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  1. Hi Psynews team! I am throwing a 48-hour psytrance / electronica festival in New Braunfels Texas with a few different groups. Many of the acts coming out are from Zenon Records. Hope to see some of y'all out there! Post on the Facebook event page if you found us here... I am curious :) Full Workshops, Lineup, and other Information can be found on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/667914800217101/?active_tab=about FEATURING PSYTRANCE ACTS Evil Oil Man • HypoGeo • Nibana • Smoke Sign • Dragon • Moon Frog • Robojoe Nivlem AND MANY MORE ELECTRONICA PERFORMANCES FROM U.S, RUSSIA. GUATEMALA, AUSTRALIA, FRANCE, AND U.K. ANKHS - (Texas) ASTEROIDS & EARTHQUAKES - (California) BASE2 - (Texas) BRICKSQUASH - (Colorado) BUMBLE - (Australia) CUALLI - (Colorado) DAGOBAH - (Texas) DAICHIFOX - (Texas) DIGITAL VAGABOND (Colorado) DRAGON - (Florida) DRRTYWULVZ - (Texas) DRUMSPYDER - (California) ECUE - (Texas) EVIL OIL MAN - (U.K.) FREQUENT - (Colorado) GADDY - (Texas) HYPOGEO - (Brazil) KLL SMTH - (Colorado) KNOW MATTER - (Texas) LAYER - (Texas) LEFTY - (Texas) LAVAR EL PERRO - (Mexico) MANTOID - (Texas) MINDEX - (Russia) MOON FROG - (Colorado) NIBANA - (France) NIVLEM - (Texas) OLDGOLD - (Texas) ORBIT WEAVER - (Texas) OVOID - (Washington) PATH OF THE MOOSE - (Texas) ROBOJOE - (Texas) SANJIWAN - (Texas) SICK NUMBLES - (Arkansas) SMOKE SIGN - (Guatemala) SOMATOAST - (Texas) SOULACYBIN - (Colorado) SPAWT - (Oregon) TWIN SHAPE - (Texas) ULTRASLOTH - (Slothopolis, Saturn) ZENTURION - (Texas) ------------------------------------------------------ LOCATION ------------------------------------------------------ Located just south of San Marcos, TX at the beautiful Texas Music Park! The full address is 8989 N Interstate 35, New Braunfels, Texas 78130 and works with most, if not all, GPS. ----------------------------------------------------- STAGES: ------------------------------------------------------ We are proud to present the maiden voyage of the Alethia Sound // Hennessey Sound Design full Texas rig! FULL MUSIC SCHEDULE COMING IN AUGUST! PSYDE STAGE: Representing Funktion-One (Official) is our very own Multidimensional Sound ------------------------------------------------------ ART GALLERY: ------------------------------------------------------ Over 50 Live Painters! ------------------------------------------------------ -Workshops -Vendor village -Dank tacos -Stage design by bild art -Visuals from Vision Reactor and friends -Featuring artwork from the master himself, Greg Pettit ART - A Video Game Dome - Giant neon bug things - AND MORE!
  2. Nibana – Shūmatsu No Tani (終末の谷; “The Valley of the End”) Disc 1 01 - Nibana - Soma (80 BPM) 02 - Nibana - Aeon (85 BPM) 03 - Nibana - Shūmatsu No Tani (94 BPM) 04 - Digicult & U-Recken - The Optimist (Nibana Remix) (100 BPM) 05 - Nibana & Seamoon - Flickering Spikes (101 BPM) 06 - Nibana - Aenigma (100 BPM) 07 - Nibana - Orchestra Electronica (90 BPM) Disc 2 08 - Nibana - A Thousands Worlds Behind (85 BPM) 09 - Nibana - Andaran Athish'an (114 BPM) 10 - Nibana - From Ants (76 BPM) 11 - Nibana - People Skills (86 BPM) 12 - Tribone - Unconscious Matter (Nibana Remix) (103 BPM) 13 - Nibana & Eurythmy - Second Breath (114 BPM) 14 - Nibana - I Care Not (105 BPM) 15 - Nibana - Black Panda (94 BPM) 16 - Nibana - It's Talking (95 BPM) 17 - Nibana - The Beast (79 BPM) 18 - Nibana - Machine Men (70 BPM) I haven’t written a review in a long time on here, but I just couldn’t avoid this one. My review for Nibana: Shūmatsu No Tani The emotional intensities of Nibana’s deep and colorful universe are nothing short from profound in this multi-genre, psychedelic release, Shūmatsu No Tani. Offering an intimate connection into another realm, the intelligent innovations of musical craftsmanship can be explored vividly on a magnificent, two-hour adventure. As the dramatic sound of his latest masterpiece unfolds, vibrating beneath layers of complex melodies and detailed synth structures, a mystical dimension of breathtaking adventure is clear like thousands of stars shining over an ancient and mystical world… with a large touch of earth-shattering bass. Inspired from the heartwarming soundscapes of Solar Fields and the boundary-breaking reaches of bass music masters like Tipper and Whitebear, Nibana and a couple of other talented producers have created something for the history books with this captivating release. It is a mind-expanding dive into gooey psydub, intricate downtempo, and other electronica orchestrations impressively spread across both psytrance and ambient soundscapes. Prepare to be carried through a progressive, beautiful story told through sound, for it will likely be one of the best albums 2017 has to offer. 10/10
  3. Hehe, hey thanks! I haven't been to this site in a long time, but it still has a very special place in my heart. This website introduced me to my very first psytrance festival in Dallas, TX. Ever since then, I have been throwing festivals in Arkansas. 18 shows later, we get about 500 - 700 a fest. I live in Austin, TX now. Wow, how things have changed... I owe a very large part of my life to Psynews.
  4. Album: Mirrors Edge Catalyst Soundtrack Artist: Solar Fields Genre: Ambient, Progressive, Electronic Track List 1 Faith 3:29 2 Release 15:39 3 Birdman 1:17 4 Downtown District 14:11 5 Noah 1:52 6 Back In The Game 18:17 7 Icarus 2:30 8 Plastic 1:59 9 Savant 17:35 10 Gridnodes 13:32 11 Anchor District 14:14 12 Dogen 1:53 13 Benefactor 21:1814 Raid 1:01 15 Flytrap 16:53 16 Sanctuary 8:16 17 Rebecca 1:20 18 Vive Le Resistance 17:59 19 Rezoning District 16:30 20 Aurore 1:11 21 Prisoner X 15:21 22 Aline 1:35 23 Kingdom 21:58 24 Kruger 2:26 25 Isabel 3:34 26 Family Matters 17:45 27 Tickets Please 11:04 28 The View District 15:07 29 Caitlyn 1:35 30 The Shard 24:35 31 Gabriel 2:46 32 Catalyst 3:54 Spanning across a stunning five-hour time frame, Solar Fields soundtrack for the parkour inspired video game, Mirrors Edge Catalyst, can be considered an electronic masterpiece amongst advanced audiophiles and casual listeners alike. Every second is elegantly laced with heartfelt emotion and powerful energy; a combination of beautifully evolved textures, mystical melodies, and satisfying baselines that set the backbone for a progressive adventure into another world. Its interesting chapters make way for a truly captivating journey that stays ambitious throughout its diverse expressions. After twenty years of producing elaborate music, Solar Fields passion for crafting innovative soundworlds still shines strong, and his talents continue to blow us all away with this latest release. Magnus Birgersson has worked with meticulous detail behind every note to create something very special. Each track in this carefully orchestrated journey is filled to the brim with breathtaking action. Wave after wave, its colorful ocean of deep bass hums in the distance against an intense array of dreamy synths and complex pad arrangements. This unique composition beckons our ears to take a dive, and it is certainly refreshing to hear such awe-inspiring brilliance in todays musical industry. Prepare yourself to venture through the auditory stratosphere of a video game score like no other, for the fast-paced arpeggiations and euphoric breakbeats of Catalyst will leave you on the edge of your seat. Yes, it is that exciting. As if you too were free-running across the rooftops in the futuristic metropolis of Mirrors Edge, thrill and suspense is engraved within the frequencies of this lively, conceptual album. The charismatic instruments seem to carry a personality of their own, banding together to tell the epic story of an enthralling universe. This is pleasantly alluring, a gracious invitation to an ear-candy experience where the mind wonders off into other dimensions. It is incredibly easy to let go and get lost, making It the perfect companion to an open-world video game. The game itself is not required to have a good time, however. All you need to do is press play. Get up and dance or sit back and relax. Whatever you do, open your mind and close your eyes as these thirty-two tracks take you to another planet. Seriously, its going to be great. Solar Fields has created a work of art that musical lovers everywhere can praise, so turn on your sound system and get ready for an atmospheric voyage into complete and utter bliss. 10/10 All tracks are written and produced by Solar Fields
  5. I bought all of my music (500+CDs) for $400 from a good friend. That is all I have purchased this year. Throughout the decade, I have probably spent $600 or more, which isn't much over ten years! Most of the time, I get my music for free (CC Licensing) on Ektoplazm. Also, the labels I write for send me the releases for free anyway. I have about 180GB of music (MP3 320KBps standard, my top ten favs are FLAC). Most of the time I am giving money to my favorite labels by purchasing art from them or giving out donations. Recently, I started throwing festivals in Arkansas with a friend as my way of giving back to the community. It's all about recognizing the talents and appreciating their expressions!
  6. Various - Flux Trax would be great. Are you sure you wouldn't sell them instead? Why the sudden urge?
  7. A few psynews users and I are going to Atrium Obscurum: Bhaskaras Wheel. Check out the details below! Its a 100% Psytrance, three day fest. Its going to be awesome. https://www.facebook.com/events/455448327921761/ (oh and I'm playing there :3 )
  8. Do you know about their involvement with Parvati Records? They have a good handful of releases specifically for that label under a few VA albums. https://beatspace-parvati.bandcamp.com/track/derango-back-to-para-normal They post most of their solos on Soundcloud. Go follow them! https://soundcloud.com/derango
  9. There are quite a lot of incredible albums out there... I enjoy a lot of different styles. Here are ten of my favorites right here. The first three albums are over three hours long. Sanathana - HOMA Spruce - Origins Spruce - Ubkivad Omniheita CinderVOMIT - The Wizards Cauldron Electrocado - The Hass Effect VA - Haters Gonna Hate VA - Momento Demento VA - Through the Afterlife VA - Nine Spheres to Enlightenment VA - Opus Iridium
  10. Album: Homa Artist: Sanathana Genre: Darkpsy, Psycore, Forest Size: 335MB License: All Rights Reserved Track List: 1 - Truth and Knowledge - 09:31 2 - Rudra - 9:49 3 - Baddha Mukta - 11:38 4 - Soul Dance - 08:50 5 - Illusion Within Reality - 09:55 6 - Peeking MoonSter - 08:28 7 - Your Personal Mandala - 09:06 8 - Moksh Ki Talash - 11:45 9 - Conquer Love & Fear - 10:27 10 - In talks With Fear - 09:49 11 - Vishva Shakti - 09:28 12 - Vastu Shastra - 09:12 13 - Nilkanth - 08:45 14 - You Are Already Complete - 09:50 15 - Super Moon - 09:45 16 - The Power of Truth - 09:33 17 - Control Your Senses - 07:49 18 - Liwa Moreeb - 11:00 19 - Dhyana - 12:56 20 - Theerth Yatra - 10:10 21 - Suffering is Inevitable - 11:41 22 - Shiva Loka - 12:51 23 - Jai Bhole Bhum Bhum - 08:55 In the world of sound, Sanathana believes in only one rule: Boundaries are made for breaking. HOMA, a three hour psychedelic trance experience, does just that. It takes everything we know about music, puts it through an intergalactic space walrus, and crunches it up in this unexplainable burst of superb, colorful magic. Of course, he may not actually have his hands on a cosmic walrus with supernatural powers, but I would like to think this is the only sure way anyone could make something so brilliant. Yes, It sounds that amazing. HOMA is a engulfing, powerful creation with originality sewn into every stitch. Each track is fantastically diverse, offering Beats Per Minute (BPMs) from 145 to 200. The amount of content inside this release is nothing short from extraordinary, and can take the average listener some time to explore. With patience, this will reward any psytrance enthusiast. Sanathana takes the musical universe and twists it into an entirely new dimension without definition. Some may label this sound as “Psycore,” “Forest,” or “Darkpsy,” but the world he has erupted, truly, is influenced by his heart alone. There are many instances where there is no genre. This album presents a playing field full of innovation, churning up delightful, ear-candy surprises. As Disney’s little mermaid would say, it really is “a whole new world”. I could describe HOMA as a work of art, but I feel that isn’t accurate. A single piece of artwork almost underwhelms in comparison. I would bravely claim it, instead, as a sort of art gallery. I say this, for I see a multitude of pictures, each crafted with its own concept and meaning. Some of them are quirky, while others are almost terrifying. Paintings don’t typically spark any emotions for this particular individual, but they always make me stare and say, “hmm… now, that’s interesting!”. This release seems to promote a much heavier response, however. There was one track that literally had me laughing out loud and then tearing up just seconds later. Then, some weird gargooly zip-bob sprouted from underneath a layer of gooey bass stuff and I almost thought aliens were abducting me. Hmm… now, that’s interesting! No, aliens will not abduct you, probably, but if you close your eyes and pay close attention, you will be rewarded with a satisfying, personal journey. It is quite an incredible exploration, and certainly a living and breathing example of musical evolution. This composition is a major accomplishment in todays psy industry, which I feel will inspire a large number of works in the near future. As an ambient producer, I have been searching for inspiration. This album, even though it is on an entirely different plane, has sparked my imagination to no end. I am truly excited, and I can say it has been a real pleasure discovering this gem. Homa represents an array of themes, such as dark and light, balance and chaos, love and hate, yin and yang, and so much more. The background from Sanathanas culture in Dubai is present in the background, along with the chapters in his life. He has clearly been on a path for decades now, attempting to piece together his thoughts into the perfect form. One can say this album is a peak in his life. It is everything he has wanted to lovingly express from the very beginnings, where he would tip and tap at surrounding audio jargons for years until he got the sound just right. He passionately, delicately crafts everything from the ground up, and the results are legendary. Anyone craving discovery would be more than happy adding this to their collections. Put on your headphones and close your eyes. Walk through the forest, dance the night away, or do anything you feel like doing. Just do your brain a favor and listen, as you will likely fall in love. I think we all owe Sanathana a heart warming hug for this amazing accomplishment. HOMA is beautiful, a gift to us all, and I look forward to future releases with a similar, mind-opening experience that allows me to connect in ways I never have before. 10/10 All tracks are written and produced by Sanathana / Swaroop Guhathakurta Album Mastered by: Overdream Studio Album Art: Swaroop Guhathakurta / SGDesigns / Sanathana / Sanhata
  11. Sounds like the gems you can find here: http://www.ektoplazm.com/style/progressive http://www.ektoplazm.com/style/morning http://www.ektoplazm.com/style/twilight
  12. Interesting! Im glad to know there are many perspectives in this culture. I am throwing a festival in April in central Arkansas (400+ people) and am setting up an ambient/downtempo tent for people to escape the dance floor. Everytime these tents are setup, it turns into an opium den, lol. I totally respect the drug side of the culture, especially since much of it has been inspired from drugs, but I personally don't find any need in my experiences. I love the music for many, many reasons, and I simply don't need any substances to enjoy them. Although, perhaps one day, when the moon is full, and I am surrounded by friends in my psy family, along with my lovely girlfriend, I may do some shrooms... but don't count on it
  13. We are all safe here in the forums, but feel free to post anomously. Im curious ... Do you do drugs while listening to psytrance? If so , why? Personally , I have only smoked pot a few times, but other than thay ive never done anything else. I like the experience to be pure. Drugs arent a part of my journey yet. Are they for you?
  14. I am the only one who doesn't do drugs at these events. I find everything fucking hilarious.
  15. Lol, I didn't even see this. Like I said, typically everyone here loves Hallucinogen, Etnica, and Astral Projection. hahaha.
  16. HI there! Welcome to the community, and we are all happy about your interest for the psyworld There is quite a lot of psytrance out there, each having a respective genre attached where many follow and many turn their heads in the other direction. You will find genres you hate all together, but you will also come across legendary atmospheres you never expected. I have been studying psychedelic trance for a few years now, continuing my musical journeys from house and trance. The following is just an opinion, but lets start with the basics... As far as old school / new school goes, it is up to you which one to choose. Yes, you can choose both! I decided to start with old school to understand the roots of the music we have in our lives today. This helps me respect the advancements and appreciate the textures on a whole 'nother level. This site has a large amount of old schoolers, and many of them will express their praise on the psytrance pioneers. Etnica, Talamasca, Hallucinogen, Astral Projection, and others are frequently mentioned around these parts. Instead of naming multiple albums from them, I will let you dive into their styles and listen for yourself. My personal favorite is Talamasca, for his rich progression into proper euphoria. Do yourself a favor and read up on them, if your into that sort of thing. They will introduce you to many other artists, and in turn will help you understand the evolution of Goa and Full-On. A lot has changed since the days of 90s Goa. Many, many other styles have risen, beginning in the early 2000s. As you journey through the past 30 years of psy, you will come across Darkpsy, Forest, Psycore, Glitch, Morning, Twilight, Full-On, Goa, PsyDub, Suomi, Hi-Tech, Ambient, and Downtempo. There are more, such as Zenonesque and Techtrance, but they are lesser known at the moment. As you can tell, there are a lot of genres out there. Which one do you start with? Let me show you a website that will host your studies for the next... well, forever. It is always updating with fresh albums, all free from the artists who provide them. Well known throughout the pay work, Ektoplazm is an intricate collective of the aforementioned styles. Check it out and read the Beginners Guide to Ektoplazm. It will be worth it, trust me. I think the most loving thing about this music is the culture standing behind it. Sure, most music has a culture behind it, but the hippie-loving-wonderful-awesome guys and girls who care about each other as much as they care about the music is a real plus. You will go to festivals, sit down in a random circle, and everyone will immediately feel like family. We all connect to each other as we do to the sound. The DJs express the dancers as the dancers express the music. There is always diversity in the crowd, just as there is always a flux in the psytrance world. Its always moving, and it always will be. Its a good place to get lost in. Oh yeah, and we have the best album covers. Period. To give you some more worlds to suck in, here are some labels and websites I have discovered throughout the years. Parvati Records (Mostly "Psychedelic Trance" Very psychedelic indeed) Suntrip Records (Focuses on Goa, Morning, Twilight, and other euphoric styles) NeoGoa (A Newschool Goa paradise) Ultimae (Ambient, Downtempo, and other emotional journeys. Carbon Based Lifeforms and Solar Fields live here) Jellyfish Frequency Recordings (Darkpsy, Psycore, and a dab of very, very interesting Forest. I write for these guys, my personal fav. Home of Spruce) Anomalistic Records (Darkpsy, Psycore, and "artists and music that do not have any idea how to fit in". Check out CinderVOMIT) I hope this helps! You will discover quite a lot in your journeys... let it encompass you and have a wicked time!
  17. I didn't like Healing all that much, but back in the days of Hardcore Blastoff I was a killer fan. I can't wait
  18. Recently, I have been exploring the regions of psycore. An artist that goes by the name of CinderVOMIT introduced me to this style, and I have fallen in love. I decided to write a small story to his newest solo project, "The Wizards Cauldron". Check out the album here and feel free to read my adaptation of it below! The temple towered high into the sky, outlined by a sheet of blinding sunlight. As sweat dropped from the mans face, he took one last step from the desert that had plagued his adventuring for weeks. Was this a hallucination? As he collapsed onto the stone floor, a fresh wave of cold, empty air struck his heart. Normally, an isolated place such as this would strike fear into the soul of the living, and perhaps ancient wizards bombarded the ruins with such spells long ago. To this particular man, however, anything was better than the desert. He crawled back to his feet and looked behind him, staring into a wave of hot death believed to be his grave just hours ago. There was surely no point in turning back now. As he walked, the doorway disappeared like the sun over the horizon. The man chuckled. How ironic it was to be so desperate for darkness at one moment, but searching for light in the next. He rummaged through his backpack for a flashlight. With a slight tap, the underground maze revealed itself. For the first time in years, excitement sparked the mans imagination. As a child, he read storybooks that told tales of strange worlds hidden under noses, deep below the sand. Fascinated with these rumors, his curiosity soon got the best of him. He became a pundit of exploration, eager to discover the untold truths of civilization. With his teeth full of dust, he smiled and begun his search for hidden secrets. His breath echoed throughout the long hallways, quite possibly being the first sound they had heard for a thousand years. He found it hard to breathe. The air grew thicker. The floor became harder. The cold became colder. Shivering, the man dug his face into his hands and coughed violently. He looked around him and realized he wasn’t sure what direction he came from. Minutes turned into hours, and time disappeared. How long had it been? Miles of stone and rock passed by, slowly leading the man into insanity. He screamed at nothing, and battered his fists against the shadows. His vision blurred as he panted. There was no end to these tunnels. This labyrinth was pointless, a gamble leading into hell. He understood now that God was toying with him. His flashlight flickered and vanished, and his eyes widened. There was no where to go. He felt afraid. Voices from demons erupted from the emptiness that surrounded him. Veins pulsated on his forehead. Strange, hellish biomorphs poured from the dark and pushed him to the ground. He backed up against the wall and fell. Reality flickered from his eyes as the endless prison vibrated beneath his feet. Walls cracked open and floated chaotically into an abyss above his head, where black holes consumed the stars. The universe gasped for purpose and folded unto itself, shaking its head in denial. This couldn’t be right. There had to be a reason to all this. This plane of terror must contain something, anything within its walls of pure torture. He sobbed, asking for forgiveness, but his pleas were eaten by the clay. From the distance, something approached. He stared into the eyes of a small frog. Bewildered, the man watched as the creature hopped past him. Why and how was there any sort of living creature in this abyss? He followed. Confused, the air became easier to breathe. The halls were easier to see. Everything became strangely familiar. What in the world was going on? As they turned the corner, something completely unexpected appeared. Here, out of all places, sat a tree next to a small pool of water. He was certain this desolate place held nothing but death. As he placed his bloody hands against the bark, he grew astonished. It was real. He quickly drank some water and laughed. Sitting with his new friends, he felt hope. After all the fighting, the days of trenching through sand, an oasis had offered itself to the man, deep within the walls of a forgotten realm. He let out a deep sigh and fell asleep under the branches. His journey may not have been over just yet, but the hurdles of darkness had been conquered on this day. Tomorrow, he would continue his battle for discovery and dive deep into the cauldron of the unknown. - Story written to Wizards Cauldron, an intricate psycore adventure crafted by psytrance wizard CinderVOMIT.
  19. VINYLS!!!! Those must sound AWESOME on that cabinet of yours.
  20. Ott produces great glitch in my opinion. It's very bassy and dance floor acceptable.
  21. Woo Amygdala! Ektoplazm has a large list of purely psychedelic music. They label that as Goa.
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