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  1. Hey, You are welcome... I know mastering is expensive, I guess 100 Euro per track or more. Depending on the length and of course quality (of the person who do it) I guess. If it is more, I can totally understand, that this is a problem for many artists.
  2. I found one album: Archaic - Mountain Powers. Heavy stereo-effects. Perfectly crafted. Dense and intense... same as the production quality and everything else.
  3. Yes, could have fatter, deeper basslines/kicks... but for me Afgin stand for melodies. Therefore I don't care and just enjoy the happy feeling made by the melodies. And the acid lines at the end of every track... stereo-monsters. Trippy.
  4. Best track for me Solar Warden... Apex, Unidentified and Secret Space comes next. Rest is nice enough that I want to listen to it many times... and again... Overall 4,5/5 = very, very good. Production quality top notch. Trancy stuff.
  5. Yes, a perfect mix of... everything. The melodies and the samples from lovecraft... makes it uplifting, mystic, dark and hypnotic. Especially the album "Non-Euclidean Geometry". One of my best albums, no matter if listening with speakers of headphones. For 90 minutes I am far away in another dimension. And many times pressing the repeat button for a even longer trip...
  6. Hello, I totally love Your album "Into Madness" (from Neogoa)... Just wow!!! I bought both of Your self-releases, but I was a little bit disappointed because they were not as good mastered as the "Into Madness". But this is just critic on a high niveau. Means: the music is very good, I like the wicked style and especially the double/triple kicks. Just fast (!) and energetic dark goa trance, which moves You forward, forward, forward...
  7. Yes, The Inner shift is really nice... but also the following album from Crossing Mind is good: Beyond Duality... Try it, maybe You like it. I put a few tracks from Crossing Mind together and now I have another "album" (not official and just for me) with the same style. Here are the tracks, check it out. All tracks are available on bandcamp (where I downloaded it). Most are from complilations from suntrip... 01 Hydrophobic Visions 02 Entropy 03 Virtual Mind Cleaner 04 Cyclone In Your Heart (2014 Remix) 05 Xtatic Confusion 06 Over Time Frame 07 Goathmic Pulsations 08 Trip Through Almost 80 minutes of crazy melodies and superb kicks (double, triple etc.)...
  8. Ohhh, I did not expect so many bad critics about the new album from Elad Afgin. Ok, the frist track is really boring in my oppinion and not trance and not goa trance. But the other tracks are very good. In detail: long tracks with similar build-ups. And after the melodic climaxes after the second third of almost every track, the last third gives me a really trippy goa trance feeling just as acid as goa trance can be. And: no cheesy voice-samples to disturb the very well produced music. This is for me so nice and gives me the edge ;-) Yes, the bass and the kicks are a little bit thin, some called it flat. Means: melodies are dominant. For me no problem. In total uplifting goa trance I really like. Very good production, good stereo effects and good mixing. Good headphones confirm this... One of my favourite album after listening to it more than 10 times. So I think, my oppinion about it will not change. Honestly, I deleted the first track, changed the order of tracks (Himalayan Hights on 1st) and ad one of the latest sampler from Suntrip from Afgin, called Solar Lights (so nice!). At the end, I have 80 minutes of constant goa trance.
  9. Thank You, I started this topic in that section. So this topic here can be closed.
  10. Hello dark psy lovers, I read on the bandcamp page of dark psy producer Silent Enemy that he has/had a little trouble... maybe You like his music (like I do) and want that he keeps on making his typical real dark psy stuff. Some know his album "Diabolic". I like his stuff and want to make it public that he needs some help. The donation is about 5 Euro and You get now one finished track for an impression what will follow. If everything works out well, everyone who donated will get the finished album for free. https://silentenemy.bandcamp.com/merch/donate
  11. So... I read on the bandcamp page of dark psy producer Silent Enemy that he has/had a little trouble... maybe You like his music (like I do) and want that he keeps on making his typical dark psy stuff. Some know his album "Diabolic". I am not sure, if the topic is here on the right place, but I think for some dark psy lovers this might be relevant to know: https://silentenemy.bandcamp.com/merch/donate
  12. Hello, does anybody know by listening what is the difference to the "old" release of the album by Mad Tribe "Spaced Out" from 2015 and the remastered version from this year? https://madtribe.bandcamp.com/album/spaced-out-remastered I like the album and now I am curious about the diference... The orgiginal one has a very good quality so can anybody tell me, whats new or better? Thank You.
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