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  1. On Bandcamp, CD's are still available it seems to be...but i read that some people have problem to buy direct to label...maybe fake news finally ! ;) Thanks for your answer !
  2. Hi, i have juste a question about Anjuna records : you buy this releases direct from the label ? Because on Discg's...it's expensive !
  3. I love the packaging and of course his fantastic release !!! Dat....congrat's !
  4. Thanks to postman and Dat records !! My CD player and my ears are so happy !!!
  5. Pre ordered yet of course !!!! So many years to wait for this dream !!!! I loose hope for a long time ! Goa vibes inside !!!!
  6. Ordered from Dat records of course ! With Gangaru release, a X'mas combo !!! :) Thanks Fede !!!
  7. Off course, i'm always taking my Goa dose direct from my dealer ! ;)
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