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  1. Bump for old Electrypnose: CDs: Electrypnose - Rêve De Neige Electrypnose ‎- Perdu Au Milieu De Nul Part Electrypnose ‎- Alienation Electrypnose ‎- La Voie Du Coeur DIGITAL: Electrypnose ‎- Humeurs De Barde Electrypnose ‎- Electrip Electrypnose ‎- Digital Manipulations OP has also been updated. Anyone have any of these?
  2. I've tried - on Facebook, on soundcloud, and I think in a few other places as well... with no reply. Do you know of a better way to contact him? Is he a user here on psynews?
  3. Removed Sound Addiction Part I and Part II. Was able to find mp3s online... The CDs left on my list at this point are probably nearly impossible to find these days, but surely someone out there has the files for the two digital releases left on my list: Anyone have the files for either of these two??
  4. I must say, complex and intricate melodies are exactly why I fell in love with Goa Trance in the first place, and I think Filipe did a phenomenal job with the melodies in this album. As far as my taste goes, this is his best Goa release since the Ba'al album and Angels Trumpets. The electronic music scene has no shortage of artists who spend 10% of their time on melodies and 90% on production... which is fine, don't get me wrong - I can appreciate a track with limited and repetitive melodies but tons of attention to detail with the mixing and flow of the track. For example, I know he's not con
  5. I'm surprised no one has mentioned Khetzal - Corolle yet! One of the best!!!
  6. I'm just going to bump this one more time to ask specifically if anyone knows where I can get any of the three following releases (just copy-pasted from my OP). I find it really bizarre that three DIGITAL releases from as recently as 2013 are already hard to find. I'm accustomed to the challenge of tracking down rare CD releases but this is just silly... surely these releases must still be available in some corner of the internet! Anyone have any information? Asia 2001 - Sound Addiction Part I Note: I'm aware that most of these tracks were re-released as part of Vision Future, but there
  7. ^^ I did! Definitely the most money I've ever spent on a CD... but it was satisfying to finally track it down! I'll be just as excited if and when I can find a copy of CJ Catalizer's "Across The Universe" on CD, I've been looking for that one for nearly as long as I was looking for Aftermath.
  8. Updated OP again. Removed: Knight of the Light - Crusade EP after purchasing the remastered version (with two extra tracks!) from Submoon Records this year. Added [CD]: Angel Tears - Ethno Electro Added [Digital]: Asia 2001 - Sound Addiction Part I Asia 2001 - Sound Addiction Part II Martin Cooper - Martin Cooper Sylica-X - The Re-Search EP Please see more specific notes in original post for each item and please contact me if you have any of the CDs and are willing to sell, or if you have any information on the digital releases on my want list!
  9. OP Updated! Finally tracked down a copy of M-Sphere - Tread In, and a kind discogs user shared Spade - Nostal-G with me as well, so those two releases have been removed. I also added several new ones to the list. Please PM me if you have anything on my list you're willing to let go for a price!
  10. What's the deal with this release? Several weeks ago it was listed as "coming soon" on Psyshop... I've had a few other CDs in my cart for a while now, waiting for this one to come out, trying to save on international shipping and all that... now it's been removed from the "coming soon" list, and it's still not out! What's going on? I want it! :-D
  11. I had really high expectations for this release since Yggdrasil - Prose Edda is one of my favorite albums of all time. This album definitely met my expectations - it's truly unique and amazing music. Really fun to play the drums to as well! One question though... why the name change? I mean sure, this is definitely an evolution from the Yggdrasil album, but "Ineffable Mysteries" Shpongle is hardly the same as "Are You Shpongled?" Shpongle either... all artists grow and evolve over time. That's what new album names are for. I would have seriously overlooked this album if it wasn't for t
  12. Yea, I agree with you. I'm not really thrilled with the mixing on that one either. I wrote most of it on headphones so a lot of the sounds were EQ'd with too much bass, and I spent hours tweaking the levels and EQs on everything during the day when I could use my monitors, but I just couldn't get it sounding 100% right. Too bad I typically only feel creatively inspired between 2:00 and 6:00 am... I rarely have the privilege of using speakers during those hours. :-( Anyway, thanks for your feedback and support!
  13. I originally posted this in the "Free Music Promotion" area, but didn't get much feedback... maybe it's appropriate to post here as well since it technically IS "Artist News". ;-)
  14. Awesome, I'm excited about this release - just ordered a physical copy. I loved Omegahertz's previous albums. So unique! :-D
  15. Hey Paul, thanks for checking it out and giving some honest feedback. I was a bit bummed out when I posted Crystal Cavern on here and no one commented at all (positively or negatively), so it's nice to see a response this time around. Cheers! :-)
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