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  1. top uplifting melodic track!! + like for 15 min length ... sometimes I feel Arab Jewish 'influence', but it's totally enjoyable, so not cheesy
  2. Juno Reactor - Beyond The Infinite Astral Projection – Dancing Galaxy Pleiadians - IFO Cosmosis – Cosmology Koxbox - Live at Burning Man Dimension 5 - Transdimensional Miranda - Phenomena Blue Planet Corporation - Blue Planet Jaia - Blue Energy/Synergy Atmos ‎- Headcleaner
  3. second round :> 0 - 1:20 .... it is SUN Project- Space Dwarfs, I think it isn't the known released versions as 1. Space Dwarfs at 'S.U.N. Project ‎– Macrophage' album 1998 2. Space Dwarfs (Space Tribe Remix) at 'S.U.N. Project ‎– The Remixes 2001' VA but sounds like a real 'dancefloor filler' remix, so would be good to identify ...
  4. gotcha ... Green Nuns - Thunder Thighs.. case closed
  5. Hi, i am lazy for id this track , help plz.. maybe space tribe or hallucinogen, familiar sound thanks in advance
  6. hm.. maybe I was wrong. Ra - Time Current (Silver Remix) is rather 'oldschool' sound .. As 'astralprojection' said: "The new scene is more focused on mixing and making the track really fuck with your head" .. Absolutely true.. a better choice would be something from E-Mantra, Artifact303, Alienapia, Morphic Resonance, Filteria, Goasia etc.. :/
  7. there are plenty of 'perfect' track, but it is hymn of New School (imo) >> at 6:10 takes it all
  8. It's a Amazing psychedelic stuff .. A Pure gem.. Huge thanks to DAT RECORDS team, for releasing these super rare tracks.!
  9. great mix. dark & trippy .) btw, vinyl sounds good at high frequency ranges - more detail- (better than my cds
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