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  1. Woow! Thank you so much!! I've been looking for this for a long time.. I didn't know this track until now.. You get my full respect Buddy!!!
  2. Hello, Here is a track (sample) for ID. (probably impossible haha) Btw, seems pretty good, especially at the end.. Parts of track are missing & cutted (recorded from a russian radio broadcast.. date of recording is around 1996-97) Thx.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7Oc9ricPYw
  3. first track is Cydonia - Haunted World , second Pigs In Space - Who Is Feeling Normal
  4. maybe "Pigs In Space - Who Is Feeling Normal" ... ??
  5. Mantra604


    Hi BogzBinny, Thanks so much for identification! Btw, the released version sounds like it was speed up a bit.. (compared to 'live' presentation).. but overall is good music.
  6. Mantra604


    ID please, if you can, thx.
  7. identified. case closed.
  8. Mantra604


    hi, please help to ID track at 0 - 1:30 .. ( twisted as f*ck : ) thx in advance..
  9. top uplifting melodic track!! + like for 15 min length ... sometimes I feel Arab Jewish 'influence', but it's totally enjoyable, so not cheesy
  10. Juno Reactor - Beyond The Infinite Astral Projection – Dancing Galaxy Pleiadians - IFO Cosmosis – Cosmology Koxbox - Live at Burning Man Dimension 5 - Transdimensional Miranda - Phenomena Blue Planet Corporation - Blue Planet Jaia - Blue Energy/Synergy Atmos ‎- Headcleaner
  11. second round :> 0 - 1:20 .... it is SUN Project- Space Dwarfs, I think it isn't the known released versions as 1. Space Dwarfs at 'S.U.N. Project ‎– Macrophage' album 1998 2. Space Dwarfs (Space Tribe Remix) at 'S.U.N. Project ‎– The Remixes 2001' VA but sounds like a real 'dancefloor filler' remix, so would be good to identify ...
  12. gotcha ... Green Nuns - Thunder Thighs.. case closed
  13. Hi, i am lazy for id this track , help plz.. maybe space tribe or hallucinogen, familiar sound thanks in advance
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