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It's with great and enormous pleasure that I announce that... we almost did it!!! Tracks have been mastered, stories of the tracks been written and Artwork almost completed! The pressing plant is just waiting for the material to go pressing and we aim to release around 1st December :)


The Artsts who generously donated the tracks are, in alphabetical order: ust in alphabetical order: 33rd Rate Revolutionaries, Astronomix, Byte 1, Etnica, Excess Head, Infinite Zen, Kaledoid, MWNN, OOOD & Moonweed, RA, Ree.K, Subcouds, The Infinity Project, Total Eclipse, Tromesa, Underhead & Zerotonine....


Total number of tracks is still 20, some just donated more than one track!


Prepare for a Blast this Xmas!!!

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Off topic but I'm curious about the catalog number. Why does it imply it's only the second cd of DAT?


Not of DAT records, but of the sublabel DAT Mafia Records I think :)

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And finally... here is the Tracklist!!!!


01 Excess Head - Another Planet (Mix 5)
02 Astronomix - Sirkka
03 OOOD & Moonweed - Spiral Expansion (live @ Pagan, Tyssen Street Studios, London, NYE 1995-96)
04 Zerotonine - Morning Glory
05 Kaledoid - Anjuna (Twilight Mix)
06 Ree.K - Far East Frequency
07 Etnica - Intense Visitation
08 Underhead - WhirlRain of Water
09 MWNN - Moment Of Truth (Alternate Mix)
10 Total Eclipse - Toxic Caterpillar (Alternate Mix)
01 Total Eclipse - NN
02 Byte 1 - Dive 1
03 Infinity Zen - Goa Generator (Live Mix)
04 Subcouds - Greenflow (Remix 1997)
05 Somaton - Nool Soonrg
06 33rd Rate Revolutionaries - Revolutionise (Mix 1)
07 RA - Static Distress
08 Tromesa - Nowina
09 Zerotonine - Superstring Material
10 The Infinity Project - Incandescence (Mix 2)

Artwork & Mastering have been finalized and the pressing plant has been paid, we are near the release!!!!!
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Really keen for this as I missed the first one. I'll get 2 copies if possible. One for storage & one to listen to.


The line up in this contains many names I don't know except for a few compilations so it'll be a blast for sure. Congratulations to all involved & thanks for the hard work.


Christmas & NYE will be a super fun party this year for sure :)

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