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  1. cool bro but crazy astronaut is something different and not in my direction
  2. hey guys new track finished hope you like it and tell me what you think
  3. hey guys new work would love to hear some feedback thanks!! https://soundcloud.com/mark-glinsky/time-traveldemo
  4. hey bro thanks for feedback i guess you are right about the endings they both end pretty suddenly
  5. hello guys got 2 new track i would like you to hear constructive feedback would be great https://soundcloud.com/mark-glinsky/negative-annoyancedemo-1 and this one i produced with a friend hope you like it and tell me what you think! cheers
  6. hello guys new track finished 170 bpm constructive feedback is very appreciated thanks and keep blasting https://soundcloud.com/mark-glinsky/interstellar
  7. hello my friends new work in progress 190 bpm hope you like it and constructive feedback is welcomed https://soundcloud.com/mark-glinsky/god-no-2
  8. thank you very much man i dont know about the low bpms but maybe one day after all i dont even consider myself a producer yet still lots of stuff to learn hello jaraluca :)well first love your music man been following for some time now and thank you very much for the tips i really appreciate it and as i said its my first hitech track i produced couple of downtempo tracks and even one melodic goa attempt but they removed from soundcloud casue they are pretty embarrassing wohaa elias you crazy nizho master! makes me very happy to read this comment from one of my favorite artist rising spirit with shivax was killer <3
  9. hey thanks man im very happy to read that i heard pretty dope hitech with melodies and everything in the end its music and you decide how to write it there are no limits well atleast thats what i think cheers and thank you again i appreciate it
  10. defenitlly man some atmospheres maybe could give it the right touch i dunno still learning but thanks for the feedback
  11. hello again finished my first hitech track fall in love with this music some time ago its amazing just started learning to produce it 180bpm hope you like it :Smile3: https://soundcloud.com/mark-glinsky/dimensions-of-madness-1
  12. hello again hitech 175 bpm little sample of something in progress constructive feedback on the sound would be awesome enjoy soundcloud.com/mark-glinsky/all-be-dead-now14 https://soundcloud.com/mark-glinsky/all-be-dead-now14
  13. tried to fuse couple of things there hope i got it somehow right enjoy and constructive feedback will be great https://soundcloud.com/mark-glinsky/itch-it-out
  14. a range of psychedelic sounds cloud page - https://soundcloud.com/mark-glinsky mix cloud - https://www.mixcloud.com/NerveOperator https://soundcloud.com/mark-glinsky/a-better-placesample
  15. hallucinogen twisted no doubt total eclipse violent relaxation
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