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  1. Is there a kickstarter project for that? - I am willing to spend quite a heap of money for that. An army of Nhjo clowns, ...ehm clones
  2. Uptempo: 1. Virtuart ‎– Virtuart & Friends (DAT Records) 2. Morphic Resonance - The City Of Moons (Suntrip Records) 3: VA - Mind Rewind 3 (DAT Mafia Recordings) 4. Chi-A.D. - Earth Crossing (Amakusa Records) 5. Nervasystem - Brainradio (Phantasm Records) 6. Sab Kuch Milegator - Kauas Aikain Taa (Ektoplazm) 7. Oforia - Read more... (MDMA music) 8. Artha - Dream Telepathy (Cronomi) 9. Mindsphere - Mental Triplex: Presence (Suntrip Records) 10. Bell Size Park ‎– Mysticum Tempore Aparatus (Goa Galaxy)
  3. Yes! - When I first listened through the soundcloud teasers I thought that these are actually two new Lepton Head remixes.
  4. Actually, there are even more complilations missing, like: - Zion 604 - Acid Disco (was open for preorders in Dec 2015 but released only in Feb 2016) - Matsuri Digital - Matsuri Tribe I am sure, there will be some more...
  5. You forgot Mind Rewind 3 (DAT Mafia) and Analog Trips (DAT) - All released in 2016.
  6. Great, thanks a lot! - Indeed sounds like a very obscure Manga movie, even for Japanese "standards"; will try to find it on Youtube and give it a try :-)
  7. Indeed, a very nice debut EP - Midori is superb (Where's that voice sample from? - Sounds to me like an alien version of Grace Jones :-)).
  8. Yeah +1! - One of the few newer Goatrance albums I could listen completely through in one go without getting bored or needing to skip some tracks. The Pure Intellect Remix is awesome :-)!! However, I need to agree with Antic the "Dominion" remix and Crossworld are indeed quite muddy; for the latter some great lead synth sequences at the last third of the track are almost "eaten up".
  9. I have always been a fan of darker, more industrial style goatrance (like UX), so I really anticipate this album
  10. ...and of course Moonweed & Shakta's Micronesia - yum!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=UQZzAnByEYs
  11. Good 'ol Cosmosis classic, always tearing the walls down with ease :
  12. This thread indeed deserves a lot of popcorn. Btw.: Waking up to chaos + Crossworld are also my favs here. Great stuff + as I am also a big industrial/EBM fan any darker goatrance heading to this direction is highly appreciated by me + Killing Joke rules!!
  13. Uptempo: 1: Pleiadians - IFO Remixed (DAT Records) 2: Nervasystem - Nervasystem4 (Voodoo Voltage) 3: Lunar Dawn - Kolovrat (Neo Goa Records) 4: Skizologic - Robotized (Zion604 Records) 5: Denshi Danshi - Fluid Dynamics (Suntrip Records) 6: Opale - Anaconda's Dance (DAT Records) 7: Doof - Let's Turn On - Remixed & Remastered (DAT Records) 8: V/A - Nu Goa From Japan Vol.2 (Matsuri Digital) 9: V/A - The Mystery of Crystal Worlds (Global Sect Music) 10: V/A - Aurora Sidera (Suntrip Records) Please note: -I only rated CD releases as I am still lagging behind with the digital-only ones :-(. -Regarding the UX release (Audissey) I suggest to date this to 2016 as it didn't get shipped earlier - otherwise it would be in the above list (Discogs shows release date of 01 July 2015)).
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