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Pure psytrance ?


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No full on, dark, suomi , tech , proggy etc!


What according to you is pure straight up psytrance without the excess baggage of the dark , morning , light, prog or even GOA tags?





i dunno , i dont see any perceivable melody , its just effects , bass and well crafted / rounded kick thats got a flat tonal quality. he brings in somewhat of a melodious element very late in the track .. good stuff.


more like this ?

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I would recommend the new psilocybian album Dreamtime, that's good pure psytrance in my opinion. Really rewarding too because you really grow into the tracks.


Other than that I'd recommend you to check out the entire glowing flame backcatalogue, artists like Braincell, Ianuaria, Imaginary Sight and Trold are all pure pystrance to me.



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Genres are only labels for communication between us, some have completely different perspectives on what these genres are (difference between goa and full-on. Difference between darkest and forest. Etc.). I have been studying Psycore recently, which typically ranges over 160BPM, but this incredible artist just produced a four hour long psychedelic journey that really goes beyond the normal Psycore experience. I define it as purely psychedelic.



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"psytrance" is a diffucult subgenre to define. probably because it's everything that no other label can be stuck to and because there's sort of a crossover with every other psy subgenre. so we'll probably often disagree what's pure psytrance and what's not.


imho hux flux - cryptic crunch and logic bomb - headware are still the prime examples here. of course there's also the defining album with x-dream's radio, the odd tune from cosmosis (mainly on intergalactic), mwnn (interstate highway), classics like dirty 80s, bionic bong (the originals), haldolium's pi symptom, etc.., but i guess most of us know these already.


so here's some newer, lesser known stuff:






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Lots of Hallucinogen tracks are for me pure psytrance, IMO most of their tracks are not really goa. Angelic particals = Goa, Demention, Gamma goblins2, Trancespotter.... = psytrance.


I agree, Hallucinogen plenty of times had sth different going on, I also had the same feelings listening to Koxbox's 'Dragon Tales' and Orion's 'Artificial Frequencies'.


From newer stuff it could be 4 example 'You Think You Are' by O.O.O.D.

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