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  1. Aye, it's dope! His YouTube channel also contains some great content.
  2. Heh! I just came across this thread literally 10 years to the date while searching for random darkpsy stuff on Google... Not sure if you still check your account, ion1zed, but this track is actually Antagon - 'Traumata'. The VA, for some reason, had the track listing all toPSY-turvy and in an incorrect order. The section from 4:06 - 4:42 is utterly pummelling! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCmAOqaAs7c
  3. Such a great EP! Was worth the wait, for sure.
  4. Hallucinogenic Horses! They comprise of Derango, Donkey Shot, Traskel, Makadam, Drone Bixie, Megalopsy and Uggla, though they do not all feature on the same tracks at the same time...
  5. Meep! This looks amazing... Had the pleasure of listening to 'New Analyze' at my friend's place and I desperately want to nab it! If somebody could reupload this bunch of tracks, I'd be forever grateful.
  6. Yet to hear a psytrance album that surpasses this one. So perfectly crafted. It's the only album I can truly call perfect.
  7. This is definitely my favourite melodic hi-tech track. So unique!
  8. This track by Kashyyyk is ridiculously melodic in a really inventive way. So beautiful!
  9. Still to this day the most psychedelic piece of music I have ever heard. Such a deep album... So abstract. Works VERY well with DMT! Those comb filters + DMT = woah!
  10. Gosh, I haven't heard this track in a long, long while. This is why it surprised me when I later found out that E-Mantra was a Goa act; through this track I'd always assumed that he made psytrance. I have the released Ovnimoon Records CD version somewhere at home which I can upload for you when I find it. I seem to remember the bass having some weird stereo phasing sound to it. Perhaps it was changed to make it sound 'better' through sound systems? (I listened to it via my iPhone, BTW, so maybe the bass does still sound weird and I'm just chattin' shit? ) [Edit]Looks like the producer of the track replied first[/edit]
  11. I have the opposite. Living with my mum and have an out-house studio. But due to my extreme laziness, a lot of the time I can't be bothered to go in there, especially during winter when it is cold. Would love to be able to just get out of bed and go straight onto Cubase, haha. ...And to think that I'm not even a fuckin' stoner. :|
  12. I know what you mean; earphones really are the 'best' in terms of stereo imagery and such. However, Opussszzzs! Hope you get the chance to hear this sound system at some point as it truly is unique. I've never heard I e set up even remotely badly. Hopefully the party my mate and I are playing at tonight will have an Opus. Never played on one before so that'll be a joy if it happens.
  13. Opus, Opus, Opuuuus! Such an underrated sound system. Really crystalline, 'comfortable' sound that is simultaneously heavy as fuck. Plus you can squish into it. Still to hear it in quadraphonic set-up... This would be immense.
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