange naming).

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I still remember what Bill wrote about the Contact album:


What most people don't realize is that Contact is actually a concept album, in that all of the tracks are linked by a conceptual theme, an underlying thread which runs through the whole album. Which admittedly is a little tenuous at times, but it's there nonetheless. It was picked up by a few people, one reviewer in particular completely got the whole plot, but for the most part people missed it.


So the plot supposed to be there, intentionally, yet people are not guaranteed to get it...



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I was about to post that in an angry haste after reading someone else post Darshan - Spectra. Spectra is good and all, but Awakening is a phenomenal story.

Thank you for catching that before I did.

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Thanks for the replies so far!

It certainly seems to be a subjective matter. :)



Color Box - Train to Chroma City

Planet BEN - Trippy Future Garden


For Color Box, I agree, and they used a simple trick by "categorizing" tracks in colors. I've always viewn the two versions of Grey Spook as one track. :)

Trippy Future Garden, hell yeah! The title track especially. I usually don't like tracks of that length, but here it certainly works!



Hallucinogen - Twisted


Yes, good example. Not sure about others here, but I rarely listen or want to listen to any of the tracks by themselves.



Goasia - From Other Spaces

KhetzaL - Corolle


Both of these are 10 out of 10 sheer bliss masterpieces to me, but I think they lack the "what the f* just happened?" moments that I intended to look for. Goasia - unfortunately - also has a rather limited style. "Amphibians on Spacedock" is probably proof of this. :D



Battle of the future Buddhas - Demonoizer

Crossing Mind - The Inner Shift

Cosmosis - Contact

Darshan - Awakening, Spectra

Fragletrollet - Playground of Spirit

Juno reactor - Labyrinth

Para halu - The world of peace

Principles of flight - Night time lullabies

Total Eclipse - Violent Relaxation

Lots of material to check out it seems, looking forward to it! :)

From Demonoizer, I remember "Scoobydoo Meets the Fluff Monster", awesome track for sure and great moment when that melody unfolds. :) That's really the kind of stuff I'm looking for.


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Imho all albums by Cybernetika, although I like "The Scythe of Orion" and "Nanospheric" the most.


Every album has a background (story) setting. Check them out, for free:





Very strong sci-fi images in those!


As a single track, this one is outstanding imho


Psykovsky vs. Deja Vu Project - Only love (we will take)




Almost 20 minutes in legth, what a ride!

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D5 - Transdimensional is one of the most coherent, storytelling and therefore cinematic psy albums i know.


another one that's fitting in this respect (maybe even more so) is: Lunarave - Do You Know Who You Are

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Actually, Juno Reactor has always been consistently themed throughout their albums. I always remebered that Shango worked wonderfully with Wipeout Fusion. The music is fast paced and soaring just like the game.


Shpongle is always thematic, always a carnival. Banco De Gaia, though not consistent throughout his output, I very much like Last Train To Lhasa.


The Delta. I remember the tracks. Fantasy Theme: Def By Delta (Part 2), Sci-Fi Theme: Standby, Thriller Theme: Lost And Found.


Isn't all of the music storytelling in away? Just like writing a book or a poem? Just a different way to express yourself. All the music is to me storytelling, some are terrible some are fantastic.

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* The first 6 tracks of Hallucinogen - The Lone Deranger. I don't think it's a mere coincidence that there's a pause after Gamma Goblins Part 2; the 2 last tracks are stylistically so different from the well thought out continuum of the first 6 that it's a good decision to have them as their own separate unit (and I've always felt they're more or less filler tracks anyway to get TLD to album length).


* Zirrex - Ritual Dance. Perhaps the best "psytrance" album ever made. It twists and warps in unexpected directions and a third of the album isn't even really psytrance at all.


Principles of flight - Night time lullabies

Both PoF albums, actually :)



Process - One Drop or Two

I actually prefer Superior Technology, both as an album and as a totally deranged journey. I mean, it's hands down one of the most twisted, weird and outright fucked up albums I have. Well, apart from the last track that's (as on TLD) tactically separated from the rest and more like filler.

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And as for downtempo...


* Shpongle, no doubt. Especially the 1st (especially the first) and 3rd albums (the rest maybe not so much and just forget about the 5th one, OK?)


* Kurbeats - Folktronica


* Banco de Gaia - Last Train To Lhasa was already mentioned (but deserves another mention)


* Vataff Project - Kalitz (especially) and Maeoma. Both albums have that certain vibe that's there throughout the entire album.


* FSOL - Lifeforms. Yeah, not psy-prefixed music per se, but deserves to be among the others here.


And many more I can't think of right now.

One connecting factor is that all of these albums have no gaps between tracks (or if there's a gap it's an intentional divider, see my post above). That's one of my requirements for an album to be a "journey".

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