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What were your favourite cartoons as a kid?

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Back then as a child I used to wake up as early as I could in weekends and had a cartoon marathon. Good old days. They started with more kiddy stuff, followed by action packed cartoons and the last one was the Power Rangers show! :D Unfortunately today there's no cartoons in greek channels anymore. wtf?


Some of my absolute favourites:



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles




Batman-The Animated Series

Spider-Man (The 90's one)


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yeah, nostalgia


not a long time ago i started to watch one of my favourites...


then i thought: wat a waste of time




nothing beats nostalgia, uh ??


sabre rider and his star sherriffs were the highlight, although i had a strong sympathy with jessie blue


another one i stood up early for were the samurai pizza cats, don`t know why but i found em... i loved the name ??!?

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Hmm I don't really know... Maybe Thundercats, Jetsons, Ninja Turtles eventually, Ren and Stimpy later.


Also if you haven't watched Adventure Time do ittt. Best "adult" Cartoon series or series in general even for a long time and I am 30 and don't really dig cartoons these days. :)

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what about this!

I watched the entire series as an adult a few years ago, and it was still great.


Did you know that the people who made the music went on to create the shit that was Power Rangers?

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I liked Tom & Jerry and also the Hanna Barbera stuff. But I really loved Dr. Snuggles, Once Upon a Time … Man (a French series about the history of mankind), Alice in Wonderland (a cartoon series from Japan) and Senior Rossi.


A bit later also Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Looney Tunes, Dexter's Lab and the Baby Muppets.

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these were definitely among my favourites. i didn't care too much about the smurfs, ducktales or tmnt.


does anyone else remember the mila superstar series? i hated that one with passion. dunno why i still ended up watching it again and again...

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I don't have that many ... I wasn't allowed to watch so much TV :P


Duck Tales was the only one I was watching regularly...


I also loved Looney Tunes. And especially Coyote and Roadrunner.


...I compensate the cartoon deficite from the 90's by nowadays watching excessive amounts of Spongebob Squarepants :D

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