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  1. Yes, big improvement. And track 1 was many many seconds too long (almost 10 seconds of complete silence, why???), now it is correct. So big respect for saying honestly and acting like GS did!
  2. Hmm, listening on bandcamp I can not say for sure how the production quality really is... Now I am afraid to find out. Not sure, if I want to risk to listening the lossless files with my really good Headphones with a really good DAP (Digital Audio Player). Normally the music from Global Sect has a very good production quality. The range of the bpm is high (maybe from 120 to 145), so this ist for me a bit confusing... Deeptrance or Goatrance? Slow or fast? Both... EDIT: Music ist good, very nice Goatrance. But quality ist not good (for 2019!). Bandcamp quality does not improve much when downloading it in better quality. But good enough to feel the good energy and vibes... I like the music but I dont like the sounding.
  3. Thank You. Abraxas and Delirious Noon sound good! Heard it: Hmm, no, not like Daniel Lesden... Other advices?
  4. Hello, I search for really high power proggi like the album "2000 Years ahead" from Daniel Lesden. Track 2 (after the Intro) really kicks in like hell. The energy, the kick, the drum... perfect production just goes forward! Do You know an album like this? Thanks!
  5. What about Mad Tribe: Amazing Tales From Outer Space or Moaiact: Spiritual Technology?
  6. Hello, this weekend at Saturday in Chemnitz. The Party is called "Gate to Goa" and is located at the AJZ (Alternatives Jugendzentrum ). https://www.goabase.net/party/gate-to-goa-pai/97719 Novoice
  7. With good headphones, it is very dense, but with enough detail. Every layer is clear, good stereo range. Very good production und mastering. Nice to listen!
  8. Hmm, Optronic Circles (The Inner Shift Mix) by Crossing Mind. Wistfully and melancholy combined with desire for (universal peace and love? or is it just sadness?)... Touches my heart very strong.
  9. Hmm, I like it a lot. Full power psytrance. Good production, good mastering, everything fine...
  10. Hello, do You know music similar to Somnesia? Must be good production, multiple layers und a little bit crazy... Thanks! N.
  11. Each 3,50 Euros + postal rate (see above).
  12. Very nice, especially the multiple double kicks!
  13. Good production quality! Respect! Keep going...
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