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  1. Dragon Twins - The Many Lives of the Observer Oldskool psytrance inspired, Dragon Twins flavoured.
  2. Cool, nice to hear some new music again!
  3. I don't see how you can separate taste and the 'facts' like the tools being used. There's music that is recorded and mixed way differently than others, but can still be in the same genre of music. If you like only crystal clear music, there's a high chance you will prefer Derango over the dirty Schlabbaduerst tracks for example, though it's music that is in the same niche and has overall the same kind of fans. There's a technical side that's not up for debate, unless it comes to how the music reacts to you personally. And that is exactly what taste is, in my opinion.
  4. A matter of taste of course, but I'd say an album from Hallucinogen. The Lone Deranger maybe? It's exciting, original and detailed, without being too polished.
  5. Nice setup man! I'm going to get myself an Erebus as well one day, and hopefully an Abyss.. I really dig the stuff that Dreadbox makes.
  6. It's a bit of a cliché: people who are (just) producing and want to "fatten" their sound with a mastering plugin, oblivious that they distort their own mix. One of the key things in mixing is getting the balance straight from all your tracks in the mix. There's no need to push everything to 0dBFS or even above, in the clipping area. Your canvas to paint on is bigger than that.
  7. I don't know that program, does it alter your headroom?
  8. A bit too typical newschool sounding for me, but what I find most disturbing is that there's just no dynamic range. I guess an Izotope preset on the master channel? Everything is just LOUD, not a single part has a its own specific spot in the mix.
  9. https://youtu.be/QgwFDChqX38?t=351 ? (weird link but it's a youtube video with timestamp)
  10. I was never a big IM fan, but I did like The Gathering and some other tracks. BP Empire and Classical Mushroom etc. never got to me. But, this new album does really sounds like post 2000 Infected Mushroom, just in a modern EDM way. For the record, I think it's really annoying music, but at the same time it reminds me of a cheesy track I liked in the beginning of my discovery of goa and psytrance: Deeply Disturbed To me it's clear that IM was trying to find a commercial way to reach the masses for years, without claiming something else. But if you're still with your head in the period of The Gathering, you're bound to be disappointed. Things can change over 20 years you know.
  11. So today is the release date of Sepultura's new album, Machine Messiah. I really liked the new direction they took with their previous one (The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart), it sounded consistent in its aggressiveness, the vocals and drums were really well put together, and it sounds like they continue that path.
  12. Holy shit, 3 million? Is this normal? I don't want to undermine this funding campaign in any way, it's a noble thing, but to me that's a loooot of money... All the best to him, I hope he can recover.
  13. The first melody reminded me of Union Jack - Cockroach, around the 3 minute mark. https://youtu.be/_dP-kLasn0o?t=181
  14. Well, basically you've made a 3 minute track with only a 4 bar loop, with only drums and a pad. The rhythms of the drums are nice, but you should create more patterns to achieve some variety. But I think the biggest problem here is the lack of bass and leads, or other elements that give the track more detail and variety. A good thing to do is to compare your music with your influences and inspirational music. Analyse what's in that music, extract it to your productions, hear what is lacking in your mix and try to reach those goals. I even think that with copying a track you learn a lot, because you force yourself to deal with certain situations. Oh, and let go of the limiter on your master output. It's damaging your mix, and you're not learning to create a proper balance like that.
  15. Thanks Paul! Where's that 'ignore' button again?
  16. I had the privilege to listen to Lapsus' unreleased music, and... It's out of this world. Really, if he releases an album, nobody would use the word 'psychedelic' again in vain, because you just couldn't compare with the rest. This is real challenging music for the mind and feet, and it would be the first album in that style ever. I hope that a full album gets released in the future, this is the kind of music that gets me excited!
  17. The Behringer BCF2000 has motorized faders, I think it's around €200.
  18. Thanks for the comments guys! Cool man, The World of Peace was one of the first dark/forest CD's I bought! Though I think his productions are much cleaner (couldn't really get it right with this one). And yes, there are definitely plans for an album in the future. But it still needs a concept, as a whole. There's no pressure, so I've got enough space to experiment, technically, creatively and sonically... Also outside the goa spectre. I wouldn't take this track as a solid reference though, there are better productions I have in store. Oh well, time has a mouth, it will tell.
  19. Hi all, another uptempo track for free to listen to. It's something I'm not 100% sure of to have it released (I think it stands better as a "stand-alone" track), but I still wanted to supply my Soundcloud followers something new. Here ya go! Dragon Twins - Tuco, The Shyster
  20. Sounds like it's going to be something different in the melodic subgenre.. Quite like the teaser!
  21. Some of these mentioned synths' sounds (like the JV-1080) are actually sampled layers of old analog synths... To make it even more difficult.
  22. Funny, last week I wanted to post in a topic that it's the other way around as well: goa has turned EDM... Look how live acts are being done and a lot of people not caring for it as well, at the lack of depth in most music, and especially how production-wise it sounds. Goa isn't underground anymore, for years. Not that a genre NEEDS to be 'underground' to be good, but it attracts a lot of people who don't want to go the distance, who are happy with formalistic music and parties. This happens with any genre that has become popular, and it's up to the people willing to counter that.
  23. Well put, the melodies aren't overloading the track, which is nice. But still, I wouldn't recognise it out of the music of other artists, the synth use is pretty basic, too "logic". That's what I meant with that post, synthesis directs and alters the melodies, and vice versa.
  24. You certainly have a feel for it, but in my humble opinion it's very cliché soundwise, which make the melodies pretty generic as well. If you could work on that, synthesis, it's going to sound more exciting. Right now, it doesn't stand out I think.
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