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  1. Don't like it. But in anycase I am not affected by it, tunes that have dubstep in them are usually some prog stuff that I am not into anyway. Tastes and all that.
  2. I just send MIDI from my DAW to the synth I want to sequence, then go from the audio outs of the synth to the audio inputs of my soundcard, record enable a track to monitor what I am doing, build the patch exactly as I want to and when ready, press record and thats it. Mono synths cover the mono sounds. Then depending on what stereo image I have available (and what is going on in that particular part of the track) I might just record the synth in mono and leave it in the centre (if there are other stereo sounds layered at that part). I might record the synth through the Moog MF-103 and bi-phase that give a nice liquid and moving stereo image, or I might record through the Moog MF-108 that has the wet effect, out of phase on one output and have a stereo image that feels further wider than where the monitors are placed....or I might just double track the mono synth and pan left/right the two channels. Playing with the stereo image like this give a wide track and helps with mixdowns as if you have to have sounds that are clashing in frequency and timing, you can put them in a different position in the stereo image to achieve definition. Also using different reverbs and put them in different "rooms" helps the brain identify them easier.
  3. I record them through my soundcard. One at a time.
  4. About 24 hours of studio time. I use a few hardware synths (and moogerfoogers) and know them inside out, so it does not take long to make sounds I like, with them. Cheerio.
  5. My tunes are full of Moog Slim Phatty and Minitaur sounds (and Moogerfoogers). But I am not known. Here's a tune where 80% of the sounds are the Slim Phatty with moogefoogers (including the kick). I did it as an experiment to see how far I can go with a limited (in terms of modulation) synth, like the Slim Phatty. http://soundcloud.com/martianarts/martian-arts-grey-area-demo Moog has some brilliant cheap synths around nowdays. Cheaper than a good condition Roland SH-101.
  6. Manmademan - Karahana remix http://soundcloud.com/martianarts/manmademan-karahana-martian
  7. http://soundcloud.com/martianarts/manmademan-karahana-martian
  8. http://soundcloud.com/martianarts/x-dream-the-2nd-room-martian
  9. We talk almost on a weekly basis as I've released some stuff for his techno label. You need to try and understand the person you are talking to and where he is coming from, imo. He's been at it for decades and has even been included in the Greek billboards in the 90s (I think Israeli as well). He says what he thinks without adding any "sweetners" but a lot of the times, he is right, besically because he has been around long enough to know better.
  10. Eat Static has a new album coming out. So far its a double CD...might go to triple knowing Merv...hehehe
  11. Kristian is very blunt about things, don't think he is an asshole though. I understand that music is very personal and people are very passionate about it so it causes some tensions...
  12. I think Youth is a genius and was WAY ahead of his time. Rough mixes and all, his flavour of what constitutes psychedelic sound design and riff, still is top drawer. In my book anyway.
  13. Right then, something I did a while ago but finally reached their ears and gave me the thumbs up. http://soundcloud.com/martianarts/x-dream-the-2nd-room-martian
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