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  1. ptn

    Pleiadians - IFO

    I respect Your point of view although I differentiate opinions about albums and opinions about milestones ;), I'm also not a worshipper of some ultra-top classics.
  2. CD2 together with Patchwork's albums are responsible for igniting my chillout/psybient spark and this thing alone should be enough to give 'Violent Relaxation' a 10/10.
  3. ptn

    Pleiadians - IFO

    For more than 20 years I have psychedelic goa trance relapses now and then. Every time I plunge into the genre this album floats nearby. I can imagine, that next two decades could be the same. Timeless music.
  4. After Your post I've tried it again and, unfortunately, with the same effect. To my ears the tunes sound like a long, multilayered build-ups. I guess I need more ear-candies . Nevertheless, strong album, just not my cup of tea.
  5. Great production, but I couldn't get into it. To me it's like E-Mantra's psytrance - everything's swirling & floating through space but I can't single anything out, just different patterns one after another.
  6. Really digging this one. I guess I'm a sucker for melodic morning goa .
  7. Are You trying to say, that there will be more Portamento's music? Don't even dare to tease like that, if it's not the truth! I haven't found anything similar to the vibe of 'Portal'.
  8. Few years have passed and this one still is on my playlist. Great album!
  9. Digging up this fossil (alphabetical order): Art of Trance - Wildlife on One Astral Projection - Dancing Galaxy Electric Universe - Stardiver Hallucinogen - Twisted Infected Mushroom - Classical Mushroom KoxBox - Dragon Tales Pleiadians - I.F.O. Portamento - The Portal Total Eclipse - Violent Relaxation Transwave ‎– Helium Some of them are here having sentimental value to me (like Art Of Trance, Electric Universe or Total Eclipse ) and some because they are IMO untouchable (Hallucinogen, KoxBox, Pleiadians). Portamento's album brought me back to goa/psy sounds and I consider it a new classic.
  10. Whoa! Proper KoxBoxian mood, guy (girl ? ) really did the homework. Subtle melodies and heavy sfx usage detected, this could be huge.
  11. Could someone tell me why there are lot of post 2004 producers whose style is inspired by AP, MFG, Pleiadians or Transwave, making dancefloor bombs or deep-space storytelling tunes but there are only two or three trying to explore crazier/stranger side of goa? Is it harder to achieve? I'm asking because new wave artists talking about their inspirations often mention Hallucinogen or KoxBox next to those I've written earlier.
  12. Just bumping this one due to the last Anoebis' comment.
  13. Very true, but having just about one LP a year plus some tracks/ep's made by his label mates can't be considered a saturation imo .
  14. Infected Mushroom have stopped years ago, Talpa has moved to some kind of horror-prog, I haven't heard anything new from Principles Of Flight and it's been ten years since Misted Muppet's album. Terrafractyl is the man I need in psytrance. Cinematic and inventive psychedelic at its best, His tunes hit all the right spots in my ears. I've read through few Terrafractyl discussions, some people complain about similar basslines and drums. Well, it's sometimes true, His releases aren't very versatile in this area, but I consider it as another producer's stamp, it's all about atmosphere, different melodies and strange, funky feeling. +1, thanks for the great review. Doesn't matter what music will be released next, I'm pretty sure this album will stay in my Top 10 of 2015.
  15. Now that's some archeological topic diggin' if I've ever saw one. First poster should be an expert on goa trance by now.
  16. I don't think I've ever seen less 'goa-ish' covers than this bunch. Looks like your every summer radio hits album (although 'erotic goa' sounds intriguing). Maybe it's like in UK garage - more vocals and melodies was 'for the ladies', harsh and more bass for the guys, so maybe it's not about the gender of the producer, but the gender of the music .
  17. Just this topic shows there will never be one best new school album (I think I'm safe to write it without 'IMO' )), not only that, but even defining one or another as 'masterpiece' raises questions. Personally I'm in team-Portamento . Who should attract more attention than he gains on this forum? Question driven only by curiosity.
  18. ptn

    Ovnimoon - Holistic

    A bit OT, but sometimes I want my favourite artists not to change their styles too often, at the end of the day that's why (among other things) we like them, right ?
  19. Sometimes You don't know You want something badly until someone else mentions about it. Now I want the sample for yesterday .
  20. I'll just put this one here (form different topic):
  21. I've been waiting for more than decade to read sentence like this.
  22. I suggest different approach, maybe Traci Lords - Control (Juno Reactor remix)? I think we could look outside the goa/psy scene and being on first Mortal Kombat movie soundtrack have helped this one and reached few people for sure.
  23. What does that mean? Great album btw, for me it skips from Transwave through AP to Etnica, but with their own twist. No walls of sound, which is nice. This one should stay with me for a while .
  24. I might be the third dog running away with a bone . To make things clear I'll just repeat - please, consider Poramento's LP and thank our trio later.
  25. Oh, don't scratch that - I think You've got it right the first time . It's an album I keep going back to. Pure energy blast, no dumb solutions.
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