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  1. Appreciate it team! Will check that thread out and jump start listening to all the suggestions Thought Aurora Sidera was last year? Got it though!
  2. Just messing around with my Discogs and realised I only have 4 GOA releases from this year! Here's what I have so far: Lectro Spectral Daze - Voyage in your Mind Celestial intelligence - perpetual Energy Afgin - Old is Gold Selected Tunes Radical Distortion - 12 Dimensions What am I missing that's good sh!t? Just ordered the new Amithaba Buddha album cos I love his style.
  3. Sorry they are overdone sometimes but just listened to Nebula Meltdown - Stardust Chronicles and its brilliant. It's regular tempo music but it just sounds so relaxing. So is there anything else like it? Can be any genre.
  4. Besides a few GOA comps how is the rest of their line up and are the CDs easy to obtain? Just gave Lectro Spektral Daze a listen and that's gone straight into my buy list.
  5. Is it possible to limit 1 CD per purchase so we can avoid people that want to profit and guarantee any one who is seriously interested in the music gets a copy? I have a serious problem with resellers, its especially bad in the retro game scene. Sorry to be a bit negative there. Look forward to getting a copy to have and listen too!
  6. I was a bit concerned seeing no votes in 5 days!
  7. Uptempo: 1: Tickets - Andriod Wave (Timecode Records) 2: Various - Memories from Goa Madness (Goa Madness Records) 3: Various - Goa Trance Revolution (Goa-Trance.com) 4: Various - If I Was'nt Human, I'd Be A Trance Track (Cronomi Records) 5: Various - Up To Next Step (Goalogique Records) 6: Various - Tribal Encore (Anjuna Records) 7: Various - The Call Of Goa (Ovnimoon Records) 8: Dimension 5 - TransAddendum (Suntrip Records) 9: Omegahertz - Deca (Dimensional Records) 10: Radical Distortion - Back In Time (Eutuchia Records)
  8. Was listening to some tracks today. As soon as I heard Flithy Luka brought the CD. That is a brilliant trance track that will probably male it to some of my fav tracks ever.
  9. Heya Anoebis. Are you likely to have plenty of stock so that if I wait for Filteria I could buy em both at the same time?
  10. Got in just in time for a LE copy =] Anjuna - Out of interest besides myself, has anyone else from New Zealand ordered a copy? (only if thats easy to look up)
  11. Oh, so we are not talking about me in here? =P
  12. 6/10 - Not my style of psy but quite listenable and nothing put me off so good stuff http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CddOa8n8ee8 Just received the Hunab Ku CD today hence this track!
  13. Everyone has their own personality. Be yourself and dont worry about those 'haters'. Continue doing what you enjoy.
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